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Vampires Stealing Beauty

Updated: May 4, 2023

How to protect ourself from those very dark beings that want to feed upon our essence, our luminous radiance

The things we discuss now in are in the realms of the unseen

Artist · Cameron Gray · ‘Between The Teardrops’

“There’s a special energy called ‘Loosh’, which is precious and wanted by some somewhere.

This is [sometimes] provided by animals who are fighting, during a fight for life, and when ending a life span, Loosh can be harvested.

But the most Loosh can be gotten from humans; the creator had implanted a part of his own into these humans.

When they have feelings like loneliness, desire, parent’s love, grief etc., the highest quality distilled Loosh can be harvested, which is by far [more desirable to these parasitical entities and evil predators] than any other raw Loosh.”

— “Far Journeys, The Mystery of Loosh”


In the end tho’, evil will eventually consume itself

Make no mistake — the Light of humanity is in the midst of a massive battle for its very existence and freedom — and we WILL win.

Because darkness always consumes itself and Light always eventually wins.

When our Loosh is no longer readily available, once we learn how to protect our precious life force, and not give it away or allow it to be stolen, they’ll turn on eachother. And ultimately starve to death after cannibalising eachother, then running out of supply. Of that I have no doubt.

And so it has been written.

Cameron Gray · Parable Visions

They’re Life Thieves

We are great beings of brilliant Light — radiant, precious and wondrous. Our natural magical abilities and pure light essence are renowned across the multiverse.

But this very beautiful life energy of ours sadly also places us in great danger — for we’re the unwilling energy source for uninvited inter-dimensional parasites. And all the turmoil in the world and multiverse aims to exploit the Loosh we emanate.

Loosh refers to not only the radiant light and Godlike life energy we emanate from our kingdom within, but also the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in the most dire circumstances that entail intense severe pain and suffering in the body and psyche.

Understand that humans are an energy and food source for pathologically sadistic multidimensional parasites.

Please be aware: those evil demonic beings and entities (too often clothed in human skins) will consciously attempt to trigger your feelings of loneliness, and suffering, even in obtuse and underhand, subtle ways — and this will feed those psi-vampires and other predatory parasitical entities.

The manipulation these forces use to harvest our life force is extremely relentless, insidious and destructive.

The human emanations are not only substance but mysterious ‘vibration’, and an incredibly unique and precious essence.

The essence of human life force is sought after throughout the universe and here, amongst demonic entities, vampires and cannibalistic predators. Many recognise that Earth is actually a prison planet, and the subtle higher and lower energies of human beings are being harvested.

Our very bodies and souls are being literally cannibalised — and our flesh and blood — eaten — in demonic rituals. It will take education on a global scale to eradicate this force attempting to rule our planet and us — mind, body and soul.

The Predator will intentionally attempt to trigger your feelings of loneliness. And of suffering, even in obtuse and underhand, subtle ways — and this will feed those psi-vampires and other predatory parasitical entities.

Don’t give your precious Loosh away!


Artist · Cameron Gray · ‘Babylon’

And — They’re Also Light Thieves

“The main way energy is extracted from another person is to upset the person…. A person is thrown out of balance, and this is what causes the person to give up some life energy.”

Dr L Wilson

Humans are often host to this spiritual parasite. The invaders believe no other life form is as important or has any value but theirs. They believe other life forms are there purely to serve and feed them.

The cruelty and torture that accompanies this belief is unspeakably evil. The curing of this virulent disease is humanity’s number one priority today.

Sometimes all they have to do is simply make you cry by triggering you — it could be online, and often is these days — with an image that brings up memories, pain and reflections of your own past or even current moments of personal and private suffering and trauma.

Unethical and sociopathic vampires will actually do this on purpose. In fact they often invite you to ‘feel your feelings’ — your worry, your anxiety and your fear, and so on. Now as a Trained and experienced Grief Counsellor I’m all for encouraging someone to have a good cry to release any residual pain blocking them from moving forward, but only in the most natural way and in their own private and personal time, which help release those naturally occurring numbing endorphins that then follow and bring rest and peace for a time.

But those who aim to trigger you and your pain body memories with a hidden need to feed from your released Loosh, are criminals and from a different species.

I really need to say that they’re really hard to identify these days as they cloak themselves in the bright garb of the pure, in white and so on and mouth spiritual platitudes.

And only those with the vision can see them. You can learn how to see them too, though. It’s all possible.

Not only this, they will stare deeply and meaningfully into your eyes across the internet page from their photo and believe me — this is a real energy exchange, call it a mindfu*k, call it whatever you want, I call it vampire feeding.


Do we need defences against this?

Yes, yes, yes we do, I can’t say this enough… and how we do this is many and varied, and I’ll go into this more over time. Shielding is good, as is living your life fully.

What we need most of all is to live the great spiritual concept of:


But there’s more to it than being level-headed and peaceful within. We need to gird ourselves with shining spiritual armour and also know when to see them coming — this is often the greatest challenge. Because vampires are the most sexy, charismatic and adorable creatures you could ever imagine, whilst they have their blazing spotlight shining directly onto you.

All the better to feed from you, my dear…

And so, believe me when I say they see us coming and know our particular heady fragrance from right across the universe, so you better get educated and know how to protect thyself, sweet hearted one.

As they say, don’t be a snack for a vampire.

How Energy Vampires Drain You · Movie: Celestine Prophecy

Low Vibration Energies

“We draw energy in like breath: this is a controlled breathing technique which encompasses much more than our lungs. Even when the primary focus is our hands or if our target is far removed from us physically, this breathing helps focus our intake of energy.

It is one slow, sustained inhalation, almost like smoking a cigarette or sucking air through a very small straw. If done correctly, it will seem that your are breathing in far beyond the capacity of your lungs. Like breath, energy is drawn in, filling us with life and vitality.

You will feel it, like a rush, spread through you, tingling down to your fingers and toes. You will achieve an altered state of consciousness while doing this, where body and energy body are both clearly perceived. Time may seem drawn out and distance will be altered. Your perceptions can expand to encompass a whole room, seeing everything inside and out all at once.

In extreme cases, we may leave traces of our feeding, even when feeding solely with our hands. We can draw blood up through the very pores or leave barely discernible bruises at our points of contact.”

— Michelle Belanger, XIII. Breath and Life, The Vampire Codex

The dark energy seeking to feed on us is in fact a very low vibration and lowlife manifestation and way of being.

And it’s a subtle thing, it’s not always an obviously negative situation, but can be just an energy drain — when one being who has the habit of draining the energy of others, connects with another.

But those who purposely set out to steal our energy can do it by simply getting our attention and using their thoughts, or they’ll find other ways, to pull our energy and attention to them.

You’ll know it’s happening if you feel fatigued and drained when around that person, when giving them your time and energy.

But as you can see, there IS a code of conduct and ethics for the feeding vampire and predator and they do have accountability to a higher order. My question is — how do they hold the many criminals within their community to account? We want to see and we want to know.

Let us see you hold the diabolical energy thieves within the Vampire Community to account, and judge and execute your punishment, as it’s high time.

We demand these crimes against us be named and fully held to account. Only this can save the world from its current one-way trajectory into the jaws of hell. Those who resist executing judgement and punishment are seen to be upholding the intention of the damned elite to block the Becoming of the human into their true destiny whilst alive.

And upholding the evil intent of real chaos magic and life energy theft with the aim of humanity’s imprisonment and ultimate destruction.

Is that what you really want? Be sure and let us know….


Higher Vibration Human

“PRANA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life force’ made of cosmic God energy permeating the universe on every level. Originating from the emanations of the Sun or Source, Prana connects each and every universal element, animate or inanimate. We’ve all learnt by experience there are times where our very vitality or ‘élan vital’ is sucked or drained out of us by various people or situations.

And it’s when we return to the deeply nourishing heart of nature, our life force is fed and replenished.”

Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes, ‘Just Breathe’

The higher vibration human interaction is not on this level at all.

There’s no hidden agenda, conscious or unconscious, to take energy from another. But to respectfully share energy.

Not to control and dominate, but interact. When we are connected to our own inner Source, our Light, our Divine energy source from within, there’s no need to take from another.

It’s a mutual energy exchange between consenting adults, so to speak.


The Toltec Mitote

In the shamanic Toltec tradition, the term Mitote is similar to the Hindu concept of Maya — illusion. It’s a fog of perception, the collective dream.

The shaman is the warrior who fights these parasites of the mind. Becoming resistant to ‘word spells’ of others. And to invisible rules we’ve made for ourselves that only bring us suffering and pain. We decide how we ourselves will view our own world and live our own life.

Mitote can cause you to see things inaccurately and make assumptions. The best weapons against Mitote are to take great care with use of the word. To ask questions instead of assuming. To have a strong strategy for the conscious creation of your own world. To do your level best in your own life — all these will set you free.

But I bring this into the conversation here because — this is NOT what we’re addressing here. The difference here is that Mitote are parasites within the mind, and Psi -Vampires are parasitical beings and entities external to us.

Let’s just get that crystal clear. Because I know some New Age thinkers like to bring it all back to us.


And so you ask, what exactly is this Loosh?

Robert Monroe, in his book ‘Far Journeys’ writes of contact he had with a light being in an out-of-body experience. (Monroe is arguably the world’s foremost researcher on OBEs; he started an institute with trainee/researchers to scientifically investigate the phenomenon.)

Reportedly the light being told Monroe that when humans die, their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings, who use it to extend their own life spans. The claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source.

According to Monroe’s story, animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. In a predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call “Loosh.”

Loosh is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans, as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent is forced to defend the life of its young. Another source of Loosh is humans’ worship.

According to Monroe’s informant, our creators, the cosmic “energy farmers,” intentionally equipped animals with devices like fangs, claws and super-speed in order to prolong predator-prey combat and thereby produce more Loosh. In other words, the greater the suffering, the more life force is spewed from our bodies, and the tastier the energy meal for our creators.

This story told to Monroe threw him into a two-week depression.”

excerpt from ‘The Ascension Glossary’

Loosh can best be explained as our life force or spiritual energy.

This includes our emotional energy such as happiness or unhappiness. Robert Monroe’s usage of the word Loosh referred to ‘the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in dire circumstances that entail intense, severe pain and suffering in body and psyche.

And so, ‘Loosh’, in this older usage, described a negative experiential spectrum.’

This metaphysical understanding of an alchemical life process was harnessed by the dark and evil arts and otherworldly inhuman entities starving for this substance.


Beautiful Loosh

The concept of ‘Beautiful Loosh’ is that of True Loosh.

It’s our precious and gorgeously radiant Life Energy when perfectly free — free to create and live in the ways we choose.

Those who’ve found sanctuary in this very dangerous world, and are able to live as spiritual lights, are catalysts for the continuous journey of ascendance and transcendence of humanity.

This is our future, as we free ourselves and humanity from the demonic grip of the dark forces feeding on us.


Dreadful Loosh (‘Parasites on the Loosh’)

‘Dreadful Loosh’ is the flesh and blood enriched with the energies released by terrorism, rape, torture and often killing, and then prepared and eaten by the horrific demonic cannibals that DO exist in our realms and beyond.

The terrible understanding of Earth being set up as a prison farm for energy harvesting of both humans and animals has been written of by both Castaneda and Robert Monroe.

This relentless exploitation of Loosh through the millennia has been achieved through the vampiric and cannibalistic consumption of the ‘premium form of blood and flesh via the terror of ritual sacrifice (human and animal)’.


And then you might ask, what exactly is a Psi- Vampire?

Any of us can be a vampire, we all have that choice. Some have done it unconsciously and others, extremely consciously. For some it’s a lifestyle choice, and for others it’s not a choice but an all-consuming hunger.

Yet still — there IS choice. A psi-vampire, psychic vampire, or energy vampire, is one who essentially steals the life energy of another.

Using manipulation, trickery, seduction and many other strategies gleaned over the centuries. Leaving the other person drained of life force, and fatigued.

This life energy is the precious vital force that keeps us all alive. And most are happy to share some of this with others — but when it’s stolen, this is another matter altogether.

This is no small matter: never, ever minimise the attack of an energy vampire.

It’s a deadly serious matter. A life and death matter.

Ellen Vaman Art work · George RedHawk Animation

The new thing — Cyber Vampires

Don’t ever ever underestimate the ability of a vampire to steal from you via the means of internet. In fact the incredible growth trajectory of social media and dark web etc has been a specific gift to the Psi-Vampire world, opening doors to easy food on a global scale never before experienced quite like this.

McManis Faulkner says that ‘according to myth, vampires can only enter your home if you let them in. Hackers, the vampires of cyber-world, are out there, waiting for you to ‘invite’ them in so they may feed on your private information.’

But it’s more than just hackers who yes, are a very real form of vampire — this is just one of the many ways REAL vampires have devised to feed from you via the online world of the internet. In fact the internet is an instant mainline to your bloodline. It’s an increasingly easy feeding tube from you to them. Access to you by these means is so obvious and in-your-face that many fail to realise what’s going on.

Until it’s way too late, and maybe not even then. Many will never see.

In her book Vampire Nation by Arlene Russo, she says that ‘experienced psychic vampires can collect their energy over many thousands of miles and do not even need to see their donors. Many of them use internet chatrooms to do so.’

She then discusses ethics in the Vampire Community stating that for the blood drinking sanguine Vampire they’re ‘mostly involved in consensual acts of blood exchange from covens and associates,’ and thus the question of ethics is not raised. However when it comes to the slightly more nebulous world of the Psi-Vampire, she says that ‘Psychic Vampires can obtain their energy without their victims consent and indeed without their knowledge’. Russo observes that ‘the psychic vampire community tends to agree that the taking of energy without consent is a form of rape and is generally avoided.’

She then discusses those Vampires who operate outside the realm of accountability of Vampire Communities, living without any Code of Conduct or ethical sensibilities, seeing their need for a feed as purely a form of survival of the fittest in a world which is seen in their thinking as part of the instinctive behaviours of the animal kingdom — that of predator and prey.

When they have a hunger they feed, from whatever source is nearest and most convenient, without the limitations of Law, considering their own survival as their priority.


So how do Cyber Vampires feed?

It’s my belief and observation that they do this through a number of means. Underlying their overt strategy is a covert seduction, a glamour, a drawing in of your attention. They use their focus on your pain and suffering and push the knife in ever deeper; they reach you through your secret or overt suicidality; your sexual cravings; your burning desire for physical beauty; your obtuse need to turn the world upside down and do bad things. They’ll willingly be your bad boy or bad girl.

They act as though they have the golden panacea to all your psychological suffering and pain. And indeed they often do, usually stolen /vampirised from some other forward-thinking progressive spiritual teacher or psychotherapist, either ancient or modern. They use black magic and turn your head with its cuteness.

Never letting you see the real underbelly of the hunger, the feeding, the death and the destruction of your world.

They’ll inhabit your half-sleeping dreamworld after meeting you online, as the succubus of your wet dreams, relentlessly feeding on you. If you could only see their true forms, their real face and feeding tentacles, the worst ilk of horror movies would pale into insignificance.

And most of all they’re extremely skilled at holding your attention through the Vampire gaze, using a particular type of parasitic photo where their eyes are gazing deeply, spellbindingly and hypnotically into yours.

Never ever underestimate the power of the Vampire gaze to steal your energy via a photo.

This is no joke — it’s seriously one of their mainlines, again, to your bloodstream. You'll think you're crazy, that you’re not really going through it, and there’s no one to talk to about it without people judging you as having lost your mind.

And thus they get to continue to feed, freely and endlessly. On you. Is that what you really want, my dear friend?



Psi-Vampire Protection Tip

Do not ever, for any reason, willingly give up your energy, your rights, or your freedom to another.

And be very cautious of anyone who says you must sacrifice your sovereignty, your rights, or your freedom. For any reason. Whatsoever.


Another Psi-Vampire Protection Tip

When a skilled psi-vampire realises you’re onto them, they may retreat for a while from stealing your energy. They then count on their victim ‘falling asleep’ (forgetting), and allowing their energy to be taken yet again.

Please be aware of this trickery. Don’t let it happen! Stay awake!


And yet another Psi-Vampire Protection Tip

Never let a vampire place their hand directly over your heart.

And never ever let them touch your heart.

Don’t give your power away for free.

Vampire Codex Law & Code of Conduct

“Feeding from the Awakened is far more rewarding, as they cultivate their energy bodies, and so the quality of energy is purer and more intense. However, feeding without permission from the Awakened runs you the risk of getting caught. Many also perceive this as a psychic attack, and your actions will rarely be responded to kindly.”

— Michelle Belanger, XII. Basic Feeding, The Vampire Codex

Did you know? There IS a Code of Conduct for integrity within the Vampire community, whether it be psi-vampire or sanguinary (blood drinker).

From the ‘Safety’ section of the Codex we find this very telling clause:

“Vampires and donors alike are committed to protecting the safety of their loved ones and themselves.

We will make every effort to educate ourselves on safe feeding methods, including but not limited to: basic anatomy and physiology, first aid, sterilization, disease prevention, and safer sex practices.

In all matters relating to feeding we will exercise judgement with a clear and alert mind, acknowledging the bond between vampire and donor.

Anyone who performs an activity that is knowingly harmful, negligent, or contrary to the prior expressed desires of a ‘donor’ may endure harsh and openly voiced or published criticism within the vampire community as well as potentially become subject to involvement from law enforcement.”

Excerpt from ‘The Vampiric Ethos’, with contributions from: Sylvere ap Leanan, Michelle Belanger, Merticus, Zero, Maloryn, & RedRaven


I also feel the concept of the ‘donor’ needs to be much more closely examined, and those who feed off unwilling ‘donors’ without their permission be held fully accountable, and a Law against such criminality and abomination be fully upheld!

I myself NEVER give ANY BEING OR ANY ENTITY WHATSOEVER permission to feed from me, either knowingly or unknowingly. To do so will break Divine Cosmic law and you can expect very heavy Sanctions from those responsible for enforcing those.

You know who you are.


“However, when you feed deeply upon someone, especially through physical contact, it is advisable that you make certain your partner understands what is being done to them so that they know the risks and cannot blame you for invading their person. Lying and dissembling to someone you must be so close to will only make their reaction to you all the more violent when and if they discover your true nature.”

— Michelle Belanger, XX. Choosing Donors, The Vampire Codex

I myself long ago pledged to never feed, knowingly or unknowingly, from another being, unless we have arranged consensual equal energy exchange. My path is to channel Reiki (divine light) through me to you, than attempt to ever steal it. I’m here to turn people back to the Source and away from the theft of life energy of other beings.

Some of us are on this path and still learning and still fall, but have made our vow and will do all we can to stay on that good path. All we possibly can.

Because it’s a calling, and it’s a mission.

Most ‘Gurus’ and ‘Spiritual Teachers’ are actually Vampires. Once you see this and understand it in the deepest part of your soul, your ability to see what’s really going on in the subtle realms of this planet will accelerate exponentially.

As will your ability to repel the parasitical invasion, for not only yourself but others.

Enlightenment these days does not just mean spiritual transcendence — it means being enlightened as to the reality and the ways of the world both seen and unseen. And often it’s the unseen that’s so much more diabolical, and it’s harder to stop or charge someone/something with assault on your being, given it’s so damned subtle and invisible.

This needs to change.

To count on the integrity of the ‘good’ vampires out there, is so naïve as to be laughable. We need Law, and application of that Law, we need judgement and we need execution of that judgement.

And that final judgement and execution of that judgement needs to be visible and easily seen by the naked eye.


Awakening of Self Sovereignty

Stay true to yourself and in your own power. Remain in your knowing of yourself as sovereign in your own life. This is your birthright. For you are a most Divine being.

Living your life as you choose and no need for permission from anyone to be who you are. As sovereign ruler and spiritual authority of your Self. This is not about controlling others or whatever is around us, but about your own spiritual awakening and freedom to be as you are.

There are so many voices of the world out there — testing, challenging, and judging from the sidelines of our life. There’s simply no need to give our power away to those others.

For we are the truth unto our Self.

Those testing voices of the world call out and invite us to live in fear of loss or abandonment, as we awaken into realisation. Of our own inner freedom and independence.

And at times in that recognition of our own spiritual authority, we’ll also see others seeking to have power over us. Attempting to manipulate us into placing them as the authority in our life rather than our Self.

☾⊙☽ F E A R L E S S ☾⊙☽ by Ellen Vaman

The Meaning of Love for a Vampire

“We do not bring only pain and loss to those we feed upon. The experience of our touch on levels far deeper than the physical can be transformative to those strong enough to bear up under it. Let others condemn us, call us evil or perverse, but let them never speak of love or an understanding of it. For we love and share with one another in way so profound that those not of our number have never imagined it before.

Ours is the kissing of souls, unburdened by the limitations of physical flesh. Ours is the deepest knowing of another soul. Ours is the truest communion.

Our draw is like a drug. Our partners are overcome with a soothing sensation, until they relax to their very core. They feel they are drifting in an ocean of pleasure. They are filled with a golden, melting sensation that is almost narcotic in its intensity. Our draw can bring visions and it can bring rest and sleep even to the most restless of souls.

The pleasure we give is not wholly physical but occurs upon all levels, and serves to bridge the space between these levels of existence in our partners, raising them up into an apotheosis of Self. Our touch is mystical, and it changes our partners profoundly on levels they may only have imagined.

Like a drug, however, our draw can be addictive.”

— Michelle Belanger, XXI. The Kiss and the Curse, The Vampire Codex

Some say ‘Love is not actually an emotion or a behaviour, its not even the connection we have with another person. It’s a field. It’s a supercharged, light drenched, illuminated field’ (Barbara De Angelis).

And Love … Love is an infinite energy.

But for an unscrupulous hungry vampire, love is their secret doorway to your life energy, your life blood— and the taking of your Loosh is the taking of your inner sun.

Make no bones about it, if they can take your soul they will.

They will use every trick in their book to get you to open your heart to them, for life blood and life energy freely given is as tasty to them as the disgusting fruits of Dreadful Loosh, each has its unique taste, and each is a delicacy for the unscrupulous hunger of the vampires craving.

I beseech you to read all these words and truths I’ve freely given you here in these pages, to help those of you understand who did not know, and to entreat you not to be opening the jugular vein at your neck and lowering your head, or ripping open your heart, to let them feed at your vulnerable and sweet throat or breast, to sate their blood lust through you.

If that’s how you want to go — so be it — but why?

Why would you give your soul to another being that merely wants to tie you down and milk your life like a tethered cow or goat, to simply be its food?

Is this really what you want to be? A momentary donation of your life, your precious life, to the table of the vampire? Do not sacrifice thyself, not for that, no, no, please not for that, my beloved ones!

Because you — you are the mystical flower seeking the secret fragrance. You have a life to lead, a light to bring, a burning star in your heart, and you are so much more than they are trying to lead you to believe. So. Much. More.

Energy medicine is the medicine of the future. And the future is NOW!

Let’s stop right here and right now to fix this whole diabolical energy theft going on! To name it, call it out, judge it and execute a punishment against those who continue to transgress against us…

I call upon the Ethical Vampires and their circle of Elders and Wise Ones and the true Judges amongst them, here in this world today, to support this call and name the rogue transgressors and help us bring them down.

I acknowledge the toughness of the task, for we’re dealing with arch-demons who’ve often amassed power and fame to keep themselves safe and removed from the Law, but this task must be done or this world will fall even further into hell than it already has done.

Artist Cameron Gray · ‘The Catalyst Fire’



This article originally posted in MEDIUM on May 2 2020

Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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