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Getting Your Mojo Back After A Sustained Smear Campaign

Updated: May 6, 2023

'I know politics is emotionally brutal; I've already had experience with the reality of smear campaigns, so I understand there will not be a path of roses laid before me.'

Are you the survivor of a vicious Smear Campaign orchestrated by the Narcissists in your life and their Flying Monkeys? If you know exactly what I’m talking about and the terms I’m using are familiar to you - you're ready for some powerful one-on-one work to help your recovery.

If this is a foreign language to you let me explain:

What's A ‘Smear Campaign’??

"A series of lies and malicious gossip employed by narcissists, bullies and manipulators with the intention of discrediting and destroying someone’s character and reputation," says Anne McCrea from

Abuse Warrior says to 'expect a smear campaign following the grand finale with a Narcissist.

A smear campaign is exactly what it sounds like – they’re going to destroy your name among your friends and family, and they’re going to do it first to appear like a victim rather than the vicious monster they are. Smear campaigns are a form of damage control used by narcissists when they become aware that they have been exposed.

Smear campaigns are frequently used to depict the former victim as insane, bipolar, addict, alcoholic, unstable, gold digger, thief, cheater, or poor parent. By fabricating a sequence of falsehoods, exaggerations, half-truths, suspicions, and false charges about the victim’s conduct, the perpetrator works to destroy the victim’s credibility and sanity.'

I've Worked With Many going through and out the other side of the Smear Campaigns against them, and have my own personal experiences as a target. These days I sometimes even find myself laughing out loud at those who malign us.

They have the gall to complain about things we write privately about them which they read on the dark web whilst hacking us! Hilarious fools! Criminals! Ha ha ha!

Not only that - they get their sycophantic proxies to put weird statements out there about some kind of apology from them - that never happens! Unless they apologise to us directly and personally with no intermediary - there is no apology!

Despite the enormous pain they cause us, we can rise above their garbage. There's a lot of recovery material to work from. Personally, I've written a number of articles about 'Recovery from Narcissistic Relationships', 'Dealing with Flying Monkeys', 'Leaving Domestic Violence' situations and so on (see list at end of this article).

You'll Know Without A Doubt If This Has Happened (Or Happening Right Now) To You!!

Rebuilding your life can feel daunting, as a horrific smear campaign carried out over a long period of time can create devastation not only in your personal life but in your professional life, and cause what may feel like irreparable damage to your career and reputation.

But All Is Not Lost!!

They do say truth and good always win, but it doesn’t always feel that way….

But This Time You DO Win!!

It’s YOUR time to shine now, and the old saying, the ‘best revenge is success’ is actually a fantastic motivator to get back on your feet and out into the sunshine again! And leave them all behind, running their own rat-race!

Yes, it’s been extremely painful and felt almost impossible to regain reputation and career, but believe me, it’s all completely possible! Life can become a bed of roses once more...! This is not some pipe dream, my friend. It takes work, hard personal work to get there. Demons - both internal and external - can be destroyed.

It begins with us - knowing we, our SELF, are beautiful, our crystalline core essence untouched by their rapid-fire assault machines. We're actually ok. This might be hard to believe but, believe it.

This is because we're immortal, and our enemies will remember karma is real, when it all comes back to bite them. Slay them. Yes.

Join us on this journey of slaying demons, beloved.

Our time is ... NOW.

Photography MohammadReza BaBaei

We Are Conscious Creators Of Our Own Life, and if you're interested, I can help you not only recover, but bounce back taller and stronger than before.

Not only am I a trained and experienced Psychic Medium, I'm also a (trained and experienced) Spiritual Counselor with my feet firmly on the ground whilst simultaneously walking in the world of Spirit.

Your Experience with me will always be transformational and unique, and I'll help you access your path to your highest self within this lifetime. That's how this works.

You can Book A Session for $75 for 30 minutes or $125 for 60 minutes

For Session options and instructions, please email me at:


No, I don't do massage - but you should get one!

I know I will! Live!

Ale Romo Photography

A Few Resources - from my own articles:

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