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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

A mother is she

who can take the place

of all others but whose place

no one else can take

The strange and revealing symbolism of the sacred heart. I charge the Dead-Hearted Dark Mother of the Anubian Black Heart Cult and their Dark Church with using satanic ritual and daggering me, stabbing my motherly heart, making me bleed endlessly and causing excruciating pain. Go back to hell demons!

Dealing with their Dark Forces

DARK FORCES WORKING AGAINST ME have tried to take the essence of all that I am - and give it to others. In their insane vendetta against me, these Nazi fascists are trying to install their own regime. They've infiltrated everything that was once my sanctuary. They're going by the book - the Nazi Stasi manual - in all they do.

Now let me say right here - I was never trying to install any regime, I've always been here to help the world work against such things. That's why they hate me!

They've vilified me, placed horrible daily Deep Fake images of me online, stolen from me, tried to turn my family against me, tried to take my children from me, paid ex-friends to work against me, used gangstalkers and hackers to watch and hunt me constantly, then slandered and lied about me.

They've done their research well, then used my deepest insecurities against me, saying I'm narcissistic when I say I'm not what they say I am, I'm a whole lot better than that.

Yes, I pulled out my own playbook in order to simply to survive. Yes I may have been confusing; and in my anger and rage, inadvertently assisted the case against me. First I fought fire with water, then fire with fire. Without using any spells or hexes, I might add.

You know, Mothers WILL kill to protect their young ones and their loved ones. So don't be so surprised.

Yes God has acted on my behalf. God has moved mountains for me, caused floods and fire and other amazing things, to show my assailants the grievous error of their ways, those Nazis. God works in mysterious ways. But did they understand?

'What's at play here?' you ask. And 'why would the Big Money people bother with YOU?' you ask again. And that's exactly what they want you to say to me. Belittle, diminish and make me less than. It's a good question, and highly significant.

My answer is that there's a much deeper agenda going down than most comprehend. And after a long period of isolation, I'm now working with those who understand just what it is that's going on, and exactly what's at stake.

And to do this work, we must go back to the place we all started, knowing now the exact nature of the beast working against us.

One Giant Leap ⋄ God: Unity ⋄ I Love The Way You Dream

The Vatican and the Dark Mother

'Keep in mind that altho' Satanism uses the Mother principle for carrying out rituals and spiritual activities, it's the Dark Mother constructs which are alien generated imposters holding the spiritual pillars of Satanism in this world and not the true divine Mother or Sophia.

What they have done is replicate the female Christ divinity into lunar reversals, in order to steal and exploit the divine female attributes in the Solar Mary template.

In this manner they rape her and keep female spiritual consciousness totally enslaved in the planet.

The NAA and Controller organizations are desperate to keep the Solar Female Christ enslaved.

Because when Mother Sophia finally rises in her true and complete embodiment, it's GAME OVER for the massive controller structures.

This includes structures such as the Vatican, which have been hijacking female spiritual power through the Dark Mother to keep their global control mechanisms in place.'

Excerpt from The Vatican and the Dark Mother, The Ascension Glossary

'I am Mother' Suspiria

My Children, My Heart

I, I have ripped my heart open to show you, my children, that I love you.

That I see the terrible crimes of many 'mystical' and religious schools against women and girls, against all children. And that I know, too, the pain men go through, simply trying to be a good man.

That any mother who's lost her children, had them stolen, and/or turned against them, knows exactly what I say. Knows the unbearable pain of which I speak.

That my pain at losing those I love has been unbearable, a living death.

That I love you and wanted to reveal the painful living truth of that, of loss, of not being able to give my love to you. The worst pain of all.

In times of agony, I certainly feel exactly that. It's no lie. It comes and goes, that feeling.

One Giant Leap I Have Seen Trouble

Maya Angelou says this about mothers:

'I think of men as mother, too -- some men. My son has mothered his son, fathered his son. I don't think you have to be a woman to mother."

With these sentiments in mind, Angelou, arguably America's most famous poet, wrote a book in honor of mothers, "Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me."

I completely agree with her, as do most ancient spiritual masters in the original teachings. The good teachings. Please do not confuse this concept with the occult Baphomet, the hermaphrodite goat devil.

I have nothing whatsoever against hermaphrodites, by the way, one of my fondest memories is dancing the night away at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with a gorgeous hermaphrodite clad only in white underpants. I wore a tight gold dress if I recall correctly ...

I digress.

Let's get subtle. The alchemical union of male and female within is a beautiful thing. And something I play with most days. The power of this union is something most don't understand.

'Kintsugi Heart' S Snow

Kintsugi Heart

'If you don’t know yet what it is, Kintsugi is a technique of repairing broken ceramics that comes from Japan. It's believed to have been born around the 15th century. The meaning of the word Kintsugi literally means, in Japanese, joining or repairing with gold ( written 金継ぎ).

It consists of joining the pieces of objects made of ceramic or other materials, using some adhesive material mixed with gold dust, silver or other precious material. In this way, objects are repaired in an ostentatious manner, in which the importance of the joints or breaks surpasses even that of the original object, which is reborn with a new beauty.

Through this process, a kind of “golden scar” is created that highlights the cracks and makes the object even more beautiful and valuable than before.'

Excerpt from:


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