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Julie Cairnes




Masters in Applied Social Science/Counselling (ongoing)

Australian College of Applied Psychology

  • Theories of Contemporary Society

  • 5 units credited


Master of Arts in Counselling, Uni of Canberra (ongoing)

  • Professional Supervision – 1unit

  • Education Research Masters unit 


Post Graduate Diploma in Community Counselling – Canberra University



  • Theories in Counselling – a multi- theoretical approach 

  • Advanced Counselling Skills I

  • Advanced Counselling Skills II

  • Counselling Group work

  • Ethical Frameworks

  • Child, Youth and Family Studies

  • Grief and Loss Counselling

  • Education Research Unit


 NatureCare College

  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care


Namasté and welcome. Mystic, healer, shaman and master, awakened being Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes is a living incarnation of love and wisdom. She is a guide to those who seek liberation from the darkest chains of life’s miseries to their birthright of freedom and wisdom. In her compassion to all those who are suffering, her teachings are a powerful guide to all those seeking inner peace, harmony and how to rise above the shadows of everyday life.


She has devised a range of methods, to birth and nurture the growth of all those seeking enlightenment within this lifetime, or at least to walk on the path in this way. Those who are seeking to participate in this path to enlightenment will be notified of her dialogues, meditation retreats and workshops, and all these teachings are open, available to all, from all paths, all religions all spiritual beliefs

Connect with the wisdom of this master teacher and allow her wisdom to burn through the veils and entanglements that have held you back from your own wisdom. Through the veils of darkness and into the truly glorious life of light and freedom you came here to remember, create and live.

​I have relevant Spiritual training - following are a small sample of my vast spiritual studies with various teachers and personal studies:

  • Level 1 Reiki   with Yvonne George (from PTV), Sydney

  • Level 2 Reiki with Julie Heskins in Cairns FNQ (Rainforest Reiki)

  • Diploma in Remedial Massage / Nature Care College, Sydney

  • Holistic Counselling Levels I, II and III / Nature Care College, Sydney

  • Vajrasattva Tantric Initiation, at Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre, Cairns, FNQ
    taught by Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe – Drogmi Buddhist Institute

Please inquire if you’d like to know more about my spiritual teachers and studies and I’ll happily discuss with you!

“Today we find our peace and balance within, protecting our own soft heart energy whilst we take time to heal. Finding what it is that brings us to a place of peace, joy, balance and harmony within our soul. What is that for you?”


  • Spiritual Counselling

  • Psychic + Medium readings

  • Mediumship + energetic healings

  • Anxiety + Trauma Counselling

  • Sexuality Counselling

  • Loss + Bereavement Counselling

  • Open Channelled Readings

  • Distance + Hands-on Reiki/Energetic + Healing Sessions

Image by Helena Hertz

Love you, 


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