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'Beauty' + 'Fugliness': the psychological cyber-warfare on women's appearance

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I've vowed to immortalize my enemies,

just not in the ways they'd like!

Beauty. Something I didn't care about for decades, yet there it is.

I didn't worry about it. I knew I had some and let it be. Then I connected with Lynn Andrews so-called 'shamanic' school, and later, more indirectly, Iyanla Vanzant, through my Ifa and forthcoming (never happened in the end) Mamiwata Priestess initiations.

Their irrational and inexplicable hatred vendetta against me has been a daily nightmare for over a decade.

The extent of this implacable vendetta suggests this whole thing goes much deeper, and that I'd uncovered a whole nest of vipers. A vast global network in fact.

Attacking my appearance with lies, deep fakes and media degradation tactics is just that a tactic and not real.

I'm obviously a threat and a big one. Being a Dhamphir, I can see that.

Translate 'Vipers' to 'Vampires' and you've got the true picture.

I've written about the whole saga in the Trilogy of my Memoirs yet to be published.

These two women were and are part of a Satanic Coven and Cult, and I'm one of their favorite targets.

Not for much longer, witches!

Lynn Fugly Andrews

These are the women that passed judgement on my appearance then broadcast slander about me non-stop. Do you think that's what

it's all actually been about? Dig deeper, my friends

It's never been about my appearance, which is actually fairly attractive.

I think they're fugly but that's just me.

Iyanla Fugly Demon Vanzant

Unfortunately they have access to the huge American Smoke Machine

and were able to spread lies and slander about me on

a massive scale globally. Daily. Hourly.

It's been intensive psychological warfare via cyberwarfare.

Toward someone (me) who initially trusted them.

That day is done, witches!

I'm smashing their smoke machine.

Join me

Be on the right side of history

Beauty Defined By Different Cultures

Different Culture's Definition of Beauty

The Tiger Times

In the United States, the national standard of beauty is everywhere, in magazines, on television, at stores. And just as they have a unique cultural perception of beauty, so do other cultures and other peoples. Here are 15 things unique other cultures perceive as attractive.

1. Face Tattoos: Tattooing the chin and lips of Māori women of New Zealand is considered beautiful. This tradition has been around for centuries, and consists of patterns called Ta-Mako in black or dark blue ink on the woman’s face. Ta-Mako tattoos are also a public declaration of one’s membership in the Māori tribe.

2. Henna: While Henna has become popular in the United States, it originated in India, and is a form of temporary body art. Indian women wear Henna on their wedding day, and during certain religious festivals as a form of decoration and beauty. Henna also indicates a higher social standing for Indian women.

3. Foot Binding: Despite being ban in the 1940’s, foot binding was a huge part of Chinese culture. The process of foot binding included breaking all of the toes and bending them backwards against of the sole of the foot, and then binding them in place with a tight fabric wrapping. The result was small and petite feet which is considered highly attractive in China.

4. Lip Plates: Lip plates are common accessories for women of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia. Usually, the woman’s top or bottom two front teeth are removed to accommodate the lip plate, which is out in during the teenage years and gradually gets larger. The larger the lip plate, the more attractive the women is considered.

5. Heart Shaped Faces: In South Korea, the current rage is undergoing plastic surgery to make one’s face appear more heart shaped. This procedure involves breaking the jaw bone into three parts, removing the middle part, and fusing the other two together to create a pointed chin. This face shape is seen as the most beautiful facial structure on South Korean women.

6. Yaeba: In recent years, Japanese women have been hit with a craze for crooked teeth, called Yaeba, which translate to “Double Tooth.” Women will go to orthodontists to have extensive work done to make one’s teeth look more crooked and uneven. This is supposed to make women appear more approachable, and thus more attractive.

7. Scarification: Scarification is popular in parts of Africa, predominantly Ethiopia and South Sudan, and can also be found in Papua New Guinea. In these cultures, scarification is done with a knife to leave permanent designs on the skin, and is done to both boys and girls as a right of passage into adulthood.

8. Skull Binding: Skull binding was popular in ancient culture all over the world, from the Middle East to South America, and began as early as 7,000 BC. Skull binding was a method of shaping one’s skull to grow longer rather than wider, and included wrapping an infant’s head in tight fabric, or using a wooden brace to help shape the infant’s head. Shaped skulls were a symbol of beauty and social standing.

9. Skin Whitening: Since Western women tend to have lighter skin, women of other cultures have recently picked up the look. In an effort to have extremely pale skin, women of Thailand, Japan, and China have taken to avoiding the sun at all costs, and even using skin white in products to achieve the pale skin tones that some Western women possess.

10. Ear Stretching: Ear Stretching is popular for both males and females in South America and Africa. People first piece their ears, and use weights to eventually stretch out their earlobes until they are almost shoulder length. This is done as a sign of beauty and tribal affiliation. I suppose the United States adopted this in a less extreme way in the form of gages.

11. Neck Stretching: Women of the Kayan tribe in Burma, and women in Thailand have participated in neck stretching for centuries. As young as five years old, brass rings are out around the girls neck, and every year, more are added. These rings can weigh up to 22 pounds, and the more rings a woman has, the more elegant and beautiful she is considered.

12. Monobrows: While the United States appears to be obsessed with waxing and shaping eyebrows, the women of Tajikistan embrace their natural eyebrows, and will even draw on them to make it appear that they have a monobrow. I guess monobrows are in style in Tajikistan.

13. Straight Hair: While straight hair is the most common natural hair texture in Japan, those born with different hair textures will stop at nothing to achieve the stick straight hair that Japanese women idolize. Japanese women will even resort to chemical products that break down the fibers of the hair, and then using a flat iron to achieve the straight hair look.

14. Full Figures: In Mauritania, females with full figures are considered incredibly beautiful, and think women are considered physically undesirable. Mauritanian parents will even send their girls to “Fat camps,” where the girls would eat up to 16,000 calories a day to prepare for marriage. On top of that, stretch marks are considered a bonus, and even more beautiful.

15. Teeth Cutting: Teeth cutting is practiced by certain Indonesian tribes to indicate higher social standing and attractiveness. Teeth cutting consists of chiseling one’s teeth into sharp points, and is practiced by both male and female. Teeth cutting also serves the purpose of making one look more fearsome during warfare.

As different cultures all over the world have different standards of beauty, it is important to remember that we are all beautiful just the way we are, and that our beauty does not necessarily come from the outside.

Emma Sanders, The Tiger Times

Now my friends, here we have a couple of excerpts

from one of my books.

Book Two

"The Book of the Dead"

in my upcoming Trilogy

"Love + Power: Interview with a Dhamphir"

(yet to be published)

on the incredible and extensive daily attempts to uglify me by

trolling haters, the underdogs of their demonic overlords

Chapter Ten: 'The Uglifying'... READ ON =>

Here I'll just fast-forward to some later pages from the same chapter about the very real UGLIFYING process carried out in the media and social media, and not based on any truth whatsoever beginning over ten years ago and continuing to this day, by the demonic minions of the beast attacking me:

Hire an Uglifier.

‘A ‘regular’ murder can be arranged for $45,000, while making a victim disappear without a trace costs $60,000. A straightforward crippling is $12,000 but if the aim is to ‘uglify’ a person – or have acid thrown in their face – the price rises to $18,000. A beating costs $3,000. A rape is $8,000.’

Cyber-security expert Paul Dwyer,

‘Inside the dark web: ‘The truth is there is a lot of evil out there

And so, she began lining it up. Uglification is a real thing, outlined in Stasi and Mafia manuals. Éilísh would be neutered, nullified, negated and dead. A living ghost walking the empty streets weeping loudly for all to see, she’d be a public example of what happens to any who might think to rebel. Sihnn was the ultimate predator, even if she did say so herself.

Éilísh was ageing more slowly than most, and for the longest time many thought she was three decades younger than she actually was.

This wasn't as flattering as you might think, because it often led to annoyingly serious underestimation of her abilities and life experience. The delayed ageing process was the legacy of a Dhamphir bloodline, but she wasn’t immortal – at least not in this lifetime. Besides, true immortality is of the over-soul, not the material body. She had a completely different metabolism to most humans.

Clearly, the glowing health of Sihnn's target, and her electric energy and darkly intense attractiveness must be destroyed. Her good looks were a major threat needing to be demolished. For Sihnn, beauty was power and gave her the clout she needed. She capitalized on it in every possible way.

The mere thought of losing her beauty was akin to a major catastrophé, thus, her ageing process almost unbearable. She constantly psi-fed on the youth and beauty of younger women, using sex, emotions and other psi and sanguinary Vampirism. Botox, extensive cosmetic surgery and adrenochrome were all part of her make-up box.

Her victims never knew what hit them. They did notice an unusually sudden fading of both their energy and appearance. The strangely rapid dehydration felt as tho’ the waters of life had somehow been sucked from their very cells. Which they had.

The canny observer would then witness the undeniable upswing and weird rejuvenation of the ancient crone and wonder, ‘What the hell is going on here?’

Sihnn desperately wanted to hold onto this body as long as possible. It was such a gratifying lifetime in so many ways, and she really didn’t want to go. But inevitably, no matter how she tried to hold back the tides, her time would come. But first she must deal with a baby Dhamphir.


There were so many things Sihnn wanted to do to her. She desperately desired to cripple her. To the extent of amputation, poisoning and debilitation.

She had a lovely image in her mind’s eye of Éilísh in a wheelchair with one leg lopped off, leaning sideways drooling, poisoned, dying, already dead in the head. ‘Oh my, just the thought brings the delicious taste of blood into my mouth, so gratifying,’ she cackled hysterically to herself, rubbing her knobbly knuckles in anticipation.

Realistically, a list had to be developed then covertly enacted. The initial stage was the social media smear campaign, their public forum for the gradual destruction of the truth about Éilísh’s physical appearance. Any memory of her sweetness was now called a lie.

They expertly shifted public opinion of her from simply beautiful to utterly repellant thru post after post, month after month, year after year.

Using a woman whose facial features bore a superficial similarity to hers, but a racist whose weight had grossly ballooned. Given that in the west, fatness is a crime punishable by death, Éilísh was now seen as repulsive in both appearance and personality.

None of the portrayals were actually her, but the Vampires shifted public opinion with these fabrications. It was mind-blowing how easily their deep-fake pics worked with a public tragically eager for the lie.

‘Now, what else can we do to diminish and invisibilize her?’ CheChe was eager to name her a ‘nothing’ and a ‘nobody’. ‘Crazy’ was another joyous epithet used by the coven to vilify her.

Animal comparisons were over-used. Like Donald Trump they upheld the insulting practice of calling women ‘dogs’. On top of the repetitious ‘dog/bitch’ analogy, she was called a ‘whore’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’, ‘old’, ‘young’, ‘a drunk’, ‘a drug addict’, ‘a bad mother’, ‘a monster’, ‘a demon’, ‘the beast’ and so on. And now she ‘stunk’. After years of public exposure to this daily abusive cocktail of misogynous lies, Éilísh wasn’t feeling so great about herself.

Raffy’s Cleaner stalked thru Éilísh’s house, a woman on a mission. She had her orders from Momo and the Coven. Feeling flattered, she little realized she was but a minion in their Game of Hate.

Hired through Raffy’s Disability care scheme, she was used to bypassing the carelessly stashed bondage gear inside his filthily feral cupboard. She’d been warned about it by his aunt anyway.

No matter. She knew what she was after.

Only contracted to clean Raffy’s bedroom and bathroom, it was an offense to pull the sweaty underwear out of the washing machine where Éilísh had left them, intending to wash the load after the Cleaner left. Lifting the panties between forefinger and thumb, she gingerly held the crotch to her quivering nostrils and inhaled deep of the funky aroma.

‘Oh yeah! Paydirt!’ she exulted. The undies didn’t pass the sniff test, naturally, as they were clothes Éilísh had just discarded after a two-hour walk in tropical humidity under the blazing sun. Pulling out her phone, she flicked an eager text to Momo: ‘She’s a filthy stinker!’

After Éilísh’s usual shower after long walks, she spread Frangipani scented nut-butter lightly over her entire body then sprayed some gorgeous Indian Night Jasmine perfume at her throat and decolletage.

Applying a dash of Geranium natural deodorant, she finished off by running a little scented smoothing lotion with her fingers thru her hair to tame its wildness, then lit a couple of sticks of Buddha Gold incense to waft delicately thru her apartment.

She adored beautiful aromas on and ‘round her; along with a good cuppa coffee, fragrant perfumes were her drug of choice.

Yet despite this Cleaner being sacked by the Real Estate agency after an abusive exchange due to the badly botched bond-clean on Éilísh’s apartment, apparently the Cleaner’s opinion still held credibility. Word was spread far and wide that Eilish stank.

The insult rankled. She felt great sympatico with the reflexive reaction of the legendary Grace Jones to the infamously rude interviewer who accused her of having some kind of smell after one of her strenuous song-and-dance performances.

Grace slapped his silly face. Éilísh longed to slap a few faces and that’s no lie.

By now, the rest of the world saw her as an evil (and fat and smelly) beast, due to the highly successful smear campaign. Despite being celibate for a decade, and never a whore but a skilled lightworker with angelic energies working closely with her, none of that mattered.

Mud sticks.

Along with other poisons Raffy used to drug her, his psychiatric meds drastically affected her energy to exercise. A swift and nasty side-effect is increased appetite, significantly impacting her appearance. Certain Psych drugs are unfortunately known for this.

Then the spells came in hard. Hexes cast on full moons were designed to siphon her beauty to others, as constant messages that she was ugly came at her from every direction. No matter how she fought the lies, the stress ate away at her fortitude like acid. The relentless persecution and uglifying did its job. For a time.

She felt like utter shite. By now it didn’t matter if she was stunningly gorgeous or plain. The public had been fed so many Deep-Fake images that they now had an extremely warped view of her.

That’s how Zersetzung (degradation) works, Beloved. Just ask any German. They know the Nazi/Stasi public perception wrecking-ball process oh so intimately.




And they're still doing it!

Do they not recall my very recent post BACKFIRE! where I outline how my Angelic protectors and deity guardians are destroying my enemies, and sadly, their adult children also?

They're dead or dying.

This is no idle fantasy of mine it's really happening! When they attack me they're literally playing with dynamite!

'I don’t do magic. At all. Magic happens but not by my hands. God works on my behalf. That’s crystal clear.

The rebound effect is the simple answer here, though. They get what they give.'

excerpt from my post BACKFIRE!

Photos of me over the past decade or so. And yes we women change.

I love to play with my hair – short, long, curly, straight – done it all.

To be honest I don't really give a flying duck about the opinion of demonic fungal-infected brain-dead zombies,

but I DO like setting the record straight!

My profile pic on Facebook when the attacks about how ugly I am began.

Me: no makeup, no botox, no plastic surgery, no nothing.













Well that's all I have to say on this subject today,

because I feel bored now with the whole thing.

But those who want to keep spreading lies and slander about me should think long and hard about whether they like watching their loved ones being picked off like flies –dropping dead, knocked off by my Angelic protectors,

to then themselves also bite the dust in some nasty way?

So it's a good night from me and it's a good night from her

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