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Closing That Door

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Then locking it! Leave that narcissist far, far behind…

And stay away from people who make you feel

like you’re hard to love.

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NOW YOU’RE ON THE HEALING ROAD back to empowerment,

you need to remember not to give the abuser or perpetrator

in your life any more power.

So how can you do this? When you still feel at times like a victim?

Remember the re-frame and the truth:

No one can truly take your power.

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“Nobody should be in a position where they're suffering abuse at the hands of another, and if this is the case for you, stopping the abuse by leaving the situation is the only course of action to take.”

― Theresa Jackson


So what can you do?

Well, first you confront and name the demon/s that left you feeling so deeply disempowered and devastated for so long.

From a situation that no one in their wildest nightmares could have ever imagined. Is this what happened in your life?

The most unique scenario imaginable with no precedent to draw answers from and seemingly nowhere to turn.

Many didn’t understand or just didn’t have the resources to help on the level you needed. In a world that suddenly seemed full of quicksand, betrayal and mind-blowing lies.


Sometimes you have to be ruthless and cut away the parasitical infection that happened in your life.

A kind of radical pruning of a beautiful garden hit by some kind of weird fungus rot. Prune it out. Get going with it.

Let go of all that will not aid you in your road to healing. Anything that could re-infect or re-infest your life, just simply let it go.


You wonder what was the lesson you were supposed to learn? What was that again??

Well one thing you’ve learnt is not to let such a person near you again. Your warning system is now fine-tuned. You’ve really learnt how powerful your intuition is, and now you totally trust it.

You remember all the warning signs you didn’t allow in. And now you know. You know just exactly how deeply intuitive you really are. You learnt to listen and you learnt to take action.


And this isn’t to say such a situation won’t attempt to touch on and re-enter your life again.

The key now is to look at how it got into your world in the first place.

Were you already knocked down to your knees by some other gut punch of life, some prior deep wounding, allowing in the opportunistic infection, the spiritual parasite that invaded your life?


The next clue is to bring back into your own life all you’d let go of in your struggle to survive, in the struggle to simply keep your head above water and not sink under the crippling weight of pain.

It’s critical now to live the life you choose and not a life you suffer, in order to fully heal and grow past this.

One of the best lessons you can take from a spiritual parasitic invasion, or narcissistic abuse situation like this, is to realise you may not have been fully living your own dreams at that time.

You may have temporarily been immobilised by some deep wounding in your life, and this was the keyhole the snake crawled in.


Although you may not have fully self-actualized at that time as the full spiritual warrior you're intended to be, there’s no blame or shame to this at all.

In fact, it’s often very situational: you’d probably been simply trying to survive, and build your life and your dreams, when the abuser arrived on the scene.

Who can truly know how these things happen — was it karmic, was it just pure predatory poison entering your world, or was it something else unspeakable?

We can’t always name the reasons for the deep wound in our psyche that was an open door for the abuser to enter.


It’s time now to live and love the beautiful life that’s your birthright

and that you’d almost let die.

So, keep healing beloved.

Because, my friend, now it’s time for you to truly live.

Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this on MEDIUM on May 3, 2019·

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