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Going Gray, Starting at the Temples

Updated: Feb 2

‘Gray, of a bright shade represents selfishness Gray, of a peculiar shade (almost that of a corpse), represents fear and terror

Gray, of a dark shade, represents depression and melancholy’

-– Yogi Ramacharaka, The Human Aura’, from ‘The Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy’


Gray Areas

THE PAGES OF 'THE MANUSCRIPT OF KA' flicked over lazily in a mild breeze, as more than a little depressed, Éilísh gazed into the sad picture of planet Earth that Spirit was painting within its pages, using a palette of black and white swiftly blurring into shades of gray.

The world is slowly but surely losing its sparkle and going gray, starting at its Temples.

Any possibility of the prophesied Rainbow people restoring Earth to her beauty is fast fading.

This fairly predictable outcome occurs whenever Vampires start chowing down on the inhabitants of a planet.

People’s minds are dulled, confused by Vampire Venom which leaves them reeling in a soporific haze.

Dumbed-down by ridiculous New Age teachings extrapolated via social media -– the global platform of the latest Vampire Overlords whom they so easily bow down to.

People apparently have no idea their strings are being so skillfully manipulated by their predatory puppet-masters. Only a few souls with clarity of mind realize what’s really going on, for the rest it might be too late.


The color of immorality, of illness and disease and of death and decay. Suffusing the once sweet fresh air of the planet, now becoming gradually unbreathable.

When clear blue skies go permanently gray, a world is in big trouble.

Copyright © 2021 by Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

Brief excerpt from my trilogy

'Love + Power: Interview with a Dhamphir

Book 1: The Book of the Child'

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