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"She is truly amazing... I’ve tried others that were good but she really connects with me and also gives me comfort because she confirms my feelings. I will continue my relationship with her far into the future. This was my 3rd or 4th reading with her!"

Michelle, New York

"Julie gave me advice about my love life. She described things about my man that I knew existed but didn't understand until she broke it down for me. I was in my own way and she helped me to
understand his love language."

A.S., Ellenwood

"I found her to be a shining light in her
role as a wise counsel, leaning both on her knowledge and what she gathered from her spiritual guides. She was both compassionate, reassuring, and I will contact her again!"

Lesley, Silver Spring

"Thank you for your help. I will fight for my freedom from the chains you spoke of. I definitely want to get into my more heart - based potential. I have a lot of light to give others. I will talk to you again soon. Thank you for helping me."

Bridget, Eagle

"Absolutely love her!!!! Will definitely be back to talk to her very soon! Totally recommend getting a reading from her!"

Nadia x

"I've read with the top, most gifted readers/spiritual advisors on
this site. Thank God for them. But let me tell you this Woman is EXTRAORDINARY on many levels, and she delivers on many facets. Julie is hyper intelligent, accurate, very psychic, very seasoned, and deeply cultivated spiritually.....My reading tonight was so very powerful & very very helpful. Call her!! She's
honestly amazing!!"

M.L., The Colony

"Julie was simply lovely! She is quite the gem, I was impressed at all she tapped into without giving her any information. She picked up on travel (I'm leaving for China in a few days). She was right on the money when describing my past relationships and the current place my own company is in. I loved my reading!"

Amber, Huntington Beach

"Oh my, Julie is amazing and really accurate about everything going on in my life and I loved her. You have got to get a reading with this one!!"

Cheryl, Lake Elmo

"Great and amazing reading. Very informative and great advice."

Charles, Bloomfield

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