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'Zersetzung was a technique used in the GDR by the secret police (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, Ministry for State Security, commonly known as the Stasi). Its goal was to deter individuals from political activity and to disrupt opposition movements by creating existential uncertainty.

Each action was tailored to fit the individual character of the target(s). Human weaknesses were identified in order to exploit them. Be it family problems, mental health issues, homosexuality, alcohol addiction, professional ambition, fear of losing one’s children – the Stasi targeted each individual’s most vulnerable point.

Rumours and manipulated photographs were spread in order to create mistrust and confusion. Dissidents were confronted with threatening situations such as arbitrary interrogations or damage to their personal belongings.

Career advancement was blocked, family and other relationships were destroyed, travel bans were imposed. The Stasi might also try to criminalise or defame its victims as informants. In a number of cases, after many years of Zersetzung, individuals were forced to emigrate.

Wrecking people’s careers was a common method of Zersetzung.'

By Udo Grashoff, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, UK

Inside the dark web:

‘The truth is there is a lot of evil out there’

Conor Pope on the Irish people fighting crime on the internet,

and how to protect yourself

A “regular” murder can be arranged for $45,000, while making a victim disappear without a trace costs $60,000. A straightforward crippling is $12,000 but if the aim is to “uglify” a person – or have acid thrown in their face – the price rises to $18,000. A beating costs $3,000. A rape is $8,000.

This menu of murder and mayhem is among the more distressing things cyber-security expert Paul Dwyer summons from the dark web from his darkened office outside Malahide, but it's by no means the only indication of just how vile people can be.

Millions of images of children being abused constantly change hands in this murky marketplace, and websites aimed at encouraging vulnerable teenage girls to starve themselves before committing suicide are easy to find.

Sat Oct 13 2018 - 06:00


How do I keep fighting their smear campaign? It's been going on for years and by now people believe a lot of the garbage said, and think the false image Deep Fakes spread around about me really are me.

They're not!!!

Those behind the Deep Fakes obviously have access to big money and massive media machinery to perpetuate this, for whatever sick reasons. It's hard to fight the Demon of Big Money, but here I am. Doing it.

How do I fight the Deep Fakes of grossly obese women circulated on the internet daily about me?

They're Deep Fakes. Hullo? Where are you getting your information from? Are gangstalkers taking photos of the much larger woman who lives three doors up from me, then saying it's me? What's going on?


Image from Bangarra Dance Company: 'Spear': the rape of country

And the issue of saying, 'No I'm not these things, I'm not fat, I'm not ugly, I'm not all the lies you say about me,' risks deeply hurting, offending and alienating women who DO have some of these weighty issues - so they put me in a bind. Silencing me, from protesting the Deep Fakes. Good job.

Our larger brothers and sisters are like this for a reason, and I'm pretty sure a lot people, including larger Native Americans, are being targeted by hidden forces that does balloon their size - I've seen it too often now to not think there's something very wrong going on here.

Yes, we know poverty causes people to eat high sugar foods in order to stave off hunger, and this bad diet affects their body size.

But I also believe there's some other bio-weapon causing slim people to suddenly gain weight, particularly of the StarFyre lineage. Targeting those who are a threat and a risk to them, and virtually putting them out of action due to public hatred of the larger woman.

Media messages go out daily that the larger woman should kill herself. It's pretty bad for those who have hormonal or thyroid issues and just want to be loved for who they are. I love you, guys! I don't give a damn what size you are. When I talk with you it's soul to soul.

This is a much bigger issue, literally.


However let me say here and now, I am NOT what they're putting out there. These are serious attacks on me , and people's image of me, discrediting me, and making my image unpalatable.

I put on a few kilos when sick from poisoning, and this weight is largely gone now.

Right now I'd say my size is Average, and I'm fast heading back to the usual slimmer size I was a couple of years ago. But why do I even have to say this?

All I ask is that you SEE ME - and not their Deep Fakes.

Over and out.

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