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The False Parent Collective Un-Consciousness

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Prologue to the Foreword

Today I offer two articles joined as one, hopefully giving birth to a third creation that soars with golden wings!

From time immemorial, children have been used as pawns in Games of Power. In these times, the war games are fierce as always, nothing’s changed there. But we now contend with sophisticated technology, keeping the perpetrators out of arms reach, yet giving them immediate access to our vulnerable children. The current attacks on families of origin are disturbing and brutally subtle and extremely hard to fight. That much I know.

So first we name it, then go from there.

The overarching message of both articles (the first is mine and the second is selected extracts from the Ascension Glossary), is of the precious nature of our family of origin, and the terrible disruptions occurring right now as our children are used as pawns in the latest Games of Power.

If you've had children stolen by a Cult, even if you have to pace yourself, take a break and recover, never stop trying, never fully let your family go. Let them know you love and care about them no matter what. Never give up.

The strongest message in all this is my call for an end to blood sacrifice.

Throughout this piece of work, please be aware that ‘child’ can refer to both a young person under the legal age of consent and also an adult child of a parent.


Game Theory: Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction

"A PROPAGANDA film made by the Stasi secret police in East Germany has surfaced showing children as young as five being made to simulate war games using miniature tanks and machine guns.

The black-and-white footage, titled The Sun Always Lives,

shows boys firing live ammunition as shells and

smoke bombs explode around them."

TODAY I REALIZED NO MATTER what I say and no matter how I overestimate certain people, they still see what I'm doing as part of The Game, instead of my personal Resistance Movement. And the fact that some warped, obsessed woman from France has been relentlessly hacking, spying and stealing from me, it’s all seen as part of some soccer match - the Aussie Matilda's playing against some foreign team.

"Part of what dominates mainstream video games aesthetics inherits

the authoritarian and fascist idea of the Übermensch"

Sebastian Schulz, art director

Their attitude smells suspiciously dismissive, minimising a major problem. If it were happening to them, I’ve no doubt they’d be jumping up and down, having a nervous breakdown, and calling the police and the military just as I have. Please do not minimise a terribly distressing situation involving illegal criminal activities seriously invading my personal life!

Not to mention a massive smear campaign designed to destroy my reputation, career and entire life.

When Durga's stalking behaviors of me became significantly worse.

She’s a creepy, sick, psychotic hacking troll, despite her expensive marketing and promotion!

To say I’m disappointed in people I thought had a modicum of intelligence is a gross understatement. This is no Game! This is real warfare, and the whole point of all I’m doing day in day out is to fight back. Also trying to awaken those falling asleep again, lulled by the narcoleptic effect of the fascist honeypot’s spellbinding scribbled gibberish.

"Not only are games not telling the full story, by doing so they also allow neo-Nazi groups to recruit and grow around gaming communities"

Jörg Friedrich, lead designer

Ludicious Game Festival in Zürich

What’s the fascination with the hacking troll, friends? What do I have to do to awaken you to the fact that she and I are mature adult women, not schoolgirls playing a soccer game.

I’d have thought it obvious by now to all and sundry she’s part of a larger more ominous political / religious body that’s been waging a cold cold war on me for over a decade now.

Spearheading a drive into Australia. Don’t you see?

"In fact, Nazis rose to power very slowly and using mechanism that weren't just weapons and uniforms; they destroyed democratic mechanisms like checks and balances, the freedom of press, or unions... long before the first bullet was fired."

Jörg Friedrich

Ludicious Game Festival in Zürich

Her Cult recreates all the horrors of Nazi Stasi conditions, and many people are just lying down and letting them have their way! Hullo? This is not soccer! This is no game! They’ve waged war on me, on us all, and wow .. many just can’t see it.

Anyway ….



I'M CONTINUING MY RESEARCH prior to carrying on writing my books. A trilogy of memoirs that tread the multidimensional interdimensional path of supernatural, preternatural and spiritual experiences entwined with serious global issues of a political, medical, psychological, international, economic and environmental nature. I think that about covers it.

For me this process will take as long as it takes.

Meaning that the process is the magic.

Realizing my written work is livestreamed on the Dark Web as I write has taken me to different realms within. The emotional trauma engendered, along with the intense sense of being constantly psychically raped by these people has been beyond belief.

Only an extrasensory truly understands the incessant sensation of assault and battery on my entire being that I describe here.

How am I still alive?

Because I live to see my enemies die. I live to set the record straight. I live to fulfil my designated Akashic missions, and their relentless attacks on every part of my life have all become intrinsic to that end.

To tell my story. A story that's definitely micro to macro - personal to political. Entwined and enmeshed, irrevocably so.

The hacking and criminal invasion of my privacy has been almost impossible to stop, and relying on the false hope that those doing it would some day develop a conscience (and maybe even a heart or brain) and thus stop doing it, proved completely unrealistic.

Some people will not get better.

Some simply will not awaken. Some will get worse and worse, more and more entrenched in their wrongdoing.

Please recognise this and do not go down fruitless roads trying to heal certain beings who have bonded themselves to sadistic Satanism and its Death Cult. Be very discerning in this.

These people are not human. No, no more. Perhaps once, but due to some intense trauma or personal decision, and a love for evil, they’ve dumped their precious soul in some hell-fire lava stream or sold it to some Devil as they embrace Satanic sadism as their lifestyle choice.

Right now the imperative is publicly unravelling the Reversal Networks and Grids. These Reversal processes are definitely playing out multidimensionally, so it means my taking a multifaceted approach to understand then deal with it.

Thank God, I now know I'm not alone in this understanding and work. That they've already written all this up has given me a great headstart on the work I need to do now.

Part of that work involves sharing it with you all, and enhancing a more widespread understanding of just what the hell's been going down over the past decade, at least.

Writing styles

My writing style for my books is vastly different to these posts, of course, with characters, storylines, dialogue and the rest. I’m at a crucial stage of the second half of the third book, which I intend to bring resolution to issues raised in my first two books.

Fears of being hacked by the Cult (which I know and have evidence of them doing) then plagiarised, have plagued me throughout, with creepycrawlies such as Durga Holzhauser, Teal Swan and others always felt as ghoulish spectres lurking in the shadows.

Cult elders, witches on the dark path (whether Vampire, werewolf or hybrid is discussed in my books) such as Lynn Andrews and others with no qualms nor conscience about stealing or lying and the rest of their immoral, unethical and sick behaviours, I'll discuss further in my books and within those articles.

Why do they hate me?

The daily, nay hourly, death threats I experience whilst writing my books has been something else. Just why is another story, I feel. Why they so desperately don't want me writing nor telling my story.

Why they constantly call me a liar without explanation. Why they've smeared and tried to discredit my reputation and veracity, with no actual charges made.

Not to my face, at least.

They have other agendas, and are uncomfortably aware that mine is completely counter to theirs.

They try silencing me by:

1. Calling me 'nothing'.

2. No longer acknowledging my existence

3. Saying I'd committed 'crimes' (fictional)

4. Told such terrible lies about me (I can only imagine, as I've never been told what my so called 'crime's are) that my once healthy network diminished to practically zero, the rest I protected thru no longer interacting with them.

5. Encouraging everyone to 'ghost' me

6. Telling everyone I'm a 'narcissist'; a dummy; homeless; a bad mother; autistic; obese - spreading Deep Fakes online of a so-called 'me' - only three to five sizes larger than I actually am ; an alcoholic; a drug addict, smell /stink, unhygienic; have a limp/ leg injury; the beast; greedy; a liar etcetera ad nauseum.

I believe there's been some absolutely horrendous lie told about me a few years back. This would explain the sudden loss of all my friends and family almost overnight. What that lie is I can only hazard a guess.

I'm none of those things.

On top of this is 'The Game'.

One hateful aspect of this sick Game is overlaying the most hated politicians or public figures onto mine, using photos or my latest online or private words or phrases, posing the overlay in a similar manner to mine.

A most insidious and disgusting process, which I fight thru doing it back to them.

To call me a Republican such as Rudy Giuliani or Trump (people I actually despise) when I'm actually the complete opposite - a rather left wing unionist - has been mind-boggling, and done a fair bit of damage to my reputation in the world.

I think tho', that those perpetrators trying to transmute and reverse evil onto my image, and thus onto ME, are starting to realize that they and others around them are getting pretty severe consequences.

Retribution rains down from the heavens as burning hot coals upon their thick heads, oft causing death.

The day will soon come when I will be ME and only me, no other, and The Game done and dusted.

I put them on notice however, that I'll still cloak myself in other identities I feel aligned with, to teach'em a thing or two.

I'm not about to tell all on how my magic really works!

The Internet 'Parent' Game

Now let's move onto discussing those sick folks who call themselves our 'parents', we who already have REAL parents.

Parents of our blood, our hearts, and our lineage.

I first came across the weirdly repellant phenomena when I joined Lynn Andrews Mystery School and she insisted she was our mother. I found it repugnant and felt nauseated by her obvious agenda. And lawdy lawd, was she obsessed with being called the mother!

Shades of Ann Hamilton Byrne and The Family

I have a mother and I am a mother.

And Andrews was no part of that. Hers was a fierce intrusion, totally uninvited, her 'incestuous' intentions the icing on her clown-cake of 'I can do whatever I want coz I'm a BIG staaaaar!'. That's some Americans for you. Stomp all over you with their big cowboy boots if you let 'em.

The new phenomena of false internet 'parents' is a New Age occult device to divide real families, definitely part of their larger Theosophical plan (I've written more on this elsewhere). Predicted in many ancient prophecies and come to bear in our time.

It's a dangerous phase, and I hope to see us get through it and out the other side. The first crucial step to recovery and healing is always naming the thing. The thing that many are accepting, closing their eyes to the truth It's a powerful attempt to usurp and destroy true families.

Here we see a picture of the usual suspects.

I’m not saying they’re all bad, altho’ some really are ... The thing is, they're all published authors in a very New Agey American publishing co. and ego-inflating celebrity accolades go along with all the promotional propaganda and hype.

These people are not what they seem. The (false) New Age they purport to be selling gives them free rein to act the great guru, and worse, be your fake parent.

They do actually call themselves the 'parent', 'mother' or 'father' of other adults, often of a similar age.

I'm sure most of you are aware of this lording it over you celebrity behavior by now. It's actually a strategy designed for something a whole lot more sinister.

Replacing us. They aim to become us and take over our roles.

And as they destory our real family, and it disintegrates around us, they recreate their own fake one.

This is where the infantilizing behaviors toward other adults really took off.

Even more insidious and dangerous however, is the fact that they approach OUR children, trying to lure them away from us into their cosy new fake family set-up, using Cult tactics you wouldn’t believe.

Please DO believe me! And beware!

Don't accept the unacceptable!

Some people cannot believe that this is it: that time of 'son turning against mother' and 'daughter turning against father' that prophets warned of over and over.

The sales pitch has been intense. Selling the concept that some person you may have paid for a few spiritual sessions (that most often proved to be false light), are somehow now your 'parent'.

Whether or not you feel aligned with that person, the fact you connected with them once, or merely looked at their picture or writing online, is heavily pushed by the elite spiritual mafia through their Mindless Mass Media Machine as now your 'parent' - and thus your superior!

Not only this, these so-called 'parents' often behave in a highly incestuous manner with their so-called spiritual 'children', so that's another major concern!

It's the great American Infantilization

"Infantilization is the prolonged treatment of one who is not a child as though they are a child. Studies have shown that an individual, when infantilized, is overwhelmingly likely to feel disrespected.

Such individuals may report a sense of transgression

akin to dehumanization."

Peculiarly American, although it's spread like noxious gas across the world. Infantilizing adults - grown men and women - making them 'less than' their American guru types. And as long as you keep handing over your power to these vampires they'll keep taking it, lording it over you.

Truly I see them merely as Vampires, with all you blood donors sending streams of blood donations that keep their soulless bodies walking.

Please stop handing your money, sex, life energy, light and personal power to these wannabes!

You are more than equal to them! So much more!

The reason they hate me is that I came here to remind you all not to bow down to any other. Calling them your 'parent' is just that! Do not bend over for them! Hear me now!

Real families are in big trouble right now and the last thing they need is their real children being seduced by online charlatans and mercenaries with a simple agenda of power and empire building, dividing and destroying an already fragile ecosystem.

Families. Mothers. Fathers. Children.

They need real help.

The last thing they need is some freakish American or French black witch or magician of the Vampire breed, such as Teal Swan, Lynn Andrews, Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch and the rest of the Theosophical Society's occult group, demanding they bend over and be their incestuous child.

Families are fragile precious ecosystems, they truly are, and it doesn't take much these days to rip them apart. Tragically for all.

Family who are not blood

Yes we all have those we call family who are not of our blood. That's been going on since time immemorial. And happens not only when we meet soul-friends and community, but often-times when our real family has been perceived to have badly let us down - or vice versa.

If either or both parent or child lives with a substance addiction for self -medicating unbearable emotional pain - oft family related, then the substance addiction needs to be dealt with before relationship healing can be attempted.

Psychosis or fierce mental illness can be a consequence of drug use, or soul-fragmentation from traumatic or shocking experiences. Again all this often goes hand in glove, one often interconnected with the other. And how the healing happens is unique to each situation. Yet ruptures in family connections have often been the breaking point for many.

Rejection by either the parent or 'child' (if now an adult, we refer to them in this context as the 'adult child') due to sexuality, religion, beliefs or other life choices can leave a relationship on a razors edge, a place where the differences may seem irreconcilable.

But I guarantee that on each side of the divide, beneath such harsh divorce from family-of-origin, dwells a broken heart, grieving and wishing for reconciliation, and a mending of that broken family tie, yet often just as firmly believing that healing is simply not possible.

The last thing broken families need is fake American gurus promoted by some corrupt publishers campaign and other ominous forces out there trying to step in and take over the true family role.

It's a Cult, my friends. That's what it really is.

The examples that follow clearly illustrate children being used as pawns in the games of power, and are not specific to any particular country, race or creed. It happens everywhere.

In this instance, certain Nigerian and other African spiritual so-called 'parents' - and some real parents (see article below) - think nothing of selling or giving up their child's life for blood sacrifice.

See link below pic for VANGUARD article:

Click link to read original article:

Certain Mexican 'spiritual parents' - more likely witches of the dark arts - will ritualistically dismember, decapitate or simply kill 'their' child as a sacrificial offering to pacify gods or demons.

A genre-defining murder mystery where ancient worlds and the present day collide to devastating effect. The first of the murders takes place under cover of the fireworks and festivities of Independence Day, and the bodies presented in a chilling echo of Aztec rituals of human sacrifice. Crime reporter Eugenio Casasola joins forces with police inspector
Edith Mondragón in a quest to find the killer.

And certain American 'parents' will destroy - or kill - their child or children so they themself can remain ostensibly all-powerful. These sacrificial rituals happen in every country on the planet, of that you can be sure. Different countries, same outcome. Death for the child.

The old game of the child killing the parent so as to surpass and replace them needs to be ended, as does the game of the parent trying to destroy/kill their child, to keep their own power.

All these ancient power-plays of internal family murder need to go down. These hellish power games of destruction are played out in both blood families and 'spiritual' Cult 'families.'


A familicide is a type of murder or murder-suicide in which an individual, kills multiple close family members in quick succession, most often children, spouses, siblings, or parents.

Lagertha Gets Killed By Hvitserk Whilst He's Hallucinating | Vikings |

Killing One's Relations

Killing oneself: Suicide, Selfcide

Killing one's father: Patricide

Killing one's mother: Matricide

Killing one's parent(s): Parenticide

Killing one's brother: Fratricide

Killing one's sister: Sororicide

Killing one's husband: Mariticide, Viricide

Killing one's wife: Uxoricide

Killing one's son or daughter: Filicide, Prolicide

Killing a close relative: Parricide

These are the sad times we live in, my friends. Family killing family. False family standing by as cheer squad. And it's been going on since the beginning of time - or at least, since humans have walked the earth. Time for a cool change. I've said it once and I'll say it again.

What they say it is: Lagertha's servant sacrificed by 'Angel of Death' |
What a Dhamphir sees: Psi-Vampires feasting || Vikings

See their agenda clearly.

Divide and conquer. An old battle ruse. It's spiritual warfare - the old Blood Wars resuscitated - against bloodline, family, country and all that we love. The fake and false family intends to take the place of the true family of origin.

Can you comprehend all the terrible losses for humanity this would cause if it should eventuate as they plan?

I despair, if humanity cannot see what's really going down. 'Til it's too late and all is lost to the invading paris-ites.

A New Era Ending Fratricide In The Ottoman Empire | Magnificent Century: Kosem

Let's turn against the cheer squads (vampires and their minions) and destroy them instead. Then we can call it a day. And work on healing our beloved families.

Those false 'spiritual teachers' and their 'Parent' Game is a global sickness which badly needs to be killed off.

DEJA VU - That strangely familiar feeling you get when you keep returning to the planet
to fix the same damn problem over and over.

The real family - the family of origin, the blood family - needs real help. Let's begin there.

Have you heard of Love Currency?

Loving our family as a spiritual holy family

Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis MA, writes of love currency as living ‘from powerwithin, from Creator, to have powerwithin others’.

In this collective medicine way, she says we live together as community that experiences loving others and being loved.

Loving our family as a spiritual holy family, our whole community lives the loving way as a way of life.

Our identity is then one of compassionate living that cascades out from microcosm to macrocosm.

With heartfelt thanks to

Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis MA

Artist | Janet McKenzie

In the second half of this lengthy piece on the crucial importance in these deeply fragmented times we're all trying to live through, of differentiating between real and fake family, we go to Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary, and delve into its very precise take on certain key aspects of the issue.

During the writing of this, I came to a rather sudden understanding, a very real aha moment actually, of a particularly virulent and ancient magic the dark practitioners from the Cult have used on me.

So as I knew it would be, pulling this piece of work together has been not only healing but magical for me - in a good way!

And now dear friends, read on:

The False Parent Collective Consciousness

Excerpts from the Ascension Glossary

THE FORCES OF POLARITY THAT EXIST in creation as a gender principle have taken on the bi-wave collective consciousness as the anti-life and fallen aspects of the Universal Mother and Universal Father.

These fallen aspects are the Imposters of the original Universal Founders that operate as a trinity.

There is a Reversal Mother alien aspect that works to grow the collective consciousness forces of Satanism to be expressed on the earth.

Satan and Succubus bride

There is a Reversal Father alien aspect that works to grow the collective consciousness forces of Luciferianism to be expressed on the earth. These larger gestalts of bi-wave consciousness have taken human and nonhuman forms in multiple dimensions of reality, and are dueling for complete control over the consciousness on the planet in order to continue to exist on the earth plane.

These many varieties of bi-wave forces attempt to enslave humans to express their quality of anti-life reversals, made through the Satanic or Luciferian collective consciousness.

Since humanity has the 12 Strand DNA imprint and potential of uniting with the eternal tri-wave consciousness of the combined Universal Mother and Universal Father Christos Trinity, the war is between bi-wave and tri-wave, or anti-life and eternal life.

Essentially, it is the bi-wave collective consciousness warring for survival by parasitizing the consciousness energy of humanity and the planet earth, seeded with original human 12 strand DNA. The Imposter Spirit forms, which many Negative Aliens have adopted in the role of False Alien Gods that intermediate on the earth, are connected to the False Parent Collective Consciousness that is referred to as Satanism and Luciferianism.

To become Satanic or Luciferian means that consciousness body has lost its eternal connection to the Godhead, thus has to find sources of energy to feed upon to continue to exist. Satanism is a collective consciousness force field, and any kind of entity can embody the anti-Christ, and become an embodied Satan.

Reversal Mother = Satanic

The Reversal Mother is the anti-life hatred for the Godhead that exists in the anti-female collective consciousness of the Satanics. The interdimensional aliens in the Orion Group, such as the Black Sun Dragon Moth have primarily used the Reversal Mother principle of Satanism to spread their war and blood sacrifice ideology on the earth.

Mothewitch of Hell - Dark Mother

Those ideologies that endorse religious wars, genocide, eugenics, pedophilia, killing for God as a blood sacrifice, are specifically generated by the satanic collectives.

They have accumulated the collective consciousness grids of the earth to be programmed with alien machinery running AI software for mind control, and that siphons energy off the planet to fuel other timelines and phantom realities.

The planetary grid network is harvested by the NAA to gain energetic power from the dark matter of the earth grid, by hijacking and raping the vital essence of the female and mother principle energies.

Thus, in order to gain full access to siphon the planetary consciousness energies, as well as the human soul energies, they have set up global Misogyny and Sexual Misery programs, like pedophilia.

Sexual energy harvested in anti-sex reversals are especially used to further spread the satanic forces to take power and control on the earth. Anti-life means reversal of life and reversal of sex. Reversal Networks have been placed all over the planetary grid, in order to siphon the life force of the planet and take the creative forces away from the people.

Anti-sex is to define the inability of the sexual partners to create the circuit of Microcosmic Orbit that allows the creative sexual forces to circulate the orgasmic energy into the heart flow, which expands the love that exists between them.

The war over free energy is intrinsic to the war over the consciousness of the earth people. These entropic systems have been put in place by the Controller Pillars of Society, in order to continue to enforce the hijack of the aspects of the female principle consciousness in all of its permutations.

The female principle can be extracted of its animating properties and core essence that animates creation in matter, which is called the Aether or Azoth.

As a result, the Fallen Goddess consciousness Aether is used in anti-sex rituals to animate Sentient Beings in the satanic hierarchy. Further, this is enmeshed with the creation of the Baphomet and Leviathan fields used by the Satanics to infiltrate the 2D grail gates.

Witches of Hell

The access to manipulate and siphon the creational and sexual forces of the earth and humanity, as well as carry out massive Blood Sacrifice genocidal wars, has allowed Satanic forces to carry out their enslavement agenda while remaining hidden from the masses.

Reversal Father = Luciferian

The Reversal Father is the anti-life male collective consciousness of the Luciferians, whose accumulated collective consciousness is harvested by the NAA to gain energetic power from the earth grid and from

humanity, by hijacking and raping the male and Father principle energies.

The interdimensional alien Annunaki Gods, Enki, Enlil, Thoth, and Yahweh and Jehovah from Saturn, have primarily used the Reversal Father principle of Luciferianism to establish the world religions on the earth, using patriarchal domination rhetoric to serve the false light, and the Bi-Wave Consciousness, so they could gain full control over humans and exert themselves as the Gods.

Through the energetic enslavement of the Seraphim consciousness, the Fallen Angelics were bound to play out the program of the Luciferian Rebellion as the Sons of Belial. And so they played their part as dictated by the planetary grid structures.

This was further capitalized on by off planet Luciferian sources such as the Annunaki who understood what was happening, and many of these Negative Alien groups, such as those from Maldek joined forces. Luciferianism is a collective consciousness force field, and any kind of entity can embody the anti-Christ through the False White Light of the False Father, and become an embodied Luciferian.

A Satanic must evolve into Luciferianism in order to have rights to continue to progress, and many refuse to do so, unless they are absolutely left with no alternative. A person can embody Left path Satanism and Right Path Luciferianism, and express both male-female reversals simultaneously.

Entropic Coded Metatronic Spirals

The life force energy was being harnessed using hijacked creational code and inorganic architecture, by controllers through the Vesica Pisces bi-polar geometry or Bi-Wave Consciousness.

The hijacked Vesica Pisces architecture kept the binary code locked down in our planet so that the trinity wave code would not be accessible. It forced reversal and splitter patterns that continually fragmented the human species consciousness in multiple dimensions.

With the NAA invasion history and the war with competing off planet species writing code into the planetary Morphogenetic Field, the attempts to modify human DNA and to genetically manipulate the original divine human blueprint are clear.

Extradimensional entities have used the Fibonacci sequence and created AI energetic wave spirals, in order to hijack, siphon and steal energy from the planetary body and humanity.

These artificially generated Fibonacci Spirals are created through Alien Machinery and AI technology, to be inorganic and parasitic.

Black Tree of Life or Reversal Sephiroth

This is how the Metatronic Reversal fields were created, as well as the Adverse Sephiroth or Black Tree of Life that is represented in Kabbalah teachings, and made popular by Black Magicians such as Aleister Crowley.

Black Tree of Life or Reversal Sephiroth *

The Metatronic code is based on two spheres of Bi-Wave Influence or the Vesica Pisces, instead of the eternal life three spheres, or Trinity Wave Influence. Metatronic code manifests reverse merkaba ratios, which force people's Merkaba’s to spin in ways that prevent Ascension.

Bi-Wave Influences

Vesica Piscis

Over the last 5,000 years our planet has been operating on a closed bi-wave, reversal polarity system. This means the Trinity Wave nor Cosmic Mother Arc were existing or accessible from within this planetary field during that timeline.

A closed system means finite energy supply.

With finite energy supply, consuming others energies and parasitic relationships multiplied into massive proportions. These feedlines moving energies off planet have clustered and created multiple infections in the Universe and all through the Planetary Time Matrix.

These infections are called Miasma and they accumulate and collect into Phantom Matrix or Dead Energy spaces. These dead spaces have to feed on someone or something in order to continue to exist.

Or they are just like piles of dead waste and pollution piled in a corner, just like massive trash dumps and plastic bottles littering the land and oceans of the Earth. It is the phantom or dead spaces that the NAA Controller Forces through Archontic Deception Behavior siphon our planetary energy into.

They do this through the manipulation of the bi-wave polarity fields and rotation of the electron particle by forcing the energy flow in disproportionate channels that feed their intended source.

Ley Lines and Planetary Grid

This has created much damage in our nervous system, planetary brain and earthly kingdoms. This deeply impacts the Ley Lines and the Planetary Grid Networks.

Pyramid Power and Secret Agents

The Controller Forces are being increasingly squeezed out of this domain and are losing their feeding sources as Mother Arc Hub networks are coming online and opening intersections into the Aurora Body.

The Mother Arc Hubs are returning the Tri-Wave or Trinity fields of Christos back to our planet. The Tri-Wave format in our particle structure is required to circulate the eternal supply of God Source through our bodies and into the planet.

As Cosmic Mother Arc returns back to the planetary core her Arc Hub Gateways are systematically being activated into the grid networks and the brain of the planetary body.

Mother Arc

Mary Magdalene

The Holy Mother is progressively returning to reclaim and restore her creation, advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic Female Coding.

Artist | Janet McKenzie

The Krystal Guardians have called this aspect of Mother's Aquamarine Ray current, the 13th Pillar gateway, which is also providing a completely new quality of sonoluminescence and magnetic forces that are powering up in the earth crystal core. It is through the Mother's perfect Proton Seed or Cosmic Egg, along with the braided unification of the blue plasma cores that make up the Aqualine Sun that creation can heal itself to its original divine blueprint, which is catalyzed into elemental matter and further through the awakening of the planetary Albion body.

Artist | Janet McKenzie

The Mother Arc is a part of the animating spiritual forces of the Aurora Ether or Cosmic Holy Spirit connected to the Godhead; the Zero Point and eternal flame that is merged within the Aquamarine Founder Ray and the Arc Zone. A quantity of the Cosmic Holy Spirit was transmitted into our Universal Time Matrix and formed into the 13th Pillar, which began transmitting the Aquamarine layer of Amoraea waves to ignite the inner holy spirit within the higher heart complex located within the 8th layer of the monadic body in human beings.

Artist | Janet McKenzie

The 13th Pillar waves of the Mother Arc are the eternal flames that circulate the pulses of the living God consciousness from in and out of the manifestation grid, so that all twelve of the organic dimensional timeline templates are protected and held within the one, 13th Pillar.

The eternal flame of the Cosmic Holy Spirit merges and ignites the internal flame at the center of the Permanent Seed Atom in the higher heart, and this initiates the monadic embodiment process that opens within the Sacred Crystal Heart, the eternal flame of divine love.

This opens the two-way communication links within the personal inner sanctum that exists between the divine trinity of the Godhead and the individual from his or her point on the manifestation time grid. From within the sacred heart and held point of the eternal flame of divine love, one is connected with the entire Universe, and this is when communication with the Personal Christ or Krystal Guardians is made possible.

Artist | Janet McKenzie

Thus, the Mother Arc is the Staff principle from the Godhead that is encompassed within the advanced architecture of the Arc of the Covenant, a living consciousness portal system that has been gifted to us as a failsafe to protect this planetary creation. Mother Arc is one with the Zero Point and directly merged with Aurora Hosting which gives birth to the Creatrix Field.

Artist | Janet McKenzie

This specialized void space is purposed for the re-encryption and resurrection of the elementals and raw substances throughout creation that had been subjected to alien dark reversal and 8D metatronic infection in this Universe.

Mother Arc and the Aurora forces in Andromeda align together to accomplish the process of rebirthing the elemental and tetramorphic patterns in the natural kingdoms, to be able to heal within the Krystic divine blueprint.

This Aquamarine Ray is the blue diamond chalice frequency of the overflowing golden cup of divine love found within the Sacred Crystal Heart, this represents humanity’s real parent and Cosmic Mother resurrecting herself in the fallen realm to be able to fully protect and reclaim her children from the phantom.

She is the Aqualine heart beating to reclaim the vertical spiritual connections that make up the Great White Lion grid, the Feline genetics of the Mother’s tetramorph pattern that represent the Sophianic wisdom of the Sphinx being returned back into wholeness through the knowledge of the divine trinity.

Through our Beloved Mother Arc, we are able to discern between the Alien Dark Mother and its artificial reversal Mother energies reflected in the Lunar Forces, versus the real Mother principle that is held deep within the sacred crystal heart that flows with the Holy Spirit of the Universe.

Through Aqua Mother, we access the Aqualine Sun from the earth grid surface, which is the liquid luminal plasma light braided into our earth core that has been reconnected into our home Universe in the Andromeda Core. These circuits of reconnection of the Mother of God principle are also made possible by the Override Pillar Gates, which transmit the original parent frequency which directly heals our inner spirit and our lightbody.

Crystal Diamond Hearts

The Arc Hub Gateways are reactivating the Diamond Hearts (crystal cluster networks) in the earth grid that had been artificially programmed, dormant or cut off. These crystal bodies in the earth grid network that used to function correctly to emanate life giving pranic force into the human consciousness fields, nourishing all life forms, are systematically coming back online.

The Diamond Heart crystals in various template formats exist both globally and within human personal light bodies are systematically being reprogrammed to be able to transmit the Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies back into our planet and human bodies to restore the Sophianic Body.

Trinity Wave

God source code is a Trinity Wave accessed through the merging of polarity, such as the merging of masculine and feminine energies, our species has been suppressed through Bi-Wave Influences that split apart the gender polarity making it impossible to connect to God Source through the sacred union of the male and female.

Sacred Union is our divine birthright and this organic architecture is now being returned to our species during the Ascension Cycle as Hieros Gamos.

This gender polarity pattern is changing now on our planet and we are able to access a new Trinity Wave or unity code through these male "Rod and female Staff" embodiment.

Recoding Bi-wave to Trinity Wave

Guardian Assignments include Starseed couplings have been a work in progress in the planetary field architecture since February of 2009 to sequentially dismantle the polarity(bi-wave) of the Vesica Pisces harness and the NRG program headquartered in the United Kingdom.

The use of these structures on the planet is to collect, siphon and transpose life force and sexual energy from human beings and to promote enslavement and Sexual Misery. (To override this extreme polarity distortion these couples build a platform for the Trinity Wave field which allows true tantric (heart) union to occur.)

The revelation hidden inside these “sacred unions” are astounding as they have so many different dimensions of purpose for the Ascension process.

Trinity Principle of Krystal Star

Christos Sophia

The source code or Unity Field intelligence field is a Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) hub accessed through the merging of manifested bodies holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into the Eternal Source light (Godhead).

The three sound-wave-tone parts when merged into internal energetic balance become designed as one component that access directly into the feedback loop exchanging with the Eternal source supply.

This exchange with the Threefold Founder Flame godhead is the principle of Christos, an inner sustained eternal source light which signals the end of vampirism or consumptive modeling on planet.

This is what it means that the Godhead cannot be reached by anything but the Christos Consciousness(KrystalStarTones),KA_RA_YA_SA_TA_AA_LA although this process of unifying consciousness with the Godhead is known by many different names.

Avatar Christos Sophia

Again, many heartfelt thanks to Lisa Renee for her article

The False Parent Collective Consciousness

and the incredible work of the associated websites

It's urgent this information gets out and now.

The absolutely gorgeous artwork of Janet McKenzie must also be mentioned, I came across it for the first time only yesterday

and my heart was delighted and uplifted,

also recognising the great intent within her work.



Black Tree of Life or Reversal Sephiroth *

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