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'Seeing' The Energy Body

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

"For [millenia], mind parasites have been lurking in the deepest layers of human consciousness, feeding on human life force and steadily gaining a foothold on the planet. Now they threaten humanity’s extinction. They can be fought with one weapon only: the mind, pushed to—and beyond—its limits. Pushed so far that humans can read each other’s thoughts, that the moon can be shifted from its orbit by thought alone. Pushed so that man can at last join battle with the loathsome parasites on equal terms."

- Colin Wilson, The Mind Parasites

White Hummingbird · Frank Howell

There's a very ancient field of healing that involves clearing the energy body of spiritual parasites.

Wendigo/Wetiko image

This can be a profoundly confronting and challenging healing as it necessitates a deep and objective gaze at the cracks in the psyche that inadvertently allowed such intrusions.

The impact of spiritual parasites can be devastating on every level, and difficult to clear.

Often skilled and persistent intervention from trusted spiritual healers to assist the healing to take place are needed, as the unwilling host can become weakened during the uninvited incursion, which can be likened to prolonged spiritual warfare upon the mind, body and soul.

And these days, God knows, it can seem almost impossible to find a wise and trusted healer.

So be canny, be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, in your search for good healing.

And remember - in the end, it always comes back to you.

But rest assured, healing is not only possible, but if the right spiritual medicine is found, the universe will assist the energy body to heal profoundly in sometimes beautiful and unexpected ways, that ultimately uplift the heart and soul to new heights.

At first a host may not realise what’s happening, but then realise they’re under attack by a spiritual parasite when they begin feeling their life intruded upon and invaded.

And later, feeling deeply traumatised and an almost horrifically awful sense of their life energy being drained and stolen.

Along with the cosmic crime of energy theft come other types of insidious attacks. Deep razor-sharp attacks on your mind, and on your soul and your heart - your very knowingness, your being-ness - of who and what you are.

Thoughts and emotions not belonging to you come unbidden and uninvited. Don't invite those thoughts in. Don't open the door to them. Close that door. Hard.

To maintain and rebuild life energy in this situation, whilst seeking to heal and remove the invasion from their environment, it’s imperative to keep bringing in higher energies through such means as prayer and meditation, always remembering to love self and stay grounded through healthy lifestyles.

Music helps, as do certain mantras, prayers, meditations and chants.

In some cases, this could be enough to repel a spiritual parasite, but if it’s persistent and wearing the host down, it then becomes vital to find support from a trusted spiritual healing source.

The most trusted source, of course, is from the heavens, divine intervention, original Source itself.

Calling on God.

Trust and have faith you'll be successful, no matter how long it takes, and come what may. Because in the cycles of life, darkness overcomes itself, light returns in its time, and endings become new beginnings.

Once the parasite has left the energy body and the healing is well in progress, the darkness of depression and anxiety begin to lift, life energy gradually increases, and ultimately a sense of renewal of vitality and stability is experienced, with the exhilaration of true freedom!

The nature of spiritual parasites and how the energy body becomes vulnerable, is a complex subject we can explore further if you’re interested - with love, inner peace and stillness, meditation and prayer as key to the alchemical healing process.

The richness of the relationship with the healer/s has always been recognised as a very powerful force in any healing process.

And ultimately this will reflect back to the relationship with the Self.

Recognising the vulnerabilities in the energy body that allowed such incursions to occur is a key to future prevention with the healing akin to spiritual awakening on the most profound level.

With the planetary grid under severe attack for a very long time now from vast hordes of predatory parasites of various configurations, strengths, guises and appetites, the great work of the future is in learning how to recognise them and utterly destroy their ability to make any headway into our living space.

The challenge for all is recognising what's internal - what's yours, and what isn't. Because trust this - not all demonic and parasitic entities come from within, or are related to any spiritual disquiet or inner dis-ease, not matter what you've been taught and told all your life.

There are definitely many, many demons and entities out there that are not the cliché of being 'your own inner demons'. There are many external seriously invasive events occurring of dangerous predatory entities attacking, with us as their food on their 'mind'.

Or maybe just their 'instinctual predatory appetite' might be a more apt concept. And these predatory feeders are nothing to do with any of our soul contracts, Akashic pathways or spiritual agreements.

Our life force is sacred and they are not invited in,

not even just for a little visit...


“Let us dance with thought-forms through a deeper understanding of ethics, knowing and being, and the intimate awareness that our individual minds and bodies are a part of the collective battleground for the soul of humanity, and indeed, life on this planet. And let us re-embrace the ancient futures of our Indigenous ancestors that represent the only continuous line of living in symbiosis with Mother Nature. The dissolution of the Wetiko will be as much about remembering as it will be about creation.”

Alnoor Ladha, Martin Kirk

Living Eagle · Mayan



For more information on the 'new predator', mind parasites, energy vampires, wetiko and wendigo and so on, please feel free to read a couple of my articles, links below:

Other info sources:

Hunab Ku · Galactic Butterfly


The current particular type of Reversatorium Magick being used against many on this planet at the moment, and for a long time now, is severely ripping apart, damaging and destroying the universal fabric almost beyond repair, and seriously dimming the Light fields.

The use of hacking, surveillance, psychological, emotional and physical torture and torment - the strategies and tools of Nazi and Stasi and other diabolical forces in the past have used - are now being used in a massively widespread fashion, so pervasive as to be hard to name yet obvious to one and all. And those who should know better are perpetrating and perpetuating this, causing widespread global chaos and destruction. If they do know better, as they demonstratedly do, and yet they still continue to do this, we can only assume they have chosen to be demonic agents of darkness, here to destroy everything. Because that's ultimately what will happen. And not too far away now.

We are way past the 11th hour, and also a long way past the 12th hour, so please be warned.

And these things are what the Wetiko, the Wendigo, the mind parasites - these things and worse are what they're made of - don't be afraid to say it - they are pure evil.


Copyright 2015/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this on FB a few years in 2015

Love. You.

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