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Green Life Energy

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Badly needed for recovery from any and all

uninvited vampire attacks

Findhorn Foundation · Scotland

Today’s Wisdom

...Radiate the energy you wish to receive...

Koan · Tír Na nÓg

Green Juice: Life Energy Restore

If you’ve been feeling deeply drained and disturbingly depleted daily and for quite some time, my darling, definitely nothing goes down better for definitive energy restoration than delicious real green juice.

I also highly recommend that each time you have this life-restoring and replenishing drink — say — 3 times a day — that you also take 6 Hawaiian Pacifica green Spirulina tablets.

If you’re a sensitive empath who’s been under attack by uninvited energy vampires or sociopathic narcissists, chances are you’re feeling debilitated, deeply exhausted and severely fatigued, as though the victim of a very real vampire attack.

So — treat yourself as though you have been — and do all you can to build up and strengthen your life-blood and life-energy once more.

Adrenals burnt-out by stress, and a heart impacted by anxiety from unrelenting abuse all need to be healed and fully ultra-nourished.

It will take time but you WILL heal.

Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Jan 24 2020

Love. You.

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