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Women Shaming Women

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

What goes on? The sisterhood died a horrible death

and I know who killed it

Part 1 of my FRESH AIR 'SHTF' Series.

'There's a special place in hell for women

who don’t help other women.’

Madeleine K. Albright

Thanks for the memories

Body Shaming: Women Hating On Women

Being fat-shamed by women two or three times my size has been surreal, to say the very least. I've tried to say in so many ways that I'm nothing like these images they try to pass off as me by subterfuge.

The woman in the pic below is being used. I feel sorry for her. Used in a sick way as an attack weapon against those VZ is trying to harm.

An analogy.

I hate - nay, despise - what she does.

Trying to describe this form of Code Talk and the Reversal that it is, is hard. I'm trying my best here. Hoping and trusting my audience has the intelligence to know what I'm saying here.

Trolling for creeps was a lot simpler in the beginning - and easier to see and eradicate from our social media pages. After a few legal cases against trolls went down, things shifted.

The Trolls became more skilled, as Predators always do, to keep up with their intended prey.

They didn't post insults and abuse directly under our posts anymore. They did it indirectly now, on their own page, with recognisable clues for both their targets and their fan club as to who they're attacking built in. In CodeTalk. It's gonna get almost impossible to regulate and litigate.

These kind of veiled insult attack images are the tip of the Codetalking Trolls iceberg.

It's all part of the Black-Hearted Reversals.

Personally, I fight back. I've learnt from the worst. I troll the trolls.

Only those who understand the way the USA Troll factory behaves knows what I'm really showing you here.

I'll be one of those who name it. All in good time. I'm starting small, but hoping others who are affected and want to find ways to name something so very hard to describe, can find innovative ways to get the truth out there.

Because what the celebrity Trolls (celebrities who are also Trolls, to be clear) and Co are doing is dodgy as all hell. It's not just celebs who do it, but they're my focus right now, for obvious reasons.


Hex Your Life

Fat woman calling slimmer women fat

Code Talking of course, was developed by all manner of slaves and other oppressed peoples from all over the world across the centuries, to communicate the secret movements of their radical revolutions and other things they wanted kept private, right under the very nose of their oppressors.

It became a veritable art form, fascinating and intricate.

The long reach of the internet brought it back into play in contemporary times on a global scale, but it's all been really rather horrible...

Yes it evolved, but in a weirdly retarded way. From cats and dogs to sticks and stones. But worse than that is this.

The stuff of nightmares. The Hex Your Life Cult created a living nightmare in all our living rooms. Their nightmare is our world now.

Ouch. But you don't always have to give what you get, gals.

Getting over the inexplicably sadistic body-shaming trolling by so-called American celebrities and their sycophantic minions going on for many years now...

How was I going to do it? I pondered this painful question for some time, and tried a few different attacks.

'Should I attack the cvnts doing it, or just be myself, or both?' I asked myself, 'Not let people believe I am what they say I am by showing them who I really am.'

Didn't work. No matter how many photos of myself I put online to break down the horrible lies of the haters, people seemed to want to believe the Deep Fakes - supersize and the rest of it.

So very strange. I truly overestimated the intelligence of many people around me.

I realized today how vulnerable I feel now. Letting people see me online leaves me wide open to diverse unwanted comments on my appearance. Staying invisible has been easier.

Never felt like this before ...

Like all women, or any sensitive human really, multiple daily vicious attacks on my appearance really hurt. A decade or more of their online Deep Fakes, apparently live-streamed around the world, not just uglifying but bizarrely super-sizing me. The scars don't heal, they still bleed.

Why would I be healing? They're still attacking me. Punishing them is still a top priority on my To-DO List ...

The 'joy' of the internet is a lie. It's become my personal hell.


The USA Troll Factory

Oh I'm sorry, did someone from America just say they don't do such things. Can you hold my iced tea 'til I finish laughing ...

‘Troll factories’ in the USA impersonate the enemies of their employers to sow political chaos.
How can we fight it?

So the video above describes a Russian Troll Factory now apparently shut down. I've no doubt the USA has massively similar enterprises going on, based mostly now in Troll People's own homes. Pumping out toxic lies and slander to discredit and destroy the reputations of their targets. Many are Fake Youtube Tarot and Psychic Readers.

It only takes a wee while to figure out they're trying to manipulate and control your mind for the Cult agenda they're being paid for. Or just insanely devoted to the cause for some Nazi reason. But no. I'd say a whole lot of money changes hands in 99.9999 % of the cases of these internet Agents of Chaos.

That's what it's all about isn't it? Money. Power. Control. Class systems. The return of feudalism and all that.

I'm definitely being attacked online, on Youtube and other places. I find their posts so nauseating I've worked out ways to evade the crappage.


The Sass Slut stuff. It is what it is.

And for any who try calling me out for giving Sassy Slut her true name, my response is to quote Lynda Hill's statement to me years ago:

'Come on, Julie, we're were all sluts here!'

Said when I reacted pretty badly to her spreading lies about some fictional sexual liaison I was meant to have with a local married Native American man.

Her reply was derogatory to not only me, but herself and her buddies. But I'll hold her to it. If you say so Lynda. But NO, I'm no slut. In no way am I slutful, but if you say YOU are: fine. I hear you.

Perhaps she and her fellow Cult members ARE sluts but I don't personally relate to that word nor behavior, and I'm definitely no Coven nor Cult member. However, she said it, not I.

So don't cry when I finally began Calling One Of Their Things A Thing.


Somebody said I lost something yet nothing's missing?

Not only that, their Cult plays a nasty little Game. First they hold their Competition (their Hunger Games Roman Arena thing) that I'm never informed of 'til its over, when strange people start gleefully laughing at me all over the place about my 'losing' something.

Both women they've chosen as their football mascots - druga and sass slut - have manically and obsessively followed me around online prior to their elevation to Cult Slut - hacking, stealing, trolling mimicking and mocking me.

You should ask the Cult why they choose those particular b!tches to represent them? There's definitely a weirdly sadistic element about the whole thing towards me.

As I recently said, their Cult is mainly comprised of my haters.


Women Who Hate Women

In her article, 'A message to the women who hate other women,' Mandy Molan says that 'often the greatest enemy women are up against is one of us. Not a man trying to bring us down – but a woman. We have worked with these women, we have these women in our families, in our mother’s groups, they write heartless public commentary in our media, on our social media pages. These are the women who don’t just betray us, they betray themselves. 'There are women who don’t like other women. In fact, they hate other women. These women, like their male women-hating counterparts tend to live in denial, with no insight into their deep fear and mistrust of their own gender. They don’t know they are women who hate women. They see themselves as separate and somehow in battle with us on behalf of ‘the men’. In this long fought gender war, where equity and justice are at stake, these women are traitors.

'We all know them. Some of them will be reading this getting annoyed at me. She’ll write a comment about me being fat and ugly and a boring feminist that no man wants to have sex with. She’ll say I’m jealous or I have terrible tits. She’ll say I’m a bad mother. She’ll say I’m crazy. This is what she always writes.

'It’s what abusive men say to women. And women who want to silence the brave voices of other women. It’s the same bloodied club used by patriarchy, but it hits all the harder when it's held by the soft hands of a sister.

'These women usually identify strongly as ‘women’ with a hyper-feminine approach. Yet they think like men. Let me clarify – they think like toxic men. It’s the stain of their own toxic femininity. They use the same language, the same hate speech and judge their fellow women with the same harsh criteria as the most fervent patriarch.'

I don't feel I need to add to this in any way.


The Black Heart of the Dead-Hearted Dark Mother of the Anubian Cult

When I use the term Black Heart, I don't refer to racial skin colors or the like. I refer directly to a heart gone black as tar, dead and done.

I'm sure black people fully understand where I'm coming from, their being so into bleach and blondes and white cloth and the like.

Blonde blacks and blonde blondes, redheads and purple people - all are certainly more than capable of bearing a black heart within, that's for sure. So please be careful with your lashback, people.

That the world is currently under the sway of a dead-hearted Black Heart Dark Mother of the Anubian Cult I've already discussed a little elsewhere, so we'll leave it there for today.

Just clarifying my language, actually garnered from the good folk of the Ascension Glossary. Certainly not my invention, but the whole damn problem they outline so brilliantly, rang absolutely true when I came across it.

Reversing their Reversals is still ongoing - a work in progress. The Cult is still playing nasty with good intentions and turning them dark. So fixing their negative chaos magic is still underway. Not an easy fix. We're up against some pretty massive machinery.

Any adepts who have any clue as to how to Reverse the Reversal Grids, please do so, then quietly find a way to let us know how you're doing. And know you're not alone.

For me, the work is highly intuitive, that's how it's gonna be.

Another part of the work is to bury that Dark Mother's dead heart and get the True Mother's heart beating once more.

That's crystal clear.


The Karen Effect

'Karen' is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege

to get her way or police other people’s behaviors.

As featured in memes, Karen is generally stereotyped

as having a blonde bob haircut

On April 29, a black family's barbecue on Lake Merritt was cut short after a white woman called the police on them for using a charcoal grill. Authorities have since released the audio of the woman's 911 calls.

When this particular story broke in 2018, it was a taster of what was to come for me. The image was the precursor to the Deep Fakes used to slander me. Bizarre implications that this was me in my interactions with Afro-Americans during my Ifa initiations were ludicrous and just plain heartbreakingly awful.

But that's how it went. So she was a Karen, I guess.

But this is NOT me.

Nothing like this ever occurred in any way shape or form. I approached all Afro-Americans with the greatest respect. I have to say tho', that the respect I once offered is now withdrawn. I no longer offer my warm regard to certain folks in that community.

Anyway. It had nothing to do with me. Seems pretty derogatory, like the 'N' word but a Reversal for white women?

Maybe you people - destructive ignorant morons who use images of other people as an analogy to accuse an innocent person - were the kind of children that kicked puppies and pulled the wings off butterflies.

But I never was.

By the way the woman in the photo not only behaves nothing like me, she also looks nothing like me.

I think we're all starting to see what's going on here ...



I don't think so darling....I see through this stuff and out the other side.

Not today Kitties. Not on my watch.

This is just another example of their Code Talk to eachother. Discussing the next attack plan and putting it out there for all their Cult buddies.

Not so subtle.

Any extrasensory who's targeted will lose a little Loosh (divine life and light energy, or Prana) when they see it. That's the problem with ultrasensitivity. We see things others don't.

And the Vampires know it.


Nisa Vanzant

'I’ll break open the story and

tell you what is there. Then, like

the others that have fallen out onto

the sand, I will finish with it

and the wind will take will away.'

From 'Nisa, !kung' by Marjorie Shostak

VZ's daughter

Always looking after other people's children and other peoples business - we rarely hear about Iyanla Vanzant's own children - here's one of her daughters - Nisa Vanzant!

I've always loved the name Nisa, and still have the book my mother Patricia Rose gave me in my early teens (my Mum was a little in love with African stuff, gifting me many wonderful and fascinating books on the place). It was called 'Nisa', about a young Bush-Woman living in the Kalahari.

Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl, I truly hope you're gentle with your daughter's self-esteem, Iyanla, and don't shame, mock nor bully her as you do so many other women and girls.

Iyanla - it's time for you to let others into YOUR family, instead of the world being force-fed your thoughts, opinions and invasions of OTHER people's families, secrets and privacy.

I'm calling 'TIME' on your behaviors VZ! Toxic as! Enough already!


The Female Bumboy

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist sharing this cute little poem!

From “Please Master” by Allen Ginsberg

After weeks of reading brief but highly toxic online tarot messages written from within the ranks of the Cult's sycophantic followers, sternly and rather threateningly, I might add, advising me to 'bend my knee to a greater power for the greater good of all', I can't stop laughing.

I'm no bumboy, you morons of the Idiocracy!! I'm no sycophant. Never have been and never will be. Oh the underestimation is mindblowing, truly it is. And I don't recognize your big guerilla as my leader in any way! Let me kindly redirect you -->

Please forward all your bend-over messages to Druga, longtime loving Bumboy of the VZ.

To be honest I was amused yet aghast at the penetration of the Cult into the online Tarot and Psychic community. I found it to be a vast fungal-infected network, guaranteed to swiftly bring on symptoms of brain-dead zombiness faster than you can eat a Cordyceps cookie.

Over and out. No more to see here.

druga demonstrating beta wolf subservience to her alpha male master


The Black White WTF helter skelter effect

'Well, look out! Helter-skelter She's coming down fast Yes, she is Yes, she is Coming down fast Oh yeah, helter-skelter Ooh

I got blisters on my fingers'

'Helter Skelter', The Beatles

What can I say here but what you all know by now.

The reversal of the images of black girls onto white and vice versa was endemic over the past decade. Vanzant's evil brainchild.

A great example of the Reversal Grid in action.

What was the point? The racial games were sickening, with people left nauseated by the endless twists and turns of this weird power trip of yours.

I wouldn't care about any of it so much if my own life hadn't been so racked and ruined, so endlessly and relentlessly threatened for not shutting my damn mouth. (Not) silencing me has been a big problem for them. Many in the Cult wanted me dead, still do. This is why I keep talking.

Get as much of the true story out there as possible. Just in case...

How about you choose a BLACK GIRL to be your 'life' for once, Vanzant? I've been waiting to see that for a long time.

It would be a very good thing. Stop the fucking 'round with white girls and reversal imagery, or I myself will continue fucking with the imagery 'til you get it and stop.

Do you understand. I'm up to fighting fire with fire now. Water if needs be. Volcanoes. Whatever it takes to stop your destructive crap.

For God's sake, the Black community have been upset about the whitewashing of their history for yonks, yet now you're all doing the same thing yourselves.

I can't say anymore. Truly. No words ...


MY Rules

In my world there ARE rules.

And we actually say what they are. Name them.

No guesswork, no mind games and no ambiguity.

Clear direct instructions.

If there are Laws, we seek to abide by them, unless any law is unjust.

We can then debate and change them at need.


My rules for YOU:

Vanzant, gollum hauzholzer and the rest

of your diabolical Black Magic Cult:

  • Do not look at me!

  • Do not speak to me!

  • Do not try advising me!

  • Do not hack me!

  • Do not spy on me!

  • Do not place me under any form of surveillance!

  • Do not gangstalk me!

  • Do not hire friends of mine to attack me randomly!

  • Do not threaten me!

  • Do not lie about me!

  • Do not slander me!

  • Do not steal my finances!


  • Do not place Deep Fake images of me anywhere!

  • Do not live-stream my personal life on the Dark Web -

  • Or anywhere else!

  • Do not use analogies to describe me. SAY MY NAME!

  • Do not call ANY women, including me, a dog. Unless they want to be, of course!

And last but not least


  • Do not ....just .. don't!

These rules also apply to any of your intentions to

approach any of my children -


Punishment IS Promised To You Perps

If you don't stop with your deeply offensive Deep Fakes of me

and others, I won't stop fighting you. Nor punishing you.

You can take that as a threat and a promise.


And now, a short ad break...

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To end, a post reflecting my philosophy when I entered the so-called Spiritual world. I mean, I've always been highly spiritual, always.I just thought it'd be nice to hang out with others also into it.

In hindsight, I can see the places I reached out to, mainly in the USA, had nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality. Theirs is a shark world, nothing more nor less.

After 12 plus years literally fighting for my life, I've come back to that same place within myself, knowing now I always knew. Seeing that every 'spiritual teacher' out there was a vampire or witch, or both, merely blocking my path, at the same time as trying to eat me alive..

Oh yes, I've changed. I feel such rage now, I could kill those trying to kill me. I wasn't really like that before - this lifetime.

I believe that true warrior is a much older self.

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, remembered gate When the last of earth left to discover Is that which was the beginning; At the source of the longest river The voice of the hidden waterfall And the children in the apple-tree Not known, because not looked for But heard, half-heard, in the stillness Between two waves of the sea. —T.S. Eliot

Copyright 2023 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.


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