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Shamanic Recapitulation

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today I'm re-visiting my article on Shamanic Recapitulation with you all, as it best expresses some of my reasons for my current series of works on Past Life Memories. Generally, Recapitulation (Life Review) remains within the timeframe of the current lifetime. Obviously, my Past Lifetime work falls way outside those parameters, yet in some ways it’s the same, only the recollection process can be more time-consuming and somewhat deeper!

I also want to add that although I've heard that some folks out there say they’re competing with me, I’m not actually competing with anyone myself.

Why would I compete with others over my own past lifetime memories?

Doesn’t make sense.

And so my dear friends: enjoy.

The ancient Toltec way of Tlacentlalia

The Warrior and Seer stands on the edge of time, her eyes sweeping the horizon in all directions. Holding a powerful vision of the future in one hand, her other hand releases the past like hot desert sand running through her fingers.

No Nostalgia

"Nostalgia is just a distraction for the Shaman. Although it’s a pleasant experience, it’s something which draws him away from intent. It diverts his attention away from the task at hand. Recapitulation is how the warrior recalls the past, and recapitulation cannot be done with a mood of attachment, nor infatuation, and certainly not through entanglement.

Only by adopting a mood of detachment and sobriety is it possible. This means not longing for the past, but being able to relive the situation sufficiently without emotion, to release the energy trapped there. Within the energetic field of the human being, energy becomes en-crushed on the surface of the luminous cocoon through the experiences we go through.

Recapitulation has the effect of moving the assemblage point back to the same location it was when you went through the experience. With the sweeping breath it is possible to re-deploy this en-crushed energy to the vital organs of the body. What nostalgia amounts to is a personalising of the experience you are recalling and it serves no purpose to the warrior."

— Toltec Warrior


A Living Life Review

“Providing a definition of recapitulation is not difficult at all. The point here though, is that we are dealing with something that is beyond the boundaries of the rational mind.”

Victor Sanchez, 'The Toltec Path of Recapitulation'

When we transition and die, leaving this plane of existence, the life we’ve just experienced will travel before the eyes of our Spirit in a great review of all that has been. But we can do this long before we die, and release the sorrows, travails and trauma imprints, to heal our energetic light body, our luminous self.

As Children of the Sun, or a Child of Light, our beings are luminous fields of energy, interacting with other fields of energy throughout the universe. The stories we live through are imprinted on our luminous body in ways that can be damaging and destructive if we don’t find some way to impeccably release them back into the cauldron of creation.

And thus, reclaim our Light.

chi-chen itza · chac-mool stare · robert rodvik


The ancients, the Toltec, Mayan and Aztecs, had a word for this process of ethical release of memory and trauma imprints, called Tlacentlalia, where we shift perceptions of the self, by the self, in order to achieve the shared outcome of presence’(L. C. Prigge), as the pathway to not only de-structuring the ego, but also a way to eradicate the blockages hindering the successful manifestations of our creative abilities.

Essentially, in the process of Recapitulation, we begin by making a list of wounds caused by our interactions, and then travel back to those moments where those incidents took place.

This is done in order to reclaim what's ours, and return to others what’s not ours.

We become drained by certain difficult social interactions, and our luminous fibres frayed, torn, dimmed, dulled or stagnating, through these interactions. Through child-bearing and rearing, through caring for others, and through our traumatic and distressing interactions.

But many Shamans say it’s never too late to fully recover the entirety of who we are. Where there's life, there's always a way to eliminate any blockages to our way forward. Our luminous body has the capacity to recover all that it’s lost, and bring it all back in from where it was stolen from us. And thus retrieve all our life energy through the recall of our luminous fibres.

Any natural magician well knows that if we don’t go sort out our ghosts, they will come for us. So in the process of reclaiming the totality of our luminous energy through destroying our ghosts, we leave nothing unresolved.

But even then, it’s so much more than simply killing our ghosts and destroying our demons. As we record the detailed list of wrongdoing done unto us (and also any wrongs done by us to others) and how the wounds were inflicted, this record is taken into the sacred Akasha, where karmic retribution will be decided, and then written.

The Fringe Dweller

The Shaman lives and works on the fringes of society, living by the very sacred law of God, not within the corruption of earthly mores. In the process of Recapitulation we look for those magical moments when we somehow became entangled in someone else’s story. This is where we take those knots and untangle them.

These threads are the cosmic fabric of our intent that have become tangled in someone else’s yarn. So then we live our life as though from a distance, hooked into those past painful memories rather than in the present moment. This is a dangerous dynamic, as our life energy then constantly leaks out through those memories to those who wounded us, and they're more than happy to take it.

The trap lies in the sense of emotional investment we feel we’ve made in our commitments to others. But until we free our Self of the burden of pain engendered by the broken commitments and betrayals by others, we cannot be free, nor fully regain our energy.

When we begin the process of Recapitulation, we’re able to leave the past behind and fully enter the Now. Over time, regardless of wounding, our luminosity has also dimmed simply through all those personal investments we’ve made in others that really held no water in the end.

But we can regain our Light. It’s never too late.

Time Is Not What You Think

Time is not linear, so returning to those moments where we lost our energy and living through them again, thus releases the emotional impact and energy loss of our luminosity.

We’re all too well aware where the pain lives and where we hurt. As a Shamanic process we stalk our Self, our life, our behaviours and patterns — ruthlessly and mercilessly. And those of others also. When we consciously practice Recapitulation, we’re using the tools of the ancients. If this work remains undone, the Shaman remains entangled in all the old knots and nets of the past. With their energy slowly but surely draining out of their luminous fibres.

Without the cleansing of the Recapitulation process, a Shaman can infect others with their unhealed traumas, as though their very cells carry poisonous and radioactive contamination. When we do this powerful work of scanning, recording and releasing our past, it's as though we Feng Shui our entire being.

When our energy is transfixed on the past, our life and thus our Light cells, stagnates. We deny what’s happened by not fully clearing it from our systems. Instead of fighting and destroying this old toxicity and internal poison, the spiritual warrior is merely carrying out evasive action to hide from the reality of it all. Slaying our demons is an imperative, so to speak.

Without the deep cellular resolution of Recapitulation, we’re no longer fully our Self, but still entangled in the story of others, with the potential of creating serious illness and dis-ease.

Magical Breath

The Shaman then travels back into those wounding memories and with a cool and calm head, and through a style of breathing particular to Recapitulation, those toxic memories are reviewed, and the attached emotion dissipated.

Every detail of those events need to be coolly and calmly examined. If we react, we examine the reaction. It can be done any time and any place, but it does need to be done.

So we Inhale to recover our lost energy, then Exhale the dirty fibres and myths about us, left by others in our system. Many Shamans will use a sweeping movement of the head to review the event whilst they recall it. But there are no fixed rules about it all — it’s your pure Intention that’s the crux of the matter.

You’re blowing out with your breath all that does not belong to you, and returning to sender. In these moments, we fully confront the reality of what has been, and what is.

The Truth of it all is revealed, and what’s not true of us is released.

Our Fierce Luminosity

Our luminosity has held those old memories and allowing our memory body to recall and release. This is no process of psychological analysis. No.

It’s about understanding our Self and reviewing our past history with the intention of indifference, humour and a cool, objective head. It’s not easy at first, but the process is so releasing and freeing, you’ll become utterly addicted to the liberation from your past it brings.

Do it every day, if you can. Not as a routine but as a freedom from it all. We’re released from the gaze of others and reclaim our sovereignty. The unceasing internal dialogue ceases. Coherent and refined internal integration happens, and our fierce and fearsome luminosity returns in full blaze.

When the process is complete, the Shamanic Magician experiences a powerful explosion of Light energy with an absolute infinite expansion of our assemblage point. When done with speed and utter clarity, intervening in our entanglement with the chains of the past with such purposeful intention to break and destroy those chains, is incredibly powerful.

solar fields reborn · hubble view · space trip

Energy Assassins

In ancient texts it’s said that gossip is like a death sentence, for your character is assassinated before you have a chance to represent yourself.”

Lujan Matus, 'Energetic Assassination'

The stories that others tell about you, the slander and the lies, can seem like a death sentence. When the right to reply is taken away, the right of Becoming is limited and blocked by the corrupt perceptions of lowlife beings.

Lujan Matus states that Energetic Assassination is one of the most severe and degrading activities that we’ll encounter as human beings. Humanity is being so degraded by this current activity of slandering and lying about others, that many can’t see their way through the thick mind-fog caused by the normalisation of degradation and corruption.

There’s nothing powerful in the practice of gossip, so when others do this, they’re very far removed from their centre and from Source. This is not a reflection on the process of Recapitulation where you enter into, and describe your experiences of wounding. Reviewing harmful interactions with others is not gossip. Let’s get that straight.

Those who practice consistent smear campaigns against others have fallen so low they cannot see their way forward anymore. Those who do this are sick — energetically ill — and are always trying to program others to behave in this lowlife way also.

When they fall so low as they practice discussing information about another with no basis in fact or reality, they’re losing their own light energy in a life-wasting exercise. Sacrificing their own life with this time-wasting exercise in futility. So be it. That's their choice. But not recommended. It pollutes their own world with extremely deadly fumes.

When people malign another without their words having any basis in fact, and others take it as an actual fact, it then becomes an imprint. This imprint interfaces with reality — and therefore it’s extremely important to destroy the lie and end its fake life-span. The fake and the false should not be allowed to breathe its toxic fumes and create more pollution in our world.

Not only this, you need to be aware that those who lie to you and slander others are stealing from you. Stealing the Truth from you. It’s an energetic theft. The distortion of facts confuses your inner being which really does know the Truth. So don’t ever lose your Truth. Stay in touch with your very powerful inner knowing.

Because otherwise your own inner Mystical Seer will have their vision clouded with those lies and lose all those abilities of intuitive knowing. So never let yourself be imprisoned by the tangled web-like chains of slander and lies.

Rather than align yourself with such insidious evil, you must consciously destroy their entire process. They’ll only drag you down in to their own pit of disgusting evil, if you let their tentacles pull you in.

Thence you can arise above it all to a much higher way of being. And you’ll once more regain your ability to see through it all. When you can see through someone, like a transparent pane of glass, and call them on it — this will shame them — unless their soul is irredeemable. If they’re unable to cease their behaviours, at least you yourself will not be enabling their evil by listening to their lies.

It’s time for humanity to trust what it knows, not what destructive and evil liars say. But this can only be done through utter and constant cleansing of the energy field. Thus healing and rebuilding the luminous fibres of the Light body.

In this way humanity will rise once more

as the gorgeous Light Beings they really are.

I AM I am the Shaman I am the Alchemist I am the Healer I am the Wisdom Teacher I am the Architect I am Timeless I am beyond duality I am the Builder I am the Vision I am the Artist I am the Key Holder I am the Silence I am the Conduit I am Sovereign I am the Bringer of the New I am the Channel I walk between Dimensions I am the Light I am the Presence of God/dess I am the Beauty of Love I am You Me Us I AM

~ Alænura Adams ~ art: Elizabeth Kyle


— Lujan Matus, Energetic Assassination

This is part of my “Love + Power: Interview with a Dhamphir" Trilogy. Stay tuned for further chronicles, vignettes, anecdotes and tales of the supernatural. Mainly true.

These are true stories but all names have been changed to protect certain identities; and a little poetic license applied to some of the environments of the interactions, in terms of how and where they actually occurred. Stay tuned for further instalments of this supernatural saga for tales of a stunning and mind-bending occult battle that spans many lifetimes between now and way back when, between opposing forces of the good-hearted and the viciously evil. Yes. The ancient blood wars never ended. But they will.


Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Dec 7, 2019


Oh, and this:

Image from 'The Magnificent Century: Kösem' series

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