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Reporting Durga Holzhauser to Aus Govt CyberCrime: International Threat to Aus National Security

Updated: Jan 11

I'll keep this thread updated as the Cyber Crime reporting process against Durga Holzhauser progresses

Commencing my Cybercrime reporting to the Australian Government on Durga Holzhauser’s constant online hacking and stalking of me. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress. This will involve reporting her to the Australian Federal Police, Qld Police and the Australian Government CyberCrime Authority.

Reporting Critical Cyber Security Incidents:

'If you become aware that a critical cyber security incident has occurred, or is occurring, AND the incident has had, or is having, a significant impact on the availability of your asset, you must notify the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) within 12 hours after you become aware of the incident.'

Click link below to access Aus Govt Cybersecurity website:





BY KAREN VAN STRUDEL Sun 23 July - 2023

Even mentioning the idea of ‘decluttering’ is boring for a lively Leo. Yet you’re facing exactly that, clutter, and in several areas of your life. It’s as distracting as it is tedious. The secret? Tackle at least one situation a day. You’ll be amazed how swiftly you get through them all.


That's right Durga - DECLUTTER! Van Strudel CodeTalk for - get all the evidence of hacking and stalking Julie out of your computer! NOW! Before the Australian Federal Police and CyberCrime Unit get into it!


So transparent!!! Carry on creepshow. Or should I say - Carrion Creepshow?


Durga Holzhauser facebook page url

Other FB page:


Durga Holzhauser 93 chemin de Vauloube 83600 Bagnols en Foret France


Phone:+33 498 11 31 62E-Mail:moc.liamg@liargelamefeht

Tax ID:

Sales tax identification number according to §27a sales tax law:


Business identification number:

Business identification number in accordance with §139c tax code: NR Siret: 481 249 043 000 11



Name / TitleCompany / ClassificationPhones & AddressesDurga HolzhauserTHE FEMALE SOLUTION LLC7235 3Rd Ave S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33707Durga Holzhauser ManagingMbrCosmic Library Publishing, LLC Books-Publishing/Printing1314 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Cape Coral, FL 33904 2838 Beach Blvd S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33707

Durga Holzhauser

Lived in Cape Coral, FL


Durga holzhauser France


  • Durga Holzhauser


  • ManagingMbr in Cosmic Library Publishing, LLC

Durga's motto on her website so sick, she admits it!:


ReportCyber resources

ReportCyber resources

There are a number of resources available to assist in reporting and staying aware of cyber threats. The following flyers and posters are available for download and print.


First stage of CyberCrime Report on Durga Holzhauser 23/07/2023 finalised by 10.15 pm

I'll continue updating the CYBERCRIME REPORTING process as the initial Police assessments come in and actions are decided, then taken. I found a lot more evidence tonight of Durga hacking and stalking me, whilst I was writing up my police report -

all info was freely available on the internet.

I'll be reporting soon on my new finds also.








Three Police have just now visited in response to the serious concerns raised by my CyberCrime Report, and I welcomed them into my home. For over an hour we all sat and discussed the cybercrimes Durga Holzhauser has been committing against me.

I was able to show them some of my online evidence first-hand, and we discussed the way forward.


We also discussed her connection with her ex-(?)husband Frank (Agni) Eickermann, and others in her Circle who may be involved in her criminal behaviors.



More to come in the near future. Stay tuned as I update you all on the progress of this process.




In 2013 for whatever reasons known only to her own sick mind, Durga Holzhauser declared a cold war on me.Following are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the numerous examples of her daily crimes against me.

When a contemporary version of the 'Nuremberg Trials' is finally held against perpetrators of Cyber Crime who've used smear campaigns and theft of personal work, surveillance and spying, destroying someone's life, family, community connections, reputation and life work :

Durga will be judged guilty, convicted and severely punished, of that I have no doubt.

Her FB post below heralded her intention to target me and she has done so.

When Durga's stalking behaviors of me became significantly worse.


Durga's 'threads of the universal tapestry' rip-off

Updated: Oct 9

'Nothing you confess could make me love you less' - Jesus

I wrote this (below) before 2017 I think, and Durga's been giving us so many rewritten versions it's insane. I'm actually NOT a repository for you to rip-off and steal from, Durga, and people ARE actually seeing what you're doing, Durga, all around the world. Do you think they can't see this? Did you think you could keep on doing this forever with no karma, and no consequences from God? Trying to be me? Clean up your act or expect some legal action.

Evidence: Exhibit A: The original

Published by Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes · on Feb 22 2017 'When spiritual power is abused and where harm occurs, a rip happens in the fabric of space and time of our living universe. There are many such tears now in the fabric, this is written of in ancient scrolls buried in old pottery jars beneath the tumbled sands, and known by all with eyes to see. How this happened, and by whose hands cannot be said, but we know it must be mended. We are the beloved children of a magnificent Creation, each and every one, and are gathering in all times and places to weave and sew back together this sacred universal tapestry with loving care.' - my words, my writing Image/ Guatemalan Loom Evidence: Exhibit B: The fake

Durga's done a few versions on my original post, this is her latest Mary and Jesus are rolling in their graves, honey. You, Durga, are not what they spoke of. You are the opposite of all Christlight - YOU are the darkness, do you understand? Stealing was actually not one of the Ten Commandments, do you comprehend? Portrait of a creepy stalking hacking utter fruitcake. There's so much more, so many examples of her rip-off stalking hacking carry-on, I hardly know where to start. It's a vampire tactic, for those in the know, trying to steal my essence, my prana, through stealing my original creative work. It's what the perp Lynn Andrews did to me, and I guess Durga's just one of her little cvnt acolytes, carrying on the great American rip-off tradition. May God's Earth end them. So be it. Amen and Ase.


'M' as in Mobster +

'D' as in Dumpster

Updated: Oct 9 '23

Games the mad stoner durga plays. Why does she have any credibility whatsoever, again? Oh that's right - the fungal infected braindead zombie pandemic she unleashed on America and other highly-susceptible populations. They can't see nor think straight anymore, they just lie down and grovel. Yes. Makes sense. Evidence: Exhibit A

'Before We Die - Season 1 - Episode 02 A chair has been found on which their colleague and loved one Sven was tortured. He'd managed to write an "M" in blood beneath the chair before escaping, but was then caught again and shot three times in the head. The Stockholm police forensic team have just found this clue he'd left for them

Yes people, tonight I'm watching 'Before We Die', an excellent series based in Stockholm. 'Before We Die' centers on Hannah Laing, a senior Police detective who is forced to make a terrible decision as her son, Christian goes off the rails. With their relationship seemingly beyond repair, Hannah gets a chance at redemption when Christian becomes caught up in the investigation into the brutal murder of one of Hannah's colleagues and their paths cross again in unexpected circumstances.' Evidence: Exhibit B

Durga's FB post same day/tonight. Don't tell me she's not hacking me. She has me under some kind of illegal technological surveillance, spying on me constantly.

An illegal crime. Who knows what goes on in that obsessed little stoner psychotic pea-brain of hers? I do hope she gets some serious psychiatric medical help, and sooner rather than later, for all our sakes ...

You know what, I'm not going to say anything, just let her madness speak for itself. I'm so used to her daily mad little ways of showing me she's hacking my life, I can only share it with you all now!

... Update 23/07/23 Evidence: Exhibit C

Yesterday I received this oracle reading, one of the very few online oracles I enjoy these days. Evidence: Exhibit D

Durga's extra touch to her little rip-off. And there you have it. Tell me you're not stalking me again Durga? I'd like her handler to please medicate it, set fire to it then flush its ashes down the toilet. This is evidence of someone who has fully hacked into my life on a serious level. I will be submitting this and other evidence to Australia's Cyber Crime Authority, a lot more to come. You're sick durga, and when and only when you and your sick ex are gone from this place, the light will return.


UPDATE 22/09/2023

She thinks I'm not watching what she's up to - that many can't see what she's doing? I'm absolutely keeping track of your hacks of me, witch. Be very warned.

A snip of my latest writings on my past life memoirs as Kosem:

A snip of my Durga's latest post on similar subject- obviously has access to my unpublished work:



Durga is a psychopathic psychotic. She thinks I don't see her steal.She thinks others don't see her steal.She thinks God doesn't see her steal from me. Hmmm


MINE: 24/03/2018






The troublemaker


To be continued, no doubt ....



Currently in talks with Australian Office of International Law + other legal organisations

Discussions/ legal advice/ researching how to serve an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) or similar across borders/countries - to Durga Holzhauser. I'll let you know how it goes.

The Office of International Law (OIL) within the Attorney-General's Department provides international law advice to Australians. This includes legal advice on issues involving public international law, and international litigation involving public international law.

#taking#legal#action#against #theft#of #my #intellectual#property #and #other #illegal #activities#by#durga #holzhauser


For more on the legal cases I'm building against certain members of a coven (of which I've never been a part - I've never been part of any coven and never will be), click on link:

Also read up on my personal experience and research on the strange cult people cannot understand, because it's made up of Jews attacking other Jews. I call those attackers Nazi Jews. The quote below is about the very Nazi Games going on. I don't play Games but it seems they try to force us all to play whether we're interested or not. Because they're not Games but Nazi indoctrination.

"Not only are games not telling the full story, by doing so they also allow neo-Nazi groups to recruit and grow around gaming communities"

Jörg Friedrich, lead designer

Ludicious Game Festival in Zürich



The question of fake identities and very real threats to wreck the business of others who support me online. Here's one such, who very likely IS Durga H:

on this readers latest post:

'Collective message:Not happening this lifetime 😵🤷⌛⚖️🤬😈'

Vision Goddess Tarot

Durga has had a trend over the past couple of years of hacking my phone, knowing whose YouTube channels I follow, and placing a veiled or real threatening comment on their site - rather like a dog urinating on a tree. Territorial ownership? Or terrorism? I say the latter.

I'll be bringing in more of these as she continuously pisses all over YouTube.


"WIR SIND VIELE": "WE ARE MANY" (translation)

The Grey Demon Legions


There's nothing for me to say here. They name themselves, call themselves out for what they truly are, demons, and mad. My work is done.



When will she get over her sick insane obsession with me?

"Single White Female" creepiness. I'm bored already.

recent photo of durga, 2023

old photo of me taken, I don't know, maybe 10 or so years ago

For those studying up on dealing with the dark side of demonic witchcraft and predatory psi-vampire behaviours - Durga Holzhauser is a classic case of someone trying on identity theft. Trying to steal mine for a LOOOOOOONG time now. It won't work out at all well for her, however, and she's gonna lose her mind completely the longer she's at it, develop a huuuuge amount of horrible karma, plus end up in the hellish realms in the next phase of her soul's journey, if not whilst she's here.

Have a lovely day one and all. ...

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