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Deaths & Brain Cancer: Timing is Everything!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Reversing their Reversals!

Well, you know, I did see the Cult was planning to try using some kind of weird magic, planned for about now, saying that I - or somebody - has lost all their power!

Well, it’s not me honey, and I saw you all a few weeks ago planning this latest little game for September, so … what can I say… keep trying kiddies, your strategies are see-through…

All your other Deep Fake images - of me apparently crying – no, not crying! - feeling peaceful! Deep Fakes of me as Giuliani – no, not me - I’m not Giuliani! Haha etcetera etcetera ad nauseum..

All this comes back on YOU, people, so be prepared. It’s a very big risk you’re all taking, as well you know!

Stop trying to entangle me in your American politics - or Australian politics for that matter - I'm not up for it!

This illegal game of 'rape a mystic' by overlaying my image with someone else's - without my permission - it's evil! All of you doing it - you're DONE!

One day - if you’re still here (I refer here to my enemies) - which I’m starting to very much doubt, you’ll look back upon yourselves with extreme disgust at all the relentless abuse you’ve heaped on me - partly because I've never harmed you, and mostly because it's ALL coming back to YOU!

Sigil of Archangel Cassiel

People everywhere are starting to realize that those who attack me are losing loved ones, and soon it will be they themselves, if not already.

I've seen a number of people fall, and now they're dropping like flies, as people are noticing.

I don't need to go around saying 'no weapon formed against me shall prosper, ' because the proof is in the pudding.

God and I talk most days. God is ALWAYS with me.

God and the angelic host and my other protective guardians from various celestial realms and highly advanced dimensions all have my back, along with a number of very powerful and loving ancestors, plus Ascended Masters and Light Being Guardians of the Akashic realms.

I'll be interested to see how the attempts to use snake-mouth by the Cults minions to twist this phenomena around to be about the Sass being 'protected' (hahaha, seriously - are you joking?) is going to go.

The silly Sass may make some little boys and girls pee their pants but it's nothing more to me than a raggedy bit of decorative red cow skin to wipe my feet on, sorry to say. To be honest, the Sass completely bores me, and I'm feeling annoyed to even think of it right now.

Having tarot cards made up with pics of some foureyes girl doesn't make the concept of it being something special into actual gospel. Really!

What are you up to, people?

You cannot all keep breaking God's spiritual Laws and Universal Laws in this way every single day, without it all coming back and hitting you HARD!

I know this won't end well for those daily trying to harm me. I'm not a 'bro' or a 'trans' - I'm a female bisexual, nay - trisexual.

I'm not some old man American lawyer Giuliani, or involved with any Republican garbage. So you can stop your silly games, they don't pull the wool over any sane persons eyes.

I've said this time and again, and I'm now reaching a point where I'm very close to calling on God to deliver the last rites to the places and people perpetuating all these continuous lies and slander about me.

People are using tarot cards (just like the Nazis used to - come on kiddies! We see through all your games!) to make a point, but they're only more propaganda from the fascist printing press as far as I'm concerned.

I only use clean image oracle cards, not any aligned with mkultra and other mind control or evil cults.

There are many sacrificial deaths going on everywhere, mass shootings in America and elsewhere, with sleeper assassins all around the world lined up just waiting to be triggered and go get some strategic target/s in order to twist everyone's thinking. I see through it all.

When certain people have died who some thought were on my 'side', I can assure you - they actually weren't. So don't be fooled. I'm certainly not.

So continue with your daily efforts trying to terrorize me and say I'm going to die. I'm certainly not afraid of death, but I also know I AM highly protected.

The confusion my enemies try to create in the masses with their Mass Media Fog Machine is pretty bad, but I clearly see what's going on.

Over time, you'll see more, and maybe you'll all start to really get it.

Good luck with your sass, it's nothing more than a straight man's wet nappy dream, so enjoy. I have better things to do - anything is better!

I'm not involved, and never have been involved in all your competitions.

I know who I am, I don't have to fight anyone else for it.

The fact that I've been targeted, smeared, slandered, stolen from, spied on and gangstalked (and that's just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the evil they've perpetrated against me), and that that's all relegated to 'complaining' by Cult members if I mention it, is incredibly sick.

Please read up on Zersetzung, a Nazi Stasi strategy. That's the evil playbook they're using against me and others.

It's sick thinking to say that because I've been harmed to this degree, it means there's something wrong with me! Hullo?

The thinking on this planet has become seriously warped and crazy.

If you don't understand what a Dhamphir is and does; or what a Vampire is and does; or if you choose the side of the fascist vampires, then the writing's on the wall.

And for those who have issues with me telling demons to "fuck the fuck off!" - remember I was encouraged to do so by those who foresaw what the demons were going to try to do to me!

Live in your delusions, those who choose to. Time will tell.

It's your choice how you want the story to end. Right now it's really not looking too good for many. Not too good at all.

I second that emotion ...

The "Lynda attacks me then

adult daughter

gets brain tumour" example

Here's a great example of someone who began seriously attacking me in 2011, all the while with a fake smile and pretending to be my friend. Her own adult daughter soon became extremely ill with a malignant and highly aggressive brain tumour - within months.

Who knows if she will live or die, that's between them and their God, but the timing is crystal clear. And just one story among many...

What goes around and all that ....

Just as VanZant so tragically lost her two daughters, the last one after VZ sent heaps of extremely bad voodoo, word hexes, smear campaigning and muchos hate my way.

A very loud wakeup call for her, but I suspect she doesn't hear it. Ahh well..

Just as the old Arizona witch got shmacked !! in the side of the head with an aneurysm that took her out, after sending very bad magic and the rest of her extended smear campaignage my way for way too long.

... Mhm ...

It's all pretty obvious and in our faces.

These people are all part of a pretty evil Cult so I don't have any sympathy for them.

How Their Game Is Playing Out ...

MY FIRST READINGS WITH LYNDA HILL WERE IN 2011, when I somehow imagined we were actually friends. My naivety back then included thinking that people who said they were my friends actually were...

I promoted her website on my Facebook page, and even wrote a supportive article about her work, to try to help her out when she said she was desperate and feeling suicidal due to having no clients. I did the same for Niki Stewart.

I felt so concerned and worried about my dear friends....

What a joke! Gratitude, loyalty and honesty, ethics - none of those qualities are a thing with those creatures from hell.

Just a couple of a number of Yahoo emails between Lynda and I in 2011

Lynda’s daughter Jess was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012, the same time Durga started sniffing ‘round my circles.

Was that a coincidence? No. Lynda wanted her, and began dissing and lying to me. Good times...

Interesting in an objective way, no??

It's interesting to me - the timing of her daughter's diagnosis. 2012. What I'm seeing is: the children/offspring are getting hit. Whatever age they are.

It's not related to anything I'm doing, please be clear on that point. I never do magical rituals (I've done shamanic rituals on self empowerment when first in Lynn Andrews school and that's about it) or spell-work. I most specifically don't do black magic and never have.

The karma of their dark activities is hitting them pretty hard.

I truly believe it's God's retribution.

As Emenike La said to me, back when we he too said we were friends - that when dark energies attack, they target the children and animals first.

The fact is - the dark energies are their own.

The Death Magic they send to me is returning tenfold to their own underworld dwellings - returned to Sender. They can't actually harm me, so it returns to hit the most vulnerable in their circle first.

Live and learn kiddies! Sad but true. Not sad for me, but for them.

They all lied to me a lot back then, and truly shook my faith in my own intuitive abilities, badly, but I see through all their lies now.

I have nothing more to say about any of this tonight. I'll watch the feeble attempts at word hexing me on Youtube and so on and enjoy the rest of my evening.


Oh, and this :


I'm not even going near the weirdness of the making of Penny Dreadful, so chock-full of occult agendas and dark reversals. And attempted identity theft. It's plain to see the damage done. I'll just leave it where it is.

Oh ok if you insist, I will, just a little bit!

Jess Hill - a (very sick little) Aries
Character - Vanessa Ives - a Scorpio

I'm not gonna explain what I see, but those who understand the whole occult thing going on will get it. Another serious identity theft backfire. Completely twisted like a pretzel, actually.

Sending you all so much


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