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The ‘New Age’ Mental Illness

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

A global psychiatric disorder of pandemic proportions

New Age teachings not only give extremely false expectations through mis-use of the Law of Attraction, by those who don’t fully understand how that Law really works — these fake and dangerous teachings often blame and shame the victim. This article is all about completely turning that dynamic around. And digs deeper to explore the sinister occult origins of many of those teachings.

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If we view the mostly useless and often damaging tenets of New-Age spiritualism and teachings as a global mental health issue — a psychiatric disorder — then we might finally start down the road of real planetary recovery.

Let your critical thinking set you free.

Here we grab the reigns of our psychological understanding, and examine a number of destructive New Age clichés, with the goal of ripping them apart and exposing their dark underbelly. Because most of them have no innate value whatsoever, have a nasty hidden agenda, and only hold you back from the truth. And from any real healing.

The Matrix · Neo learns the truth : that he is nothing more than Narcissistic Supply

Of course, I’m not delusional and don’t have the fantasy that it will be easy to convince the many who’ve been brainwashed and blinded by the false light of the New Age.

The well-planned mental health issues caused by the New Age doctrines have been perpetrated on this planet by people who call themselves by many names, but are thinly-disguised Luciferians, who believe they can lead and save the world from itself.

Too many beautiful people are now dead or suffering further ills due to the utter incompetence, hidden barbs of toxic poison, and deadly uselessness of many New Age teachings.

The problem is that underlying the uselessness of the teachings is a much more sinister intent, and that is of global culling. Yes, yet again we see the intention of the global cull in its many disguises. And so, we must see the links and once again join the very same dots. The search for the origin of the lies keeps leading us back to the same places.

The Psyché through the ages

Many therapeutic modalities took hundreds of years to develop, and the research was extensive.

The philosophers and psychologists who delved into the human psyché, usually through delving first into their own and their patients, wrote extensive treatises exploring madness and sanity, character archetypes, and deep soul and psyché disturbances. Some of these emotional, soul and mental health issues rendered the person unable to function effectively in their daily life, experiencing excruciating emotional and spiritual pain. Thus immobilising a once healthy, creative, loving human.

The historical annals are filled with descriptions of madness, and the terrible mistakes by past practitioners in their healing experiments, with asylums filled with instruments and medications creating torments often akin to torture chambers.

These were the extremely negative effects of experimental psychological and psychiatric research and studies. However, on the other side of the atrocities perpetrated against those experiencing emotional, mental and soul disturbances, are studies that helped and healed. But also it must be noted that many philosophers of the psyché had affairs with their patients — with no real ethical guidelines and different social morés outlined in those times.

The evolution of Ethics

The field of Ethics has now significantly evolved, and we must all live by them, as our understanding and awareness advances.

It’s now a given that Practitioners must NOT enter into a sexual or personal relationship within the therapeutic relationship with their patient.

There are now clear time-frames attendant on this in Codes of Ethics for all fields, in terms of how long a practitioner must wait after cessation of therapy to even think about relationship with patient or client.

When we turn our attention back in time to research of the psyché, we remember Carl Jung’s incredible studies, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s wonderful guide to the erratic path of Grief developed in her work in palliative care hospices; fascinating and uplifting ‘life between life’ case studies from well-researched interviews with those who survived near-death experiences; Kierkegaard’s 18th century expositions on anxiety; and Hegel’s studies on dialectical techniques.

These are just a few of the amazing studies done on the psyché that led to brilliant healing and multi-theoretical healing modalities available to those suffering with mental health issues these days.

Ancient psychology— where it all began

Even further back in time, in 100 BC, the Dead Sea Scrolls wrote of dividing human nature into two temperaments, in 600 BC we have many Greek temples providing havens for healing of psychosomatic illnesses, and the Ebers Papyrus (1550 BC) discussing thought disorders.

Plato (387BCE) wrote of the body existing to serve the soul and the brain as the seat of the mind; Aristotle (350 BCE) wrote of the soul and mind in his work De Anima; and Socrates became known as the father of western philosophy, developing the original dialectical methodology.

Hippocrates (460–370 BC) scientific studies based on logic and observations denying the presence of demons and spirits, are the birthplace of modern mainstream medicine. And there were many more deep thinkers and theologians who contributed to powerful dialogues and extensively researched studies that underpin the psychological and medical practices of today.

And not always good — some practices were barbaric and deadly, for sure, and others were deeply healing. Psychology has always been, and always will be, a work-in-progress. It evolves as we learn more about our own nature and the many impacts of our environment. The study of the psyché of the soul is ever-evolving, although the truth is singular and unchanging.

These days, the Dalai Lama often speaks of how the world would deeply benefit from returning to the practices of ancient Indian psychology.

The long historical road of profound intellectual studies of psychology — of heart, mind, body and soul — is seen to be in stark contrast to the often shallow, superficial and often very damaging platitudes of the New Age, which seem to have extensively and significantly regressed the art of healing.

The negative impact of glib New Age adages stands apart even from the damage done by many religious aphorisms, which claim a very special place in psychological studies of severe damage done.

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In this article we’ll explore together the significant adverse impact of New Age teachings, and the harm they’ve had on healing and the overall well-being of humanity. I’ll examine well-known New Age precepts to expose the deep dysfunction within them. In this way we can perhaps move forward intelligently in the world of psychological soul healing once more.

The ethical and compassionate relationship between therapist and client is the bridge to real healing

In the world of psychotherapy, it’s a given that the underlying bridge to healing lives within the actual relationship between therapist and client. Yes — the most important factor is truly this.

If the therapeutic relationship is fragmented, unsafe, sexually charged, untrusting, dismissive or aggressive and so on, the potential for any real healing is lost. And in fact, creates a further need for healing. And who needs that?

But when the therapist is able to bracket their own personal interests and place the spotlight on the client to give them safe space and sanctuary for healing, the value is immeasurable and priceless. When I say ‘safe’, I don’t mean not challenging.

Being therapeutically challenging can be a great thing. ‘Safe’ means the self-interest of the therapist is not met by the client. The therapist gets their personal needs met outside their workplace and not with their clients.

They're purely there for the client. The floor belongs to the client, and the spotlight is on them.

As in Reiki, the light that flows through the Reiki practitioner as a clear channel from Source to the client is an unexpected mutual benefit that happens of its own accord, but is not the aim.

Any self-disclosure by the therapist should be used as a skilled tool, and not for fulfilling their personal need. There may be great reward gained in the exchange with the client but this is not the aim, just a peripheral joy for the therapist.

The safe and ethical relationship between client and therapist is of critical importance as the bedrock foundation for a sanctuary created between them for real healing.


Following are a number of New Age maxims taught by ‘spiritual teachers’ to unquestioning eager followers, that I’ve identified as dangerous pop psychology. When examined more deeply they’re actually found empty of sustenance, and detrimental to real healing. I’m sure there are many more than these, so it’s just a starting point:

‘The only way you can heal is to forgive those who harmed you’

This call for compulsory forgiveness is completely toxic and holds zero fundamental understanding or knowledge of any real psychological healing process.

Many well-meaning faith leaders will tell someone recovering from severe trauma they should forgive the people who’ve brought about traumatic situations in their life, and that God expects this of them.

The person may see this as a very lofty goal, which may be simply unattainable at the time, as they may be re-assessing all their spiritual beliefs.

Their faith can be deeply shaken and challenged by the loss and wounds of serious trauma, and they are rebuilding their spiritual relationship with God during an often long and painful healing process. Others will find their faith carries them through this time. But forgiveness comes in its own time, you cannot push the river. And not all faith leaders are well-meaning.

Many who preach forgiveness are themselves perpetrators.

The truth within this startling revelation cannot be underestimated in its veracity. Their contradiction in action and intention is a crime against humanity that most often goes undetected.

Some points to remember about urging premature forgiveness:

  • The anger naturally arising after being hurt or abused shouldn’t be ignored and treated like some kind of illness or virus, with the integration of heavy emotions preferable to insistence at compulsory forgiveness

  • Urging people to let go of their anger before they’re ready is a fairly ignorant request to suppress feelings, which again can be detrimental

  • When the abuse is still ongoing or recent, it’s inadvisable to push someone to forgive, as the pain is too raw and present to enable any genuine shift at such a time. In fact, the focus needs to be on their safety and sanctuary from the abuser, and not on forgiveness, whilst still at risk from the abuser

  • Challenging the abuser can be more valuable than forgiveness. However, the apology may realistically never arrive, even when confrontation has occurred

  • Again, who is asking whom to forgive? We need to ask, in each case, if it’s even appropriate

  • In fact, the act of counselling forgiveness to an individual or group/s of people who may have sustained severe trauma is highly questionable and quite ignorant

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, it cannot be denied.

But to counsel forgiveness to those who’ve been through (or are still going through) severe trauma, abuse, or badly injured, needs to be seriously thought through as an appropriate recommendation. It denies the individual nature, natural time-frame and healing process of the person being advised.

Denying the reality of the pain and advising the person to forgive prematurely is adding illness to injury — with more layers of shame for those genuinely not yet ready to forgive.

‘Get over it already — stop living in the past’

As an experienced trauma therapist, this is easily seen to be one of the most insidiously damaging New Age clichés.

Leaving an un-examined past behind filled with terrible trauma and ignoring the weeping wounds, is a recipe for psychological disaster. And a great way to never heal. Look, total healing of any wound of the psyché is a big ask and scarring is usually permanent. We bear these injuries often throughout many lifetimes, and pretending they don’t exist is again ignoring the elephant in the middle of the room.

Each person will have a modality of healing that works best for them. Some may find incredible magic lives in simply in talking things through in counselling sessions; others may find writing, art or music as the outlet for the pain.

And yet others may find emotional release as the definitive release from pain held with the cells of the body and soul. Or a combination of any or all these. The aim is to reach a place within where we’re able to function in our daily world to our highest capacity possible, given the often initially almost crippling impact of a trauma.

People can be almost immobilised by the weight of pain, a pressure cooker of emotions with the lid firmly held down on potential explosions that can rock not only their world but that of those around them.

The lid must be safely lifted on that pain in order to let it go, and with loving encouragement, this can be done in incremental phases that enable you to go about your daily life, without being wiped out by any sudden and overwhelming release of incredibly toxic emotions.

However, attempting to move forward without some kind of compassionate exploration and release only fills the world with more of the walking wounded. Being rejected, judged and dismissed or met with explosive rage by the abuser when any wrongdoing is brought up by the victim for discussion, is a common experience. Perpetrators are notorious for advising their victim to ‘get over it’ and ‘stop living in the past’.

No matter who we are , what we’ve been through, and whether a victim or not — when our feelings are so obstinately dismissed and mocked, it’s extremely difficult to move forward from any abuse, assault or disaster.

For the victim of a perpetrator it’s particularly frustrating to continuously suffer through such constant devaluation and invalidation of their lived experiences.

‘You can’t love or be loved until you love yourself’

What is this? How very untrue — please feel free to delve into such destructive maxims and intelligently rip them apart, because they only create further grief for you, holding your life in abeyance.

Waiting for some mythical date when you’re finally ready to be loved, and therefore allowed to fully live because you’ve at last reached that elusive state of perfection encompassed in ‘loving yourself’. Oh, my beautiful friend. To be sure, loving yourself is a great gift, but don’t let those times of self-hatred and self-criticism hold you back in life. These feelings really do exist for us all, unless you grew up in some kind of bubble, and to gloss over them by ‘totally loving yourself’ is a near impossible ask.

Our self-standards are unbelievably high and almost impossible to reach in any given lifetime. We’re often held back by the frailties of our body and the unrelenting and difficult circumstances of our life.

Therefore, we must be able to function, flaws and all. Or not at all.

Self-love can be achieved and reclaimed bit by bit, when you’ve come from an unforgiving and critical background. Which many of us have.

The media perpetuates our self-criticism and we constantly pick away at ourselves, with eternally shifting values of beauty, both internal and external based on the fashion flavor of the day.

What does it even mean — ‘loving yourself’?

Does it mean unconditional acceptance of yourself no matter what? Does it mean a warm and glowing feeling whenever you think of yourself? Does it mean feeling you have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to, because no matter what, you always do the right thing?

To wait to be in relationship until you feel a certain way is to place yourself in prison. I well remember my friend Jenni, who told me she met her husband when her life was at its lowest, things were falling apart and she was feeling absolutely terrible about herself — in a kind of a psychological breakdown.

But he saw through it all to her true essence, and she’s since turned her life around. And their relationship continues to thrive. If she’d waited until she ‘loved herself’ to be in relationship with him, well, it simply wouldn’t have happened.

They’re still working on their own respective healing of a lifetime of respective traumas, and are able to do this whilst in relationship with eachother, messy moments and all. And that’s a beautiful thing. Do you get my point?

‘The Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking’

An interview I recorded with one of the original speakers from the well-known film ‘The Secret’, based on New Age ‘Law of Attraction’ concepts remains in my memory in all its stark glory....

He was keen to very publicly debunk these concepts, and used the opportunity of our interview to full advantage. The point he wanted to make in this public exposé, was that as a famous celebrity coach and published author in the USA, and after almost three decades of living, breathing and teaching the Law Of Attraction, he now urgently needed to rescind, retract and renege on those very teachings through which he’d made his name.

This very large backpedal was based on his personal experience as an alcoholic who’d based his recovery on these ‘Laws’, and getting sweet nowhere.

He finally had to admit 25 years later, after daily practice of the ‘Laws’, that he was still an active and very sick alcoholic with an entrenched abhorrent alcoholic personality.

He brutally confronted himself, as is his wont, and used a deeper and much more effective therapeutic style to overcome those issues relentlessly destroying his life. He proclaimed loud and clear that the use of positive thinking and affirmations were completely useless unless a certain profound depth of healing and enlightenment had already been reached.

Yes, the ‘Law of Attraction’ is possible in theory, but ONLY with a high level of enlightenment achieved in reality.

The layman could in no way expect the ‘Law’ to work for them, as the Universe or God, would continuously revert to listening to (and answering) the deepest message held within the cellular DNA of the soul and psyche — which could often be self-hatred, rather than the superficial and false self-love professed by the New Age adherent.

And thus, affirmations using the Law of Attraction become not only useless but very destructive.

Interview with David Essel from my Inner Peace MasterClass 2017

‘The war outside reflects the war within’

Here’s another insidiously dangerous New Age teaching, and from it grows a toxic fungus of guilt beyond compare, as we individually take on the weight of all the ills, evil and demons of this and all worlds, within and around us.

The wars outside us are not of our making. My friend. You are not responsible for all the woes of the world. Maybe for a fraction, but definitely not all of them.

There are spiritual beliefs that lead to an ‘enlightened’ understanding of ‘all being one’ and so on, but you do not actually have to own the psychopathic murderous impulses of others as something you’ve disowned in yourself.

And that in admitting to, and healing that part of yourself, you heal the world — so the teaching goes. It doesn’t actually work in that way, and this false teaching is a massive problem in the world today.

Art · Spiritual Fire by Alexander Radtke

When you’re happy it seems like it’s a different world. Yet in all such times as these, of humanity’s terrible suffering, it seems deeply disrespectful to try to experience your own joy again, when living with that profound awareness of the pain and suffering of your inner and outer world.

But it’s almost an imperative to find your happiness again to be a true agent of change. And to come to peace. Enlightenment. And joy. It can seem almost impossible. And yet paradoxically you need to accept your very real pain and suffering and that of the world.

So if you look directly and fearlessly into the face of reality, you can then see the true nature of life’s illusions. Because the reality is that life is suffering. And also joy. And the momentary yet timeless peace of stillness if you but allow it. And through these encounters with the real nature of all things, you gain a much deeper understanding of life and your world. But also absolve yourself of responsibility for all the ills and woes of mankind. To hold yourself responsible for your own life and those within your orbit can be a noble goal.

But darling, please don’t feel accountable to God as being The One who caused the entire chaotic cosmic mess. It goes back over aeons and you didn’t do it. You just didn’t.

Paradoxically, with this awareness, and developing an equanimity about the paradox of your life through meditation, you have a chance of finding the truth and that so very elusive quality of real inner and transcendent inner peace. And thus, be of greater service to humanity

Let’s examine some of the causes of mankind’s ills a little more deeply, and hopefully relieve you a little more of your needless guilt about it all.

‘The demons you’re fighting are not outside you but within you’

No. My darling, there are many very real demons outside you and they have nothing to do with what lies within.

Their goal is to confuse, disorient, seduce and then eat your essence. Eat you alive actually. This follows on from the previous myth about your responsibility for outer wars as a reflection of your inner wars.

In fact, I believe these myths to be promulgated by those who are intent on baffling humanity and feeding off our essence. The more you believe there’s any truth to these lies, the more you’ll blame and shame yourself.

The truth, well known to any shaman and real lightworker worth their salt, is that the demons and evil entities come from many realms, astral and otherwise, and you have not done anything to actively attract them except — be.

They may have been attracted because you have a particularly bright light or smell very tasty to them for some reason, but that’s about it.

You’re not fighting your own demons, but just — well — demons.

I’d like to look at why humanity has been purposely lied to about these things. Why would there be a teaching that all demons are our inner demons?

This makes us solely responsible for any evil we are experiencing. It absolves the demonic entity and brings blame back to you. Like the ISIS executioner about to decapitate you — it would then be your fault they’re cutting off your head. Many New Age teachings unravel in such a nonsensical way.

We must hold demons, vampires, black magicians and dark arts witches accountable for what they do. And not ourself.

‘No one can steal your destiny’

If you meet a ‘spiritual teacher’ who tells you it’s impossible for another being or entity to try to steal your light, your life, your consciousness or your destiny, walk away. Fast.

Because it’s a lie, and it’s a dangerous lie, and I’m here to help you learn the truth about the predators out there and how to recognise them. This lie marks those ‘spiritual teachers’ themselves as potential predators intent on hiding the truth from you.

Keeping you, their potential victim, trusting, innocent and open to them. Understanding the nature of those predators will save your life. This is no understatement. They really are after your life, your very breath of life.

And there’s a reason they want your energy. Because your light is bright and beautiful my friend. I don’t say ‘protect your light’ lightly.

Living a truthful life is all about equal energy exchange and there’s precious little of this healthy dynamic at large in the world today.

And there are a number of us here now working to make sure that changes. Ensuring the playing field levels and the predators consciously make a decision to return to Source for food and leave other humans alone. Never ever forget your innate value, who and what you are, and your great worth.Never.

‘You made an Akashic contract for all this to happen, you just don’t remember’

No. You did not sign up to THAT. For that.

In these times it’s become glaringly apparent that many of us are struggling painfully with abhorrent contracts we didn’t ever knowingly sign up to. It seems to many in the know, that this was perpetrated against us through seduction, hypnosis, magic/sorcery, trickery, fraud or other means.

It’s also painfully clear there are a number of ‘chosen ones’ so to speak, who get this special treatment. This seems to be related to blood-type, bloodline, ancestry and innate abilities.

Entities and demonic evil energies are aligned against the good, or innately and naturally powerful, to steal our life energy and lifeblood, and place us in in slavery and shackles in many different ways.

If they can get us to believe their shackles truly exist, all the better for them as they’re then always one step ahead of us.

Akashic Records do very much exist, and are a real phenomenon underlying our existence and all our lifetimes.

Evil entities and beings have taken advantage of the aetheric records and added their own by-lines and new stories. But now a new consciousness is dawning to a deeper understanding, and a turning point reached. We’re understanding the breach of our spiritual records by those with evil intentions.

So in this time of transition as you’re awakening, your life rich with possibility, you see your path could take you far from all you once knew and suffered through. And if you consciously decide to let go of all the old patterns, the old and useless contracts you never knowingly agreed to or signed up for, and any binding or harmful attachments intentionally made by others toward you, you just might experience real freedom — your birthright.

Inform those purveyors of false light that any deceptions or black magical arts are never to be used or perpetrated upon your mind body or soul, or any invasions of your precious privacy. That there are no agreements from you for any harm to ever be used against you in any form.

Leave them behind, release the old bonds, and break the golden chains. Creating new space for higher light frequencies and energies to integrate within as you continue your sacred journey

‘The bad things happening are your karma coming back on you — you deserve it’

This again is the story that perpetrators often heckle their victims with.

And those who also are into blaming and shaming the victim. If this is you, just don’t wear it, my friend. Don’t let those lies near you anymore.

Yes, we know about karma and its profound meaning. But for those who abuse you, they’re creating new karma for themselves and writing it off as something you must deserve — otherwise why else would it be happening to you?

Why would they feel so driven to harm and abuse you? It must be something you did in some past life coming back to bite you. Right? According to the Laws and Lords of Karma? Perhaps. And perhaps not.

This kind of thinking holds so much innate evil it’s crazy. The western world has co-opted eastern philosophies without fully understanding them at all, and so yet again demonic and evil entities find a way to use your fears against you, as a pretext for further harming you.

Those creating new karma for themselves by their torture and torment of other beings need to take a step back and stop blaming and shaming their victims, using ‘karma’ as an excuse for their abuse. Because it will come back and bite, one way or another.

No doubt in some way, our Creator will ensure they, the tormentor, pay for their actions. But to dismissively rationalize murdering, raping and torturing as their victim’s karma from some other lifetime, has to be a kind of evil only the most twisted and devilish mind could dream up.

I’ve even heard psychopathic New Age perpetrators of torment and torture say their victim has some kind of intergenerational curse and this rationalizes the evil they’re experiencing from them, the abuser/s.

This is another example of the insane New Age thinking we are confronted with daily.

Yet another false teaching.

‘You are Divine — you are God’

You are Human, and this is so much more than you even know, beloved.

Yes, we are made of the stuff of God, each and every one of us. As a ray of sunlight shines out from the Source — the Sun itself — so are we.

But God is God and we are of that, but not fully that. In moments of mastery and magic, and in moments of prayer and powerful emotion, our connection to Spirit lights up as a living conduit between heaven and earth to bring in that divine energy.

But to call ourselves God is the ultimate arrogance and a fallacy of the New Age that God abhors.

Of all those who openly espouse the concept that they’re God, all I’ve seen are usually quite nasty little men and women whose true underlying goal is glory, fame, the adulation of the masses, and outrageous wealth.

They're also usually black magicians or witches of the dark arts and saying they're God is part of their magical craft to enhance what they do. Pulling on the powers of the universe, so to speak, for their own selfish and evil ends. God may speak through us, we may feel as one with God through prayer and meditation, but the grandiose belief that we are God is an unforgivable blaspheme.

The masses have been hoodwinked by those magicians who create magic through their use of words and the promise of divinity.

Those sorcerers place themselves on a pedestal that needs to be seen for what it really is — an altar to themself — and torn down.

‘There’s no separation between humans — we’re all connected’

When it comes to the New Age concept of the joyous constant interconnectedness of all humanity, we need to take a step back.

This fluffy concept has been promulgated by those who are actually building technology to tap into human consciousness and reduce our privacy to less than zero through thought invasion. To say this is not happening already would be a fallacy. And not a conspiracy but a fact.

The goal is to grip the human mind in a Borg-like mind vice where we have no choice but to think approved thoughts. Approved by them. Happy joyful thoughts.

The problems are enormous with this. Humanity is in the grip of enormous trauma and faking emotional well-being is causing a crisis of sanity. And suicide is spiking.

We cannot and should not normalize clinical depression and anxiety, but it’s definitely a completely understandable reaction to the insanity of this world.

The thoughts we’re being overtly and covertly coerced to think are propagated by social media ‘spiritual’ celebrities who are actually front-liners of Mk-ultra, the Pale Horse global extermination movement, and other mind control agents and programs.

The agenda is worse than sinister. And their insistence on the development of hive-mind, which humans love with a deep and ancient craving for tribe and community, has been easy to implant and implement. Easier than they’d ever dreamed it to be.

My hope, and the others of us who can see through the illusion, is to implore humanity to awaken to what’s really going on. Your minds are being taken over, illegally invaded, and implanted with false daily thoughts that do not belong to you. And do not help you, but hinder you. Many are now realizing this.

Yes, we come from Source, and when we return there in total en-Light-enment, we will be at One with one another, but for now we're God's (separate) little rays of Light, and the disconnect is obvious and no illusion. There are many we would not want to be 'at one with' at this point. Let's be honest. We need separation 'til we're on the same vibe. And that's simply not happening. Yet.

So there are many levels to this deep and complex spiritual truth that should not be forced down anyone's throat in an attempt to make them tow the party line of the day, whatever that may be. Each of us is a separate manifestation of God's creation. Perhaps that's confusing but it's the truth.

‘Love is the answer’

What is this ‘love’ so freely thrown around as the answer, in these desperately troubled times?

When you see the world through my eyes, you might see things differently. You'll see a world that's not as it seems. A world inhabited by different kinds of beings. Two of the most prominent are vampires and Innocents. Some beings are hybrid. The vampires have many other names: narcissists, psychopaths, predators, sharks and so on.

Those beings who secretly live as vampire see Innocent humans as their food. If you can see this as the actual reality underlying many global events, you’ll begin to see things very differently.

It’s not some glamorous Hollywood vampire movie. We’re talking about darkly evil entities lodging in human bodies, who either like to drink human blood, imbibing and draining our life energy; or enacting rituals that enable them to do so. This creates life as a living hell for many humans who don’t know what the hell is really going on. Who don’t understand the chronic exhaustion they're going through as they’re fed on daily by extremely skilled vampires.

And why I discuss this here is because the vampire uses the word ‘LOVE’ when they’re about to have a feed.

‘Love’ to a vampire is the foreplay AND the act of taking your life energy - and blood if they can - and their technique of injecting venom through their Love Bite, creating a golden blissful glow to the exhausted victim. Who believe they’re simply being ‘loved’. Not fed on.

Humanity’s realisation of this will be one of its greatest awakenings. So, I’m very wary when people speak of love.

Because this planet is in the midst of blood wars, and their greatest weapon is what’s called in government circles ‘the Honey-trap’.

In spy circles this was a sexy woman or man their prey would easily be sexually attracted to, and during acts of sexual intimacy top secret government information would be divulged. This Honey-trap concept is now being used by vampires to bring in multitudes of victims. Vampires come in many shapes and sizes. They’ve usually spent inordinate energy and funds on developing a desirable, charismatic persona and are often very smart. Almost all ‘spiritual teachers/gurus’ these days are vampires. To not realise this is to make yourself into a free meal.

And often people unwittingly literally pay the 'guru' to feed from them.

When they speak imploringly of humanity simply needing love these days, it’s usually a vampire. If you have the vision you can see.

Yes love is a beautiful thing spoken of by many ascended masters and this is not of which I speak.

I’m talking about fake love that masks vampires who want to feed from you through a false act of intimacy in so many ways, love that’s actually hate in a mask, and a desire for either your death or to keep you as an ongoing food source. A bit like a cow being milked daily. Truly. Sorry to be so real.

You may feel I’m deluded or crazy, but when you start to see things through these eyes you’ll realise Neo’s experience in The Matrix was not an entertaining movie. But a documentary.

Please be extremely discerning with ‘love’. There are too many Innocents falling, for us to let this go by. Real Love always brings understanding — only the sensitive heart, filled with love, can hear the truth.

Where there is no love there is only confusion, unawareness and self-destruction.

When we burn with this awareness, and allow our fears to die, there arises a great stillness, a profound silence. And only in that stillness and silence can the true voice of love be heard. And then we will know peace.

‘Compulsory Happiness — no negative vibes allowed here’

And so, where does this leave room for the real human being?

The one who feels many different emotions throughout each day and moment. Are those amongst you who are feeling anything but mindless joy cast out? Those feeling pain, trauma, anger, sadness, grief, depression, and anxiety? When I see those messages: ‘No negative vibes allowed here’, I feel deeply sorry for the friends and family of those promoting that intention to others.

This is yet another dangerous New Age fake message, and again harbors intolerance and hostility for real underlying emotions, creating an environment of needing to wearing masks. To hide the truth of what you’re really feeling.

This then often leads to self-medication using prescription medications, alcohol, recreational drugs, sex, wealth building, addictions of all kinds and so on. All to hide the fact they’re feeling negative vibes, and not allowed near those who want to feel ‘love’ and ‘good vibes only’. The reality of what’s going on here on planet Earth these days is not going to breed feelings of happiness and inner peace.

And yes, it takes work to retrieve any sense of equanimity in the face of such enormous natural and unnatural disasters unfolding all ‘round us.

Enormous guilt is created in those receiving and believing these messages. By those who picture a compulsory paradise of continuous smiling joy and bliss, and can’t force everyone live up to it, due to the very real difficulties and suffering of daily life.

The compulsory nature of these fake messages is causing a gulf of real and unreal in the human psyché, and the walking wounded hide themselves away to avoid judgement by those who expect only joy and happiness on this currently very sick planet. Those who can accept and work with those suffering and in pain are those experiencing and accepting the reality of life on this planet. Even the most enlightened among us experience enormous pain when looking around at the true state of things.

Let’s not create further suffering by implementing compulsory fake happiness.

This is not to say we don’t experience moments of joy, and any meditator knows that to try to hold on the any pleasurable experience is illusion, and to try to wear joy all day is to wear a mask. Hiding the truth.

And this only creates further mental illness and secretive illness and pain on this planet, as people try to live up to the impossible dream.

Further feeding the agenda of those who want to feed on our life energy as we live in a fake world of false emotions. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to feel many feelings. To not be ruled by them but allow them through you. It’s time to get real, my friends.

What are the origins of New Age concepts?

The ‘New Age’ was born in the 1970’s, and derived its ideas mainly from older occult and esoteric traditions, more specifically from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Swedenborg, Mesmer and Theosophical occult concepts form most of the underbelly of this movement. The term itself — New Age — in times gone by, foretold the emergence of a forthcoming age of apparently better times for humanity. Theosophist Alice Bailey wrote of Disciplineship in the New Age (1944) and Education in the New Age (’54).

The spiritual milieu of esoterics became obsessed with the concept in the 30’s and ‘60’s, and originally an ‘apocalyptic emblem’, it became a tag-word for an artificially manufactured ‘dawning era’, born of many occult concepts.

These occult concepts would then become neatly hidden or subliminally coded within newly emerging ‘spiritual’ concepts.

These concepts are pushed to a high degree many times a day on social media, often in cute little nonsensical spiritual posts designed to push your buttons and trigger emotional reactions (emotions are food for the psi-vampire). They’ve become household words made of fake psychological constructs.

I’ve written more on the Theosophical movement and their hidden agenda of ‘doing God’s work by removing the Bad Seeds from Humanity’ in my article The ‘Pale Horse’ Killer Cult

So where to from here?

Some say the New Age died out, and others say not only is it very much alive but going from strength to strength.

Others now see it purely as a marketing device. But those who are watching carefully note it’s no longer a spiritual movement as such, but more religiosity based these days. This religiosity is actually cloaked as a spiritual movement. Tricky huh?

Let’s look at its central principle: ‘to cultivate your own divine potential’ (Hanegraaf). The New Age movement forbids the belief of dualism, that is, of good and evil, stating that all that happens is merely designed to teach and move the individual forward spiritually.

Evil is discounted as non-existent, and rejected as a Christian guilt concept again designed purely to generate fear which leads to the undesirable state of negativity, thus blocking forward movement in spiritual development and harming your spiritual evolution.

That’s how they see it anyway. The mandatory nature of positive thinking and the belief in God-Self underscores this sinister movement that has the agenda to destroy ¼ to ½ of humanity who doesn’t mindlessly follow suit.

Evil does not exist to their way of thinking, and destroying or murdering billions of humans falls in their category of doing the ‘work’ expected by their belief system.

This is a psychopathic movement cloaked in fluffy positivism and the dangers are immense. The hidden agendas are appalling and genocidal, based on mass murder in any ways they can find. Whether biological warfare, technological torture, psychological attack and so on. Any targeted individual who has experienced and spoken up about this knows well their techniques.

These days they use such tactics as cute little old ladies and men, the Divine Feminine movement (infiltrated and taken over by ‘honey-traps’), simulated ‘conversations with God’, and so on ad nauseum, as their shopfronts.

Race, religion and skin colour is not intrinsic to this movement, it filters through them all. Some are in politics and aiming for the top, and others are attempting to spearhead or infiltrate certain populist movements such as ‘Tribalism’, the ‘Divine Feminine’, entrepreneurial ‘Badass Women’, and so on…

And so,

My invitation to you is to see through them, get wise to their ways, and avoid them like the plague. Like all sociopaths, narcissists and vampiric psychopaths they're energised and geared toward become rulers of society, financially, politically, spiritually and medically. All the oppression you're now experiencing stems in the main from their hidden destructive agendas.

The awakening by humanity to the vampiric nature of most of would-be rulers or leaders is going to be an eye-opening moment of astounding proportions.

If you can open your eyes and see them in this way, you’ll begin to see everything differently. The narcotic laced rose-coloured glasses will be permanently broken.

This is not to say that many, if not most of us, are not born with vampiric propensities. But it’s those who choose to compulsively act on these impulses who aim to be leaders the pack. And who consciously and actively choose to steal and feed on the life energy of others.

So please see the New Age teachings as the smokescreen they are. A smokescreen for occult teachings cloaking an incredible sinister and genocidal movement.

Not only are most of the teachings useless, they create further mental health issues in a world filled with intergenerational post-traumatic stress from aeons of spiritual warfare. This is just another contemporary version of spiritual warfare. Do not be deceived.

The sugar-coated hidden agenda is just as dangerous as the intentions of the soldier who openly aims to torture or decapitate. Do you see any real difference?

They count on collective drugged Borg-like indifference to the truth, trusting in the very seductive powers of their technique. A bit like the impact of injection of snake venom — their victims are known by the glazing over of their eyes, and the gradual dying away of their life energy.

Stay woke darling! Don't get eaten alive!


Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Jun 30, 2019

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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