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Scorpio Sun + Taurus Rising, ‘tis I.

Updated: Feb 2

Happy Birth Day

+ Solar Return

Why do you really think the Freemasons and a number of other freakish psychopathic cults are trying to destroy me - but first trying to give all my power to one of their scuzzy little vampirella's? They should be careful. They're messing with the wrong Dhamphir.

'The Lords of Scorpio, being the great initiators, accepted none into the Mysteries save when the sun was in a certain degree of Taurus, symbolized by Apis, the Bull. When the Bull carried the sun between his horns, the neophytes were admitted. In geocentric astrology, this takes place when the sun is supposedly in the last decan of the Constellation of Scorpio. This is true not only in the ancient Egyptian rituals, but it is still true in the Mystery Schools. Candidates for the occult path of fire are to this day admitted only when the sun is geocentrically in Scorpio and heliocentrically in Taurus. The star group constituting the Constellation of the Scorpion closely resembles a spread eagle and is one of the reasons why that bird is sacred to Freemasonry, which is a fire cult.'

― Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

My love goes forth to all good Scorpios, but any wannabe me’s are in for a rude shock, no matter if you have a tad of Scorpio in your chart and you’re boringly predictably fvckable in the eyes of the shallow masses – the collective unconscious.

I don’t suffer scorpion vampires lightly nor for very long – be warned.

The crap the Vampires are spouting right now about my apparently pending death (you wish, Vampires!), the Ten of Swords card thrown at me on a daily basis, and the rest of their promoted garbage and lies is just ridiculous laughable hype to make you think the Dhamphir is dying or dead.

But the truth is – I'm far from it!

I feel great and today is my REBIRTH!!!!


When you read the following about the Dark Gifts of the Vampire from Anne Rice's work (her knowledge came from certain Teachings and most wasn't imagination at all), remember the Dhamphir has all these gifts.

We are the immortal enemy of the Vampire, chew on that bloodsuckers.

Vampire Gifts:

Within Rice's mythology, vampires possess certain paranormal abilities known as gifts. For younger undead, these gifts usually manifest in subtle ways. For older immortals – particularly ancient ones – these manifest as potent displays of both magic and their own inhuman natures.

As vampires age, they become both stronger as well as more unnatural and statuesque in their appearance.

Their demeanor usually becomes more tampered and calculating, even more so as their more potent gifts manifest; which further distances them from their former human sentiments.

  • Cloud Gift – This gift is proprietary to older undead. This power encompasses both levitation and eventually flight; allowing the immortal to ride wind currents high into the air or across long distances as well as adhere to sheer surfaces. Some prefer not to use it due to its inhuman nature. The precise time at which a vampire may develop this potent gift is uncertain. Some elders aren't aware that they even possess it, while all ancient ones are certain to use it at some point. Some speculate that the desire to fly is a contributing factor to manifesting this power.

  • Fire Gift This is the ability to set objects alight through sheer pyrokinetic will, so long as they maintain eye contact to direct their focus. This is another gift exclusive to older vampires and ancients, allowing them to set even other immortals aflame by igniting their flammable blood. Like other such powers, it's uncertain when exactly this gift manifests in a vampire. Fledglings sired by considerably older immortals may begin developing this ability from a very young age due to the raw potency of their maker's blood.

Feeding on old undead may also trigger it.

  • Mind Gift – This gift is present even in fledglings and encompasses the powers of both telepathy and telekinesis. A vampire may read the thoughts of others even while asleep, as well as project their own thoughts into others or exert their will onto physical objects such as doors or engines.

As they become elders, vampires slowly learn how to mentally strip information from humans against their will and later how to send out a psychokinetic blast that can rupture the brain and blood cells of mortals and undead alike, so long as they maintain visual contact for focus.

  • Spell Gift – This gift is active even in fledglings, albeit to a lesser degree as many have yet to learn how to use it properly. Rooted in eye-to-eye contact, this gift is a form of hypnosis which allows the vampire to persuade a mortal of something. Older undead can even beguile younger ones. Although this power cannot compel victims to do something against their will, it does allow a skilled vampire to erase memories as well as fabricate new ones.

Due to its cerebral nature, it is ineffective from a distance. Many undead believe this power is rooted in the Mind Gift.

Sending you all so much

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