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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

From the 'Diary of a Dhamphir'

The manifestation of magical backfire is mildly curious to me. Let’s take a brief look at the kind of reversals that have occurred when the Cult sends certain kinds of evil black magic towards me.

Take Lynn V Andrews. Now if you want to understand the ins and outs of that peculiar woman’s ‘relationship’ with me, you’ll have to read my books, but let’s just say that a jilted Vampire Witch was not a happy chappy.

Lynn's ex-partner Jack Crimmins had either taken a shine to me or been assigned to me as a ‘Handler’; again, that will be clarified in my books.

After a few years of him working hard on building a lovely and heartwarming online friendship with me, liking my posts and commenting etc, we finally got it together to have our first phone call.


‘Did you know that Lynn’s daughter has just fallen off her horse onto her head and is in a dangerous condition - cracked her skull badly?’

I was alarmed and concerned on her account, but actually didn’t know the woman at all, nor had I heard about the incident.

Me: ‘No! So sorry to hear! Let me know how it goes!’

Jack: ‘And did you know my brother recently had a cerebral haemorrhage and might die also?’

How would I know all this? His line of interrogatory questioning felt a bit strange, but again, I responded sympathetically. But he was quite brusque and it felt as though he was implying something.

Upon objectively taking a closer look, we can see that all these events were all simply nasty magical backfires.

So let’s look at the facts:

Lynn’s daughter Vanessa: Massive head trauma, cracked skull, after fall from horse

Lynn’s ex Jack’s brother: Brain haemorrhage that could cause death

Lynda Hill: Daughter Jess develops massively aggressive Brain Cancer soon after Lynda begins attacking me. Still has brain cancer. Yet Lynda still not stopping attacking me. 'What will it take for her to stop?' is the question we now ask.

Lynn V Andrews: Sudden death due to massive Brain Aneurysm

Iyanla Vanzant: Nisa, second death of a daughter, died very recently - of? What? Colon cancer? Brain Cancer? Suicide?

Both her her daughters dead – yet she’s laughing…???

Niki Stewart: Brother, mother and father all dead since she began her evil magical attacks on me

Last fact: I don’t do magic. At all. Magic happens but not by my hands. God works on my behalf. That’s crystal clear.

The rebound effect is the simple answer here, though. They get what they give.

Think about it kiddies and stop trying to do magic on me. Even your silly little word hexes, such as, "You are losing interest in something that was once important to you and letting it go!”

Hahaha such basic hypnotism techniques, so obvious!

Oh my God people give it a rest. Stop trying to use tarot for mind control, it’s not working. You all just look like control freak word hexers. Doesn’t work.

What WILL happen though, is a backlash, and a bad one.

You may not care about them, but people close to you will get badly hurt through the ‘Return to Sender’ process - and then YOU will go down. It’s only a matter of time.

Someone might manage to kill me, true, but really people, are you enjoying all the people dropping around you like flies? Give it a rest and focus on someone else. Like yourself.

And have a good look at yourselves in the mirror and tell us if you like what you see … within your eyes…

As always,

sending you all so much

Oh, and witches. Try being nice. Couldn't hurt.

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