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The shame of fat-shaming those who aren't fat

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Being fat-shamed by psychopaths almost three to four times my size from a Cult based in America, with global members from France as well as Australia, has been the most surreal experience of my life.

I wouldn't worry about it except it seems to be an obsessive Vendetta and they've taken it to pandemic proportions in their goal to suicide me.

The rest of their lies and slander about me are just a bonus right?


TRUMP to Me: "You're fat. WE know who WE love and it sure isn't YOU. Never will be. We know your kind and we don't like 'em...."

(repeats these lines fairly often over the years in case I forget)

Me to Trump: "My kind? What 'kind' is that?"

I never did know what she meant by that. My kind? Was this homophobia or something else? Who knows? I continued:

"Wow that hurts. After a lot of persuasion from various Afro American priests, I made the decision a few years ago to devote the rest of my life to working within the black community, and I've been studying Ifa for the past few years to become a Babalawo, as their Divinations indicated this would be a great path for me - and my destiny. In regards to your fat-shaming comments, luckily I know I'm reasonably slim, otherwise I'd feel even worse."

COVENOUS CULT MEMBER LYNDA HILL: "This is you Julie - how you were with the Afro-Americans! No wonder they hate you! And rejected you!! Everybody knows. Because we're passing this around publicly on the net implying this is you."

Me to Lynda: "No that's not me! I was very respectful to everyone, and nothing like that happened whatsoever, quite the opposite in fact. Then durga came on the scene, hacking my privacy and contacting all my contacts, and La suddenly began abusing ME."

Lynda to Me: "No - that's you! I'm telling everyone it's you and everyone knows it's you. Stop lying you slut!"

Me to Lynda: "Why are you calling me a slut? I've been celibate for many years and intend staying that way!"

Lynda to me: "Stop lying! We're all sluts here! Everyone knows you fucked Medicine Crow! Slut. Anyway Durga is replacing your life in every way loser, so get prepared to sign off the planet, bitch. If you try to stay, we'll make sure that every minute of your life is a living hell!"

Me: "There was no sexual encounter whatsoever between Crow and I! Why are you saying all this and spreading slander around about me?"

Lynda: "Stop lying you slut!"

COVENOUS CULT MEMBER LYNDA HILL: "And here we go - this is Julie with Medicine Crow - abusing him! No wonder they hate her and rejected her!"

Me: "That's not me! It's a young boy in the USA! What the hell's going on here? Are you all going insane? Nothing like this ever happened!"

Lynda: "Are you completely batshit crazy and losing it Julie? You should get mental health treatment!"

Me :".....!"

(by now starting to feel like I am losing it!)

All the Cult's Haters on the internet : "This is Julie, she's a fat loser and should kill herself. No wonder she got bullied! Gross! We'll pretend she's brave for getting out there and moving all that fatty fatty boom boom stuff!"

Me to Haters: "Um no that's not actually me! I'm not fat! What's going on here? This is Deep Fake stuff going on! I'm sorry for the girls and others you're trying to use as weapons against me, but hey - stop lying about me!!"

VANZANT TO HER COVENOUS CULT: " Jesus Christ! Is that fat bitch Julie still hanging around - and still alive even? Why isn't she dead yet?

"Keep up the constant pressure online! Massive attacks on her every hour every day! You've done good destroying her first website and FB business pages and Instagram, which were all getting way too popular! Lynn's made sure her second website is shadow-banned, so she'll starve to death if she doesn't suicide, anyway.

"We've got Handlers handling her all over the place, she's a bit unpredictable but we CAN control her, muzzle and shut her down!

"We need to promote Durga and replace Julie's entire life with her! We've hacked her everything and taken everyone and everything from her, so she should suicide pretty soon.

"Please move it on people - get it happening! How can we have full global dominance with that fat bitch Julie hanging around disagreeing with us?!"

Cult murmurs and mutters and keeps moving it on.


Looking at this photo above and the huge media coverage about her faux pa's and shaming of her colleagues, I feel a tad paranoid about this person Lizzo who's totally unknown to me til now, and begin wondering who the latest 'Analogy Game' reversal is going to be about now.

After all, in their "Overlay the most hated politician or any other hated individual on Julie's face" Game, the Covenous Cult have pinned practically every most hated right-wing extremist on me, from Trump to Putin to Giuliani, truly strange because, I'm actually a left-wing union radical.

But that's how targeting works, people.

It's clear they're trying to destroy my reputation and suicide me. I don't know anymore. Is this world even worth saving?

The whole internet vendetta run by the Cult, with a bunch of Haters on their Payroll, or doing it for pure hate, who knows, making so many hateful comments about my appearance hundreds of times a day for over ten years now, and about my sexuality, my life, my privacy, it's all designed to kill me off so they can replace me with DURGA!

You cannot hope to win, demons! Hell-vampires!

Of course, Durga sits their purring, no-one's doing to her what she's doing to me, she's fully chilled man, smoking her drugs swilling her booze, taking her meds, fucking her acolytes, ripping me off, hacking surveilling, stealing and spying on me, turning my loved ones against me, acting cool and dignified.

Besides, she has the Covenous Cult behind her, and her ex's ped cult as well.

So there you have it.

The actual article:

The shame of fat-shaming those who aren't fat

by Sarai Walker

Washington Post

I suppose I should be happy that Donald Trump's fat shaming has become the hottest topic to come out of the first presidential debate. But it doesn't feel like a victory.

What's largely been lost in all the attention to this story is that Alicia Machado isn't fat.

She's not fat today, nor is she fat in the footage that's available from her reign as Miss Universe in the 1990s, during which she might have gained 10 to 15 pounds, still leaving her thinner than most American women.

"Hell knows no fury like a Latina who's been called fat," tweeted Republican commentator Ana Navarro. Indeed, this is a story about a woman who was "called fat," in this case a thin woman. This is not a story about a fat woman.

In our culture, calling a woman fat is a grave insult, akin to questioning her humanity. There is intense pressure on girls and women to be small, not only to take up less physical space, but also to know our place in the world and to not ask for more than our share.

Even 50 years after the emergence of modern feminism, we are trained to mold ourselves into shapes that please men. Calling a woman fat — regardless of her size — is textbook misogyny. It's the same as calling a woman a failure, and it's meant to silence her and tear her down. Fear of fat, and being called fat, is a weapon used to control women.

This is why 20-year-old footage of Machado being forced to exercise in front of reporters, and Trump's "Inside Edition" interview criticizing her for gaining weight ("this is somebody that likes to eat," he said, by way of condemnation), are so devastating.

In a video by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Machado says she developed eating disorders thanks to Trump, explaining, "I wouldn't eat, and would still see myself as fat, because a powerful man had said so."

In response, Trump doubled-down on his criticism, telling "Fox & Friends" recently that Machado had "gained a massive amount of weight," which obviously wasn't true and reveals a completely warped view of women's bodies. This has predictably infuriated female voters, who understand what kind of man engages in this behavior.

Our gendered double standard only makes this worse. Trump's September appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" revealed that his body mass index puts him in the "overweight" category, bordering on "obese," yet he still feels entitled to make fun of other people's weight.

Although he has fat-shamed women and men — and, in the case of the 400-pound hacker, imaginary people as well — women's bodies are a target of his insults much more often. Bullies feel free to attack women's appearance no matter what they look like themselves. This behavior isn't really about looks, after all, but about power.

But there is a deeper double standard at work here, which is that Machado's story took off in large part because she isn't actually fat.

Trump's calling her fat seems like more of an injustice precisely because she isn't. If Machado were fat, it's doubtful she would be featured in the way that she has been by the Clinton campaign and the media.

In our society, empathy for actual fat people is in short supply, and a fat woman in a similar situation would be told she deserved what she got.

Machado, however, is a woman who scaled the heights of competitive female beauty and thinness to be crowned Miss Universe. When she couldn't live up to the impossible standards of that world — standards that she was a victim of and also helped to perpetuate — she faced public degradation.

If it could happen to someone who looks as she does, what chance does the typical woman have? This is one reason her story resonates.

Fat activists have long noted that the women the media places at the center of "fat shaming" or "body shaming" debates are thin. From Jennifer Lawrence to Gigi Hadid and Kate Winslet, we tend to focus on body shaming more when the targets are conventionally beautiful, as if this is needed to validate something that happens far more often and viciously to fat women.

The reality of what fat women face is not part of Machado's story or the explosive response. While it's important to highlight how fat is used as a weapon against women of all sizes, and that the line between thin and fat is a shifting one, it's just as important not to perpetuate toxic ideas about fat in the process.

Being called fat, or feeling fat, is not the same as living in a fat body and experiencing all the stigma and abuse that come with it. Machado's story doesn't challenge our toxic ideas about fat; it simply reinforces the idea that being fat is the worst thing a woman can be.

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