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See Thru Their Illusions

You may experience treachery

or some might seek to destabilise you.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced

or affected by gossip or rumor.

The Power Elite : The Illusionists

'The Power Elite are a small group of people who conjure Black Magic through dark rituals that are used for maintaining contact with the NAA, in order to control the entire planet through the manipulation of the Collective Consciousness through fear based programming that is transmitted via Mind Control. To reinforce the fear programming and keep the population in a vibration of fear and separation, they organized a complex system of global institutions to act as the primary enforcer of the propagation of the disinformation they use to influence people to self-enforce the belief systems that shape the Controlled Narrative of the 3D reality. The Power Elite are known to also be referred to as the Dark Cabal, Controllers or those entities running the Shadow Government.'

- The Ascension Glossary*

💣 Halo_Gen - Sutra Illusions Éphémères

Time Tries Truth

The Cult is merely a legend in its own mind. They hold no real power over us at all, their decisions ephemeral and meaningless to the truth.

Put yourself to the question - are you continuing to give them power, and raise their honeypots high? Let them go, let them fall to the ground.

Awaken my children. Then see what happens ...


Image on post cover: 'Eye of Mother Nature' by Kaz on Deviantart
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