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Turtle Island

“stay together

learn the flowers

go light”

Gary Snyder

Turtle Island · by Rowye

The wise know that time changes everything.

Its power can change our life, and it can change the shape of our world.

The winds of time are the breath of God, and a divine gift to humanity.

How we use this gift is the measure of our existence.

And yet this sacred time is timeless and lives in the heart of the eternal.

Anything is possible

Trailer: "Ajijaak on Turtle Island" 2019

Ajijaak on Turtle Island tells the story of Ajijaak, a young whooping crane.

Separated from her family in a Tar Sands fire caused by the monstrous Mishibizhiw, Ajijaak must make her first migration from Wood Buffalo, Canada, down to the Gulf Coast on her own, finding her voice and a family through the interconnectedness of all of creation.

Ajijaak begins her travels with a medicine bundle, given to her by her parents, as her guide. She encounters deer, buffalo, coyote, and turtles as well as communities of people from Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, Lakota, and Cherokee Nations, living in balance with their environments. These people share with Ajijaak prayers, songs, and dances that celebrate living on earth and help Ajijaak find the meaning and strength of her own song.

It is with this song that Ajijaak must restore balance to Turtle Island and return Mishibizhiw to sleep.

A reflection on the living energy and how it connects all aspects of our world, Ajijaak on Turtle Island brings communities together through puppetry, music, traditional dances, animations, and kites.

Ajijaak’s story puts forward visions from Indigenous communities, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between cranes and Native American/Indigenous peoples, and inspiring the next generation of storytellers, change-makers, and eco-champions.

The world premiere presentation of Ajijaak on Turtle Island was hosted at La MaMa in NYC, February 8-18, 2018.

Ocean Art · Jen Lashua

With heartfelt thanks to all the earth, heart, and soul artists and artistes for the use of their art, dance music and videos to enhance my Message from Spirit today.

Copyright 2016/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

Published by Julie Cairnes © Sept 13 2016 on Facebook

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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