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Things My Sons Need To Know ...

Updated: Nov 19

Banned and banished, at times their books even burned, at least three male forebears on my father's side of the family were compassionate deep thinkers, published authors whom the Nazis and other Fascist oppressors

hated with a passion.

Has anything really changed?

Stag Triptych | Louise McNaught

Dangerous times WHILST RESEARCHING MY FAMILY LINEAGE in connection to Friedrich Von Schiller, I was stopped in my tracks by an incredible discovery. I immediately stopped what I was doing to further explore my family, which was proving such fascinating and deadly territory! Well my friends, I’ve had so many death threats, daily in fact, for over a decade now, for reasons mostly unknown to me, that I'll just keep walking forwards through their hail of bullets of hatred, telling my family stories along with my Past Lifetime Memoirs.

My grandfather, a magazine owner, editor and published author, was on the Nazi Burn, Banish and Ban List for ‘dangerous publications!

I have no photos of him and almost tripped over this information whilst researching Schiller and my father. To find yet another published author and great humanitarian amongst my father’s lineage was heartwarming, as my understanding grew of the great risks they took.

'Book burnings. Always the forerunners. Heralds of

the stake, the ovens, the mass graves.'

Author: Geraldine Brooks

In May 1933, Nazi’s and university students across Germany tossed thousands of books into bonfires. Materials deemed “un-German” or “degenerate” were thrown into the flames. They targeted books that went against Nazi political ideology such as those authored by prominent socialists, communists, leftists and liberal thinkers. Amongst them were such luminaries as Einstein, Freud, Brecht, Kafka and Hermann Hesse, along with Helen Keller, whose essay "How I Became a Socialist" was among the books torched. Jewish authors were targeted as well. In attendance that night was Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. "You do well at this late hour to entrust to the flames the intellectual garbage of the past," he told the crowd. The published books of my own grandfather 'Heinz' Josef Leo Nonveiller were also burnt and banned.

These writings of mine are my dedication to my beloved ancestors, oppressed and silenced as they were, as I raise my voice once more to sing their praises.

Who were these men who lived before my time? I heard from those who knew him that not only was he tall and darkly handsome, my father was a good-hearted man of gentle bearing, yet also of powerful convictions. And all who knew him loved him. I imagine his father to be much the same.

My thoughts rest momentarily on Stieg Larsson’s characters in his Millenium Trilogy – magazine journalist and editor, Mikael Blomkvist. Such men aren’t born to be musclebound warriors, yet the risks our battlefield journalists take are considerable, taking aim with their pen and shooting with their camera.

And often targeted by those armies who really don’t want their deeds recorded nor seen.

It seems my grandfather was one such. A humane voice of reason the dictatorship sought to silence. When I saw his books – ‘The School of Love’ and ‘The Gospel of Love’ recorded on the Nazi Burn, Banish and Ban List, I was shocked, yet it was all so very revealing.

I’ve no idea of the content of those books, of course – they were burned – but the very titles sound rather bohemian and philosophically appealing.

Most of his books appear to promote humanitarian attitudes towards not only humans but also animals – this appears to be his driving passion, and I also wonder how much of this was Code-Talk. I think so.

I’m definitely his grand-daughter ...

For some reason, I'm undergoing similar repressive oppression. Originally I'd no idea what their driving reason was for doing so, but there’s a cult/ coven doing all it can on a daily basis to shut my mouth.

These days I smile politely when they tell me once more that what I think is mine is not mine, and that I should remember where I came from, and I should go and do something else – get a hobby etcetera ad nauseum.

Then I keep on writing and I keep on talking.

I couldn’t quite figure their political leaning, nor who they thought I was – I whom they seek so desperately to discredit, malign and destroy.

It’s all been a miserable mystery for far too long now.

Who do they think they are?

Now that global wars have broken out on a number of fronts that point towards World War III rather too clearly, things are appearing in Technicolor clarity to me, in ways I’d suspected but couldn’t name.

I feel that those who seek to shut my mouth and have striven to give me the impression of my having being imprisoned (home arrest or something along those lines...) for some unnamed crime, have these leanings and affiliations. Please try not to be shocked by some of my beliefs, I’m not crazy, but I am dead serious:

Their Supernatural/Occult Connexions:

- Dark witches and sorcerers of the dark arts, wolves/werewolves, true vampires, goblins, gnomes, demons and devils.

Their Religious Connexions:

- New Age (false – the ‘Course of Miracles’ fakery) – developed by the CIA MK Ultra mind-control program. There is a New Age – but they're not it.

- Church of New Thought (same)

- Fake Christians of whom Jesus would despair (even as he forgave their bs)

- A Zionist element that’s completely corrupt – and please note – not all Zionists are part of their particularly toxic elite group.

- Satanic and Luciferian Black Magic practitioners and worshippers

Their Political Connexions

- A particular subsection elitist Zionist group – I call them Jewish Nazis – right alongside plain old Nazi’s, working happily together.

- I’m not going to name any particular political party as these elements have infiltrated anywhere and everywhere. Hidden in plain sight alright.

The Blood Wars Connexion:

Be very clear my friends – their wars we see are mainly designed to sacrifice humans and spill blood, causing maximum suffering as part of their global domination plan. They feed on all the emotional energy of suffering being released, in an unbelievably real way. 'Sick,' you say. Yes, I totally agree.

And who do they think I am?

Where do I sit in all this and why do they hate me so much?

Good question my friends, one I asked myself for a long time. Is the answer ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘it’s very simple’ ?

I’ve always been a rebel, working and fighting for the marginalized. Truth be told, right now my hand is literally being forced, as due to the faster-than-the-speed-of-light global reach of the internet, the appalling lies about me have reached epidemic levels, and I have to set the record straight or leave this lifetime with my family name smeared and maligned, and that will not do at all.

Why they hate me is a question they can best answer. Yet it’s actually pretty clear they hate me because I oppose all they stand for and all they’re trying to achieve, which is global domination.

Practically every word that comes out of their filthy mouths is lies, with their constant use of reverse magic (it's apparent that reverse pentagrams, Kabbalah or Qlippoth have been used in this matter) in their attempts to reverse their own karma onto me and any unwitting reader or innocent viewer. Those evil magical practitioners disgust me. They’re also trying very hard to replace me with their Gollum durga, another disgusting little parasite they created.

Hacking and stealing from me constantly, she runs 'round in my energy, and the world will be a much better place when she and all the rest of them are gone, and I pray to God for heavenly intervention in this matter.

So these people, I feel, are the equivalent of Nazis in my life.

Nazis. Whatever color, race or creed. Nazis. Nazi to me doesn’t just mean Jew-hater. Although they’ve been known for that. But paradoxically there are a number of Jewish Nazis and also Black Nazis.

We cannot generalise about any Nazi's racial origins. It means Supremacist. It means genocider. It means oppressor and terroriser. It means occult black magic worshipper. It means real Vampires, those who sacrifice people to partake of human flesh and blood, soul and essence.

That’s what they are. And I'm here to expose them and destroy their plans.

I’ve been writing all these past lifetime memoirs to let you know that not only am I extremely anti-Nazi, I also don’t identify with any one particular race, religion or culture. I have great love for them all within my heart. I say this to you all, over and over. I’m not politically or racially or religiously affiliated with any particular country in these wars, I only know when I see wrong being done.

And when Innocents are being killed, there we must draw the line.

My bloodlines in this specific life are many. Two weeks before she died my mother gave me a priceless little piece of information – that I have some Jewish blood due to my direct family lineage with Friedrich Von Schiller. I already knew of our connection but hadn't realized he was Jewish before then, nor thought to join the dots on the matter. All this has since been verified by other members of the Nonveiller family line.

Obviously I follow no Jewish religious practices and still don’t really know what to do with that aspect of my bloodline. Yet I’ve always felt rather close to Anne Frank, particularly in the past decade when I’ve been persecuted beyond belief.

The bloodlines I do know I’ve inherited this time 'round are Scottish, Irish, Italian, Austrian, German and Jewish. I'd say there's a lot more though. My soul also loves the Turkish, Russian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Siberian, Eskimo cultures, all of them – and the rest.

Yet when most people first meet me, they think I’m either from India or a Native American. Go figure. Personally, I believe my DNA is spiritual, and every lifetime lands me in different cultures, countries, religions and political alignments.

I seem to be spending most of this particular lifetime clearing my family name of false rumours spread by my ignorant enemies. There you have it.

On occult levels I identify as a Dhamphir, here to fight the cruddy, annoying, arrogant and loathsome Vampires. Over and out.

Has anything really changed?


A rather strange thing happened when I attended the James Cook University Dental School last year for my annual deep clean. An older man supervising the fourth year students working on us poorer members of the community sauntered up as I sat on the edge of a pristine white surgery chair patiently awaiting the younger dentist to set up his tools of trade. And right now, his erstwhile Supervisor was obviously a man with a mission.

As soon as he spoke, I recognized a pleasingly thick German accent, as out of the blue he asked about my surname. I informed him I was using my father’s surname instead of just my mother’s. She’d taken back her maiden name after divorcing my younger brother’s father, a Dutchman named ‘Phonse Albers.

So I’d been a Cairnes most of my life, but recently decided to reclaim my Nonveiller heritage, plus take back the ‘Von’ somehow lost during the war our family Baronetcy title.

I recalled asking my grandmother and mother about it, as during my childhood I’d always heard my father referred to as Heinz Von Nonveiller. There was some rumour about selling something, but the memory is way too vague for me to recall, I’ll have to dig deeper to find the reason. My guess is the Nazi's forced them to stop using it, either that or they withdrew from controversy by going low profile.

The war took so much from so many, and I'd decided to take something back.

I asked the German Dentist if he knew the meaning of my surname, as I’d been unable to find any translation. He immediately informed me there was a well-known state or municipality in Germany named Nonnweiler, he was certain was the source of my surname. He also believed an ancient Nunnery had been the original settlement in the area, with Nonn meaning Nun.

I looked it up online when I got home later that day, and sure enough, my unexpected adviser was proven completely correct. Yet yesterday I was unable to find any of that information about the ancient nunnery. Google and other search engines are really censoring certain information.

I always check into my soul for the ringing of the bells of confirmation, in this case they rang loud and true. Another place my soul traversed.

The appearance of that German Dentist and the information he ensured he gave me seemed so unlikely as to not be coincidental. That's my life these days, my friends.

2CELLOS | Vivaldi Storm

I don't know much about my father, but I DO know he loved Vivaldi, so here's a piece of his ahead-of-his-times stunning rock music played by the dynamic duo 2Cellos rock stars, for you my Father – AND my Grandfather -– in honor of YOU BOTH!

Hunnenring Otzenhausen

Celtic Hill Fort

Nonnweiler, Saarland, Germany

Now let's travel to the German state of Nonnweiler:

but far, far back in time ...

Circling | THE CAIM PRAYER |

Evoking the protective blessing of the Trinity

over my circle of friends and family

'He drew the horizon on the ocean, like a circle

where light and darkness meet.'

(ERV) Job 26: 10

'What is the significance of the circle for Christians? Celtic Christians carried on the Druids’ understanding that the Devil was frustrated by anything that had no end, no break, no entrance, because they knew that God is never-ending both in time and in love, and the Three Selves within God form an ever encircling Presence. One of the chief rites of the sun-worship of pagan Celts was to turn sunwise in order to entice the sun to bless their crops. The Christians said to them, in effect: ‘The Creator of the sun is now amongst us, we will continue to circle our crops, but now we do it in the name of the Sun of Suns. The Creator had built the circling of the sun into creation, which reflects something of its Creator, so it is good for us’. This is not magic, it is an expression of the reality of the encircling Presence of God. To say the Caim or Circling prayer, stretch out your arm and index finger and turn around sunwise calling for the Presence to encircle the person or thing you pray for.'

Source Mark's Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality

Nonnweiler is a municipality in the district of Sankt Wendel, in Saarland, Germany, and is now a climatic health resort.

It's situated approximately 20 km northwest of Sankt Wendel, and 30 km southeast of Trier.

The village is well known for the "Hillfort of Otzenhausen", a huge wall (former castle) of Celtic origin.

A part of the municipality of Nonnweiler, the Otzenhausen is a historical relic. First mentioned around the 16th Century as Erzenhausen, the village is known for its Celtic history. On the Dolberg Hill, the Hillfort of Otzenhausen is one of the most remarkable Celtic fortresses built by Gauls of the Treveri tribe.

Dr. T Fritsch wrote about the main and north walls of the RingWall:

'The imposing rock masses of the north wall are silent witnesses of what was once the mightiest Celtic fortress walls in Europe. Built to seal off the populated mountain spur from the adjoining mountain ridge, this wall had to be far more powerful than the side walls. Due to the hillside location there, these were difficult to attack by an enemy.

With a height of over 10m and a base width of 40m, the collapse of the wall still gives an impression of its former size. Based on a formerly vertical front and rear, it would have been in the 1st century BC. Chr. Had a size of about 20m high and 25m thick. However, the north wall is much older. Already around 400 BC A wall crossing the ridge from W-E, consisting of a wooden frame with earth and stone filling, was built.

As a section wall with a trench in front of it, it formed the oldest wall of the fortress. A second, similar section wall was located at the height of today's refuge as a second defensive wall.

At the latest in the 1st century BC. The now recognizable ring wall, a circumferential, closed fortress wall was built. This probably happened in the course of the Germanic dangers and the Gallic War. The later wall construction of the 1st century v. BC, which was built over the remains of the section wall, has not yet been investigated. The huge, loose rock masses prevent this.

Was the north wall built in the manner of a "murus gallicus", the Gallic wall, described by Caesar? This consisted of a framework of nailed or mortised beams with the local Taunus quartzite filling. In any case, this could be proven in the gate area of the fortress.

Or was the wall simply constructed as a heaped stone wall? In addition to its fortification significance, the fortress was also used for representational purposes.

Outwardly, it impressively reflected the power of the ruling Prince on the ridge that was deforested at the time.'

Source: Dr. T Fritsch, Terrex GmbH

The Nonnweiler Heraldic

Coat of Arms

Nonnweiler Coat of Arms

The rampant stag represents 'one who will not fight unless provoked.'

And also peace and harmony. Its red tincture represents the family or community status as warriors, and its military strength and magnanimity.

The STAG: a heraldic animal, is shown “at gaze.”

An emblem of one who will fight if provoked.

The stag is also a symbol for Christ, who tramples and destroys the devil. As the stags crossing a river help each other, so should the Christian crossing from the worldly life to the spiritual life help others who grow weak or tired.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it's associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, and determination, as well as passion, desire, and love.

♦ In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. ♦

Another Nonnweiler Coat of Arms, I couldn't ascertain why there are two,

but we see a Red Stag on each.

My Father's Father

My Grandfather:

Heinz Nonveiller

Josef Alois Leo Nonveiller (Heinz)

Austrian author, poet, publisher, editor, magazine editor ('The Conscience')

9 Dec 1885 29 March 1955

Meaning of the name 'Heinz':

A short form of Heinrich, originally from the Germanic name Heimerich, from heim, meaning "home" and ric, meaning "power, ruler"

Hebrew: God is gracious

German: Ruler of the Home/Home Ruler/Power

'The burning of a book is a sad, sad sight, for even though a book is nothing but ink and paper, it feels as if the ideas contained in the book are disappearing as the pages turn to ashes and the cover and binding --which is the term for the stitching and glue that holds the pages together

-- blacken and curl as the flames do their wicked work. When someone is burning a book, they are showing utter contempt for all of the thinking that produced its ideas, all of the labor that went into its words

and sentences, and all of the trouble

that befell the author . . .'

Daniel Handler

Is history repeating? Because I cannot find a word or line or photo or poem nor chapter of my Grandfather's published work to show you, and he obviously wrote and published a whole LOT.

So instead I'll write about censorship, book burning and Fascism.

Over the past decade I’ve often said we’re living in an advanced version of the Nazi Stasi surveillance world. ‘Advanced’ because of the technology now available.

‘Nazi Stasi’ because I believe they are one and the same, and there are Jews amongst them, people of all colors and creed. No-one can convince me Nazis are purely of the Aryan species, 'tho like many cultures, Aryans do have a driving ambition to be apex predator on the food pyramid.

We might think it impossible to identify just who those who would be overlords might be, and yet here it is: they’re Vampires, simply put.

Now I will admit upfront here, and it's in my books, that I myself once burnt a book. I do not apologize for doing so, as I found an Aleister Crowley book ‘The Beast’ hidden under one of my very young son’s beds, who was only six or seven or thereabouts, at the time.

The book is pure evil black magic in which Crowley obliquely refers to child torture, sacrifice and paedophilia. Without mentioning those three awful subjects, I tried to explain to both boys why I burnt the book. But because I didn't discuss Crowley’s abominations too deeply, I think now they didn’t understand.

Of course their black magician father and witchy wife, Patrick and Carla, the sick people who planted that book in my children’s lives, were angry with me and tried to destroy me ever since. Thankfully Patrick is now dead, prob'ly due to his own dark habits.

Even now I cry out "How the hell dare you! How the hell dare you give a book of such evil to my little boys!"

Burning a book when I'm adamantly against such destructive behavior was tough for me, but I couldn’t allow it to be in my home around my innocent sons. Who in the end weren’t as innocent as I thought, thanks to the dark arts sorcery education taught secretly to them by their evil dad.

Now let me say here that I'm completely against repression and oppression of radical thinkers – I'm a very real champion of their cause. Even if I disagree with what they say, I fight for their right to say it. Yet when we have a black magic book in our home of such evil magnitude, this was my reaction.

So, moving on, as I feel I’ve explained myself enough here. If you feel that books on paedophilia, child torture and sacrifice are appropriate reading and educational material for small boys, then we’re not on the same page. Perhaps later, a lot later.

Personally, I've forced myself to read the Satanic Bible and other black magic books and Vampire material in order to understand their ways, so as to more effectively fight them. There is a place for such knowledge and we have to know what we're up against.

Many terrorist acts of the Nazis and Stasi are occult acts, designed to steal the life force, personal power and will of their victims as they enact their takeover. I use present tense because dammit, my friends, they’re still everywhere, all 'round us in full force.

Personally I’ve experienced terrible oppression from them on a daily basis, when it’s come to telling my stories, true stories. They are those who try to terrorise or ridicule me into silence. Or both.

True, book burning and the raiding and killing of journalists is still extant, but the tactics of the oppressors have grown more subtle and insidious. My trilogy is all about their latest strategies, but I was stuck for a long time on how to describe what exactly it was that they were doing to me. So hard to describe, almost impossible to pin down.

But I think I’ve managed to capture the essence of their tactics, and even placed legal cases to my government and theirs in order to find support to stop the incursions into my life. You can read more about all this when I publish my books.

It still comes down to book burning, banishment and banning, no matter how they do it. Same intent, same outcome.

For me to name and expose the behaviors of certain creepy celebrities they keep sitting on pedestals who in no way deserve any such accolades, is a fate worse than death to their sycophantic followers. So they want to kill me instead. I'm personally attacked and maligned, my name, appearance (!) and reputation regularly dragged through the mud.

I have a Right of Reply.

And I’m taking it. Despite never actually hearing what my crimes were nor why I was placed in some weird spiritual jail – playing out as virtually no work, no friends, lover, or family, and no money, well they can go to hell.

Burn my books – burn me – but I will still be heard, one way or another, before I die.

The fact is this: I committed no crime – THEY did – and that salient truth is the last thing they want said and for the world to know.

And that’s what most book burnings are all about my friends. Killing the truth.

That my grandfather went through a similar painful fate I cannot bear. I could order his books from the good German libraries which have painstakingly gathered together collections of copies of those books that were banned and burned, but I suspect they’re written in German and I don’t have a great grasp of that language.

In my heart I feel his Books and Gospels of Love were high-minded and of God, not anything harmful, and the Nazi’s hated such Books of Light.

'The rise in book censorship across the United States is reminiscent of the fascist tendencies throughout history,' says Julia Rittenberg in her article THE HISTORY OF NAZI BOOK BURNING, in BOOKRIOT. 'While book banners and censorship supporters paint their concerns as specific to contemporary issues, it’s a common way to consolidate power. The history of Nazi book burning is one of the most obvious antecedents

to the censorship of books in the U.S.'

Now, below is an image of a record on the CODING DA VINCI website of one of my Austrian Grandfather’s (Magazine editor, publisher and author) books that was banned – thank goodness there were those wonderful folk who took the time to piece together these records so we know the truth. I thank them – from my heart to theirs – I thank you for bringing the truth about history and the evils of the Holocaust to us all.

The Fires of Hate

"If there had been no Nazism; if there had been no book-burnings, then certainly the cultural diversity and innovative spirit that had developed in Germany in the 1920s would have continued," says historian Werner Tress, author of several important books on the subject.

'It hardly matters why a library is destroyed: every banning, curtailment, shredding, plunder or loot gives rise (at least as a ghostly presence) to a louder, clearer, more durable library of the banned,

looted, plundered, shredded or curtailed.'

– Author: Alberto Manguel

One of my grandfather Heinz Nonveiller's published books.
I think the woodcut drawing speaks for itself.

It's interesting now I look at this, as I have a little book of woodcut pictures my mother gave me when I was little, a book my own father had loved very much. On the cover is a woodcut of a smiling couple, a man carrying a woman in his arms through the forest, they're laughing, it's lovely.

A few of my grandfather's published works in

'The Conscience' (Magazine),

of which he was publisher, editor and participant,

Graz/Austria, 1927

And in the end, I know that like my father, my grandfather was a good man, a gentle man and a braveheart.

I hope to imbue these qualities in my own sons. I hope they see these records and and understand what I'm saying here. For I love them more than they could ever know, yet forces eager to destroy my family and bloodline have done all they possibly could to turn them against me, using every disgusting, disturbing tactic in their book of tricks to do so.


Time to turn the tables, my sons, against those who would silence us, trying to make us compete or fight against one another.

It's not necessary. There is no competition. It's merely a bullshit game our enemies play in order to effectively divide and conquer.

What I really want is to see you be the best you can be, and celebrate your achievements with you.

I love you guys, so please remember it, because it's

all you need to know.

My Father, who art in heaven ...

Heinz Christopher Nonveiller i Born: 25 Dec 1938 Graz, Austria

Gender: Male

Heritage: Austrian

Drawing done by my father in his teens, I believe.

My father was well-known Australian author Heinz Nonveiller, and his father was also a well-known published author of the very same name Heinz Nonveiller.

That’s why for me the relentless attempts and vicious threats to prevent me from both writing and publishing has been such a painful experience.

It’s in my blood to write, it’s my destiny.

Yet there are some who truly don’t want that to happen, for some reason.

I’ve experienced death threats and messages that what I’m writing about is ‘not [mine] to write about,’ (what’s that even about?) abused, and told to ‘remember where [I] come from’…

Weird, because where I actually do come from is an extensive scholarly writer’s bloodline that reaches far, far back in time. So that particular argument holds no water.

My father Heinz Von Nonveiller

But why should anyone ‘remember where [they] come from,’ in order to cause the cessation of any effort to progress from their beginnings, however humble?

I can hardly believe such statements are still being made. Sick and regressive. I guess the world is actively regressing.

Intelligent progress is currently globally redundant.

Such puerile attempts to prevent my forward movement into the destiny of my bloodline and spiritual DNA, with our powerful inborn drive for creative use of the Word, merely tend to trigger an extremely healthy brand of Oppositional Defiance!

Ha! Keep trying to stop me, witches, you only strengthen my resolve!

A page from one of my father's published works, written in his early twenties.

Heinz Nonveiller arrived in Australia with his mother (my grandmother) Anneliese, and his violinist sister Angelica, at the tender age of sixteen in the second wave of post-WWII migration from Austria. And began writing at eighteen.

He worked as a proof-reader and was a published author, with his writing mainly published in books of Australian short stories. He also wrote for Women’s Weekly and other Australian magazines. Some of his fiction has been translated into German and Italian.

My father. I never knew him.

He married my mother and left her six months after my birth, dying of cancer ten years later at the very young age of thirty-three, leaving another six children behind him from a second marriage.

No, I never met him, and the matter of his complete absence in my life is between him and I, to be discussed in that great cappuccino in the sky moment yet to come. Ahh the absent father, a sad story so many can tell.

I do recall that when I was a very small child his mother informed me he was a Capricorn, a December baby of 1938. An interesting revelation for the re-converted fanatical Catholic she was.

I also recall a replica of Beethoven's death mask hanging on her living-room wall in Singleton, something I found a little creepy when a small child, but now find fascinating.

The story goes that Josie Neville, sister of Jill and Richard Neville — infamous Oz Magazine co-founder, introduced him to my mother Patricia Rose — beautiful golden-haired fair-skinned Scottish /Irish Australian lass, Dance Teacher and Fitness Exercise Instructor — and it was all on from there.

All who remembered him spoke to me of a sensitive, gentle, creative and beautiful soul, a little melancholic, due no doubt to the trauma of growing up in war-torn Austria as a little one.

Excerpt from my Medium article: My Father who art in heaven /My Family and Other Free Radicals/ MEDIUM

Now, his mother Anneliese migrated with her two teenage children from post-war Austria, and there is evidence of Holocaust migrancy here. He may not have been banned nor his books burned, but he died when aged a tender thirty-three, and this has always seemed more than a little odd to me. Thirty-three, right? The occult Masonic number of mastery etcetera.

I've written elsewhere of my (half) brother Lucas also dying aged thirty-three. Another ominous coincidence?

Victims of some blood-drinking cult as their sacrificial stags? Maybe.


Heinz Christopher Nonveiller my Father i

Brief Bio:

Heinz Nonveiller arrived in Australia at the age of sixteen and began writing at eighteen. He worked as a proofreader. Some of his fiction has been translated into German and Italian.

Heinz Nonveiller i Born: 1938 Graz, Austria

Gender: Male

Heritage: Austrian

Most Referenced Works:

1. The Birth, Heinz Nonveiller, 1969 short story — Appears in: Quadrant, May - June vol. 13 no. 3 1969; (p. 60 - 65)

2. That Part of the World, Heinz Nonveiller, 1967 short story — Appears in: Meanjin Quarterly, Winter vol. 26 no. 2 1967; (p. 165-175) Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1967- 68 1968; (p. 36 - 46) Displacements: Migrant Story-Tellers 1982; (p. 124 -131)

3. The Odds, Heinz Nonveiller, 1965 short story — Appears in: Coast to Coast : Australian Stories 1963 - 1964 1965; (p. 120 -133)

4. In Regions of Hiding, Heinz Nonveiller, 1962 short story — Appears in: Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1961- 62, 1962; (p. 122 -124)

5. Evocation, Heinz Nonveiller, 1962 short story — Appears in: Quadrant, Summer vol. 6 no. 1 1962; (p. 5 -10)

6. The Naked Walls, Heinz Nonveiller, 1962 short story — Appears in: Southerly, vol. 22 no. 1 1962; (p. 14 -19) Modern Australian Short Stories 1971; Modern Australian Short Stories 1971; The Strength of Tradition: Stories of the Immigrant Presence in Australia 1970 - 81 (Dedicated to David Martin) 1983; (p. 34 - 40)

7. Kissing Forbidden, Heinz Nonveiller, 1959 short story romance — Appears in: The Australian Women's Weekly, 8 July 1959; (p. 31)

8. Wandering Willow: A short story, Heinz Nonveiller, p.19, The Australian Women's Weekly, 16 Dec,1959

9. Less One Umbrella, Heinz Nonveiller, P. 23, The Australian Women's Weekly, 4 Feb 1959

Source: Heinz Nonveiller

There's more, so I'll place a link below to a website that holds lots more info on him:


*If you're not able to access the Medium link above, it's because its apparently a members only story, I see ...

My father aged 5, in Graz, Austria

Heinz Nonveiller my Grandfather i

Heinz (Alfons Leo) Nonveiller (my Grandfather),

List of His Published Books:

1. The School of Love, Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen,1930

2. The School of Love is a Guide to Awakening and Increasing the Power of Love in People, Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen Tree, 1930

This entry (The School of Love) can be found in the Nazi List of harmful and undesirable literature, as of 31 December 1938. Page 103.

3. The Gospel of Love, Heinz Nonveiller, Vienna-Leipzig, Anzengruber Verlag Suschitzky Brothers, 1920

4. And The Earth Never Stops Blooming On poems about flowers, plants, trees and fruits, Heinz Nonveiller, Vienna European Publishing House, 1952

5. Johannes Ude: His Life and Work, Heinz Nonveiller, Dornbirn Mayer,1948

6. John Ude: Enlightened God, Friend of Man and Animal, and Greatest Peacemaker of the Lord, self-published by Heinz Nonveiller, Vienna,1948

[Note: Johannes Ude was an Austrian Priest, Economist and Author 1874 - 1965

published books include 'Thou Shalt Not Kill.']

7. The Right Love, Self-published by author, Heinz Nonveiller,1949

8. The Animal Welfare States in Graz and Their Real Causes - a leaflet of the "Federal for Radical Animal Welfare", Heinz Nonveiller, Graz, The Conscience, 1930

9. Conscience (magazine), Year 1, 2 and 4 (of 4), Heinz Nonveiller, Publishing house 'Das Gembeen', Vienna Graz Leipzig,1926 - 1927

10. Last Gods: Poems by Gods, Devils, Flowers, Trees, Plants and Animals, Heinz Nonveiller, Ed.: The Federation for Radical Animal Welfare, Graz,1938

11. The Unlost Paradise: Poems by Animals, Flowers and Trees, Heinz Nonveiller, Graz The Conscience, 1931

12. The Silent Brother. A Breviary for Animal Lovers. In: Books of the White Flag. 75 (ed.), Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen, Johannes Baum Verlag,1923

13. Hugo Wolf: Letters to Heinrich Potpeschnigg, (ed.) Heinz Nonveiller, Union,1923

14. Andreas Baumkircher. A Home Game, Heinz Nonveiller, Self-published, Graz, Broschur,1938

15. The Birth of Humanity Is An Attempt to Bring Up Love For Animals. With 3 woodcuts by Johannes Wolfhart, Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen in Württemberg, Johannes Baum Verlag, 1929

16. How I Became an Animal Rights Activist [authorised], Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen, Johannes Baum Verlag,1930

17. The Unknown [Poems], Heinz Nonveiller, Klagenfurt Leon,1917

18. Wrong and True Animal Welfare, Heinz Nonveiller, Pfullingen Tree O. J., [around 1930]

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My Grandfather Heinz Nonveiller was on this Nazi Burn and Banned Book List, with his works listed as dangerous publications!

I'm so proud of him, so very proud!

His son, my father - the younger Heinz - was born in that very same month of Dec 1938, interestingly.

Nazi register of 'dangerous' books to be burned and banned,

including my grandfather's works.

Another (unknown) relative, from the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database


'Fascist themes—racial purity, mass fervor, and authoritarian rule—

are held together by one common principle: the degradation

of the individual and concomitant exaltation of the group.'

– Joshua Bluh Buhs

Fascism and the Denigration of the Individual


A list of some of the publications, authors and publishers prohibited by National Socialism:

More references:

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