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Carolyn White +  Julie Cairnes · Inner Peace MasterClass InnerView

Carolyn White + Julie Cairnes · Inner Peace MasterClass InnerView

Inner Peace MasterClass Host: Julie Cairnes with Carolyn White ChakraCoach Carolyn tells us of her powerful recovery from a recent near-death experience due to serious illness, and her experiences with her spirit guides. They told her she had work to still do here. That she must return. That she has two books to write and work for inner peace in the world. Carolyn was in a coma for five days, and having had a miraculous recovery, has brought back messages of peace that the world must hear. Here is her story - for you Join us in a fascinating dialogue with Carolyn as she describes her lifelong abilities to see auras and chakra colours. Carolyn, with her husband Gerry - the dynamic duo (!) - have spent over four decades working with the Human Energy System. Carolyn speaks of specifically seeking out teachers pure of heart and with good intention - and this is the energy she works with and emanates to the world. Carolyn - we all thank you for still being here with us, and sharing your wonderful work with your spirit guides from Arcturia, and your incredible auric perceptions and healing work I ask Carolyn: - About her conversations with her spirit guides in her very recent near-death experience - What were the messages they gave her and what is the work that she needs to do here - Why the world urgently needs teachers who are wise and pure of heart - Why Inner peace is our spiritual compass - How auras colour our world!
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