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'Law of One'? World's not ready for it ...

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

From my 'Reversing the Reversals' Series

YOU KNOW THAT FEELING you get when you're writing a deeply spiritual piece of work, and something's just not sitting right? You stop, go away, and leave space for an aha moment. The ruse works and the epiphany arrives.

So it was the 'Law of One' that stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't work out why I was suddenly feeling so blocked 'til I was forced to stop writing and couldn't go on. Time out actually helped.

I'd taken a beautiful but rather raw article from the Ascension Glossary and re-shaped it into a beautifully readable form for you, but then... something within me said NO! Not yet. Not ready to go with it.

Something first needed to be brought to light.

I'd already planned to share with you all (in the next section of this Reversing the Reversals series) that I don't support the Creative Commons thing when it comes to Copyright Law - written it up and all, so it wasn't that. I don't agree with all they say, but then again...I do but I don't.

And when there's an internal split of this magnitude, you have to listen. Some things this world just isn't ready for.

Some truths are powerful and deep, but have been so corrupted by the negative energies ... entities ... that I'm fighting, I have to pull back and say, hey, no, I can't work with this at the grassroots level yet.

But first I needed to explore this with you to ascertain just why exactly I felt this way. And even prior to that, I had to lock down my social media again - in particular, deactivate Facebook, and not allow the Devil's Playground vermin to crawl out of its cyber-pages and back into my life...

So now that's done, and with Facebook in lockdown, I feel better already!

The following excerpt is from the Ascension Glossary, a mixed bag of mostly exceptionally relevant spiritual information. Let's read on together, then critique.

The Law of One

The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One contains the Sacred Sciences which explain the mechanics of Christ Consciousness that comprise the Natural Laws that are governing the Universal Creation.

All-One is the recognition that the Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and that state of Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator or God Source. Eternal Love consciousness embodied within a form is referred to as Unity intelligence, and is simultaneously recognized as the Inner Light of Christos.

Unity consciousness is at One with God and this Unity consciousness is that which ignites the Inner Light of Christos held as an eternal flame within the Sacred Crystal Heart.

The Inner Light of Christos when actualized into a manifest form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human that holds the title of a Cosmic Citizen and therefore is GSF (God-Sovereign-Free).

When we practice expressing Loving Kindness we build Unity Consciousness that is directly reflected as the true nature and holy image of God’s Love, and this Inner Holy Spirit of the sacred heart flame is eternally protected within angelic humans.

Be At One with All, as One is All with God. Every Soul is taking the same spiritual journey, but each soul has evolved at different levels within the manifested Timelines.

The teachings of the Law of One describe the spiritual laws that govern angelic humanity's spiritual evolution for each dimension that exists within the Universal Time Matrix. It is a single philosophical system of World Humanism, which merges cosmology, science, Human Rights and spiritualism.

Law of One, Books of the Law

Simply put, the Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. It is the Truth taught by Christ when he proclaimed, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

We are all direct expressions of the One Source God Source. The Law of One is an energetic reality as well as a creational covenant with the Guardian Host Founder Races.

The Emerald Order, Amethyst Order, Gold Order, Cosmic Family Entity of RA, The Aurora Host Races from the Seven Higher Heavens serve the Krystal Star in order to protect spiritual sovereignty for all races through the reclamation of the Christos Mission.

The Law of One is practiced by the advanced races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things.

The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates within all things. Living a lifestyle that expresses unconditional Love to all creation brings true Unity with the Godhead and develops a direct relationship with God.

Thus, this is the promise of the Emerald Covenant gifted to humanity in order to achieve planetary liberation and is the ascending path of the Cosmic Founders in order to achieve complete spiritual freedom from reincarnation cycles in the lower worlds during the Ascension Cycle.

Christos Mission

Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen.

My Thoughts On The Law of One

This is beautiful stuff. I feel clean and clear after just reading it. The irritating dross of the American trash and their crazy Dog and Pony Shows etcetera all just fade away into the dim dark distance, as I come back to my Self once more.

The old cliché of 'we are all one, yet we are alone' is a good starting place to make my point. So here's the thing, my friends. Quite honestly, I mostly want to be alone these days.

Not because I'm autistic as my slanderous enemies would have you think. No. I'm not autistic! Hahaha. No. Another day, another insult. No, I love good company and I'm a healthy blend of introvert and extrovert.

But years of being gang-stalked and harassed and the rest of it has forced me into a rather secluded state. I initially isolated myself around a decade ago - yes, when I connected with American 'spiritual teachers' - the bane of my life - to protect my loved ones.

And nothing's changed there. The American attack dogs are still yapping, growling , whining and whimpering. Those hounds of hell, the 'One Percent' of the Anubian Cult that are absolute bitches.

And just as my battle with Vampires goes far, far back into the dank mists of time, so too does my battle with their minions, the Anubian's.

A few of the nastier Anubian Dog People have successfully risen to fame and glory with much help from the powerful elite, and thus my work is cut out - to quell then bury those bad doggies.

So this is why I have my doubts about the Law of One. Huge doubts. Not that it's God's law and a beautiful thing, no. Doubt about it being viable on the mundane level.

The Law of One is practiced by advanced races that promote self-responsibility and accountability in our universal time matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and consciousness that animates within all things.

This, however, is where I pause. I have clear recall of discussing my Life's Mission with Akashic elders and the decisions we made together before my arrival here this lifetime. One of my assigned tasks is exposing the rather disastrous fake New Age concepts, and then work beside certain Awakened Ones on the rising of the true New Age.

The unfortunate fact is that the prediction of a New Age rising like a blazing golden Sun on the horizon, filled with light, hope and good intentions, was hijacked by Vampires and their Satanic minions.

If you have problems with my assertion that the world is over-run with Vampires, and that I'm a Dhamphir -- their immortal enemy - then don't bother reading any further. If you can get your head around it being probable, even highly possible, then stay.

And together we can walk forward into a brave and beautiful new world. I will keep talking in terms that reflect my reality and world view. Not sit in some comfort zone slow-lane of mundane disbelievers.

We all know we're little rays of sunshine emanating from God, our Sun of Suns. Yet some of God's little sunbeams really aren't very sunny at all. Some are dark, demonic and dreadful. Ultimately they'll be returned to the primal mud of beginnings to be mulched down and used as fertile soil where better things may grow.

But for now, the planet is plagued with demonic entities, walking around in the open with a view to taking over the planet. Humanity's destiny then becomes being their cattle. Vampire snacks.

So no. While this battle rages with the evil that denies evil exists, fought in the heavens and here on Earth, their fake New Age statement that 'you are another me' simply cannot apply. Demons are not another me. Vampires are not another me. Maybe in some other time and place I've been one or the other.

And yes, the Dhamphir is born to attack and kill the Vampire. Yet I've evolved time and again to be so much more - to breathe the sweet breath of an angel whilst living the life of a human, all the while carrying within my heart the knowledge of other planets, other dimensions and other ways of living completely alien and so much more beautiful (in my way of thinking) than this one.

But those darker energy-stealing, life-destroying beings? They're not the truth of who I am, and they're NOT another me. Yes we're all interconnected on the cosmic tapestry, but that's as far as it goes.

Until they evolve, and not as peak predators but ascended beings, they're not welcome to interact with me. They need to keep their distance.

Their thinking and behavior is on a much lower level than mine and being near them only serves to drag me down, fighting and rolling 'round in the mud with them. Useless.

I cannot help them, I know that now, so I'm leaving them far behind to evolve or mulch down, whatever. Without their endless distraction tactics slowing me down, I can finally do the work I'm here for, with those ready to know the truth.

To be honest, the ridiculous antics of the demons, vampires and Anubians have me falling off my chair with laughter these days. I know when they're nearby 'coz swearing happens! On all sides!

I know we're all very keen to live as One, but practically speaking, please don't be One with demons and vampires! Not a good idea!

So That's My Take On It All

So, that's my take on the Law of One as it stands on planet Earth right now. To be used with great discernment and considered wisdom. Protect thyselves, my friends, my brothers and sisters, my Starseed family, and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts. Love to hear them.

After I place this Law of One critique on my website, I'll have a short walk and a bite to eat, then move on to completing my write-up on the Inverted System currently reversing all that's good.

It's all part of my upcoming Trilogy, and my own spiritual guides are advising me to share this part of my journey with you, as we're all suffering under the devastatingly demoralising effects of the Reversal Grid and the Dark Chaos magic they've purposely entwined within it.

I have to take this process of reversing their reversals step by step, slow and steady, because absolute comprehension of both what we're up against and the correct strategies to put things aright again, are crucial.

Walk with me if you wish, my friends. You're very welcome.


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