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When A Dhamphir Is Betrayed She Takes No Prisoners

Now this old guy, Awo Falokun Fatunmbi aka David Wilson, is one of the missing links. One thing I want to say about Falokun is what a wonderful wordsmith he is. A genius with words, and an amazing writer with many published works. And the power of the word is what Ifá is all about. You can read all about my time with him in my upcoming Trilogy. A controversial old Babalawo who offered to initiate me for free, no cost, to become a Babalawo myself –

a Mother/Father of the Mysteries and Ifá Diviner.

'Ori Lesson Part 1' with Awo Falokun

Altho’ I got a fair way into the studies and still have all the manuals and so on, in the end I had to turn down his offer.

This was because his condition for free initiation involved my paying his airfare, food and accommodation costs to Australia, then getting him to the Ayers Rock area of Central Australia, to introduce him to any sacred Aboriginal Elders living there. The rest of the task was to be set up prior to his arrival, also by me - for the Elders to take him to some secret pyramids of Central Australia, hidden somewhere behind Ayer’s Rock.

To be honest, a lot of my Ifá initiation tasks with various Babalawo’s were kind of ludicrous. This one was just plain out of my reach.

During my time with him, I learnt of his old and enduring friendship with Iyanla Vanzant.

He and his now ex-wife Luisah Teish and other Yoruban initiates had many BarBQ get together’s in eachothers backyards in Oaklands I think, before any of them got famous.

The Archetype of Oshun + the Divine Feminine, 'The Changing of the Gods', with Luisah Teish

He described doing many Yoruban rituals and ceremonies to assist Iyanla in gaining the fame and glory she so desperately craved, no matter what it took, who she walked over or destroyed on her way...

Iyanla clearly didn’t like me from the very start. Maybe even had an instant hatred of me. In fact, Falokun saw her as my enemy before I even did. This weird hatred of hers has affected my life pretty badly since that moment, I’d say.

I love the guy who made this dramatic little vid! He's got the sight. We see you Vanzant. I've no idea why you've still got any credibility VZ. I also don't understand why black girls and other people like being abused by you, or allow you to do so. It's sickening to watch you abuse your own community when they most need uplifting. But that's the nature of the beast, right?. My personal experience with you, VZ is that you're abhorrent, completely immoral and possessed. My senses tell me you're a Vampire Witch. At the very least. I smell you and it's not pleasant.
You are a huge problem that needs to be solved, VZ. You are the dead heart killing this planet.

Iyanla’s sick, evil use of Yoruban ritual and the power of the word to reverse her karma onto me and others, anyone who reads her shite basically, was set up by the old Baba here. So. Don’t read her shite! Well, as little as possible anyway.

So, yes I did have links with the Afro-American Ifá Diaspora and that’s because they’re all very closely linked to eachother.

All these people were in my life back when I was still naïve, still trusting the untrustworthy, thinking they were protecting me, as they said. Not realizing they were Sorcerers - dark arts practitioners of the very Left-Hand Path. I’ve fully awakened now. I see them all clearly.

And I do believe I’m beginning to get a grip on the BlackHeart Reversals that have been going on for at least a decade or more. More on that soon. Time soon to spin the Wheels of Life in the correct direction once more.

More later X

Vodun Symbol of Ogun

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