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Getting Rid Of A Parasitical Vampire

'Do vampires exist among us? Of course. For centuries, an underground society of vampires has thrived in darkness, hidden from the public gaze and forever shrouded in secrecy―until now.'

- Arlene Russo, Vampire Nation

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Killing off the dark beings craving to feed upon our essence + our luminous radiance

There's a very ancient field of healing that involves clearing the energy body of spiritual parasites. This involves archons, mitotes and other mind parasites.

But today I'm going to focus more on ridding ourselves of Psi-Vampires, who are a hell of a lot more dangerous than their name indicates. A Psi-Vampire attack can leave you with the same symptoms as a Vampire attack - very low blood iron levels leading to acute anemia, and severe debilitating fatigue that can lead to death.

The absolutely disgusting New Predator version actually attempts to use us as a host, and feed off us until they BECOME us. Leaving us an empty shell!

These New Predators are more real than you know. It's no horror story fictional fantasy, my friends.

One of the best ways to fight these SICKENING enemies is to read up on them. Read their Satanic Bibles, their Gnostic manuals or their Vampire Codex. Know thine enemy. Or die. Here's a snippet of my research on their parasitic behaviours, and my feelings about their criminal attempts to merge with us and/or replace us.


Note well : I WILL KILL IT!!

Message to this Vampire (pictured): 'I WILL kill you, sass b!tch, if you don't back off and get off my energy!'
I Am Dhamphir X

The Vampire Codex Law & Code of Conduct

'Feeding from the Awakened is far more rewarding, as they cultivate their energy bodies, and so the quality of energy is purer and more intense.

However, feeding without permission from the Awakened runs you the risk of getting caught. Many also perceive this as a psychic attack, and your actions will rarely be responded to kindly.'

— Michelle Belanger, 'Basic Feeding, The Vampire Codex'

Did you know? There IS a 'Code of Conduct' for integrity within the Vampire community, whether it be psi-vampire or sanguinary (blood drinkers).

Who knew? But the million dollar question is this - do they actually apply the Law or are they just paying lip service to a nice idea, and their Codex is really just an artfully designed FAKE, for pacifying intended victims.


From the ‘Safety’ section of the Codex we find this very telling clause:

'Vampires and donors alike are committed to protecting the safety of their loved ones and themselves. We will make every effort to educate ourselves on safe feeding methods, including but not limited to: basic anatomy and physiology, first aid, sterilization, disease prevention, and safer sex practices. In all matters relating to feeding we will exercise judgement with a clear and alert mind, acknowledging the bond between vampire and donor.

Anyone who performs an activity that is knowingly harmful, negligent, or contrary to the prior expressed desires of a ‘donor’ may endure harsh and openly voiced or published criticism within the vampire community as well as potentially become subject to involvement from law enforcement.'

Excerpt from ‘The Vampiric Ethos’, with contributions from: Sylvere ap Leanan, Michelle Belanger, Merticus, Zero, Maloryn, & RedRaven

My thoughts on this are that the concept of the ‘donor’ needs to be much more closely examined. Those who feed off unwilling ‘donors’ without their permission must be held fully accountable, and the Law against such criminality and abomination be fully upheld!

I myself NEVER give ANY BEING OR ANY ENTITY WHATSOEVER permission to feed from me, either knowingly or unknowingly. To do so will break Divine Cosmic law and you can expect very heavy Sanctions from those responsible for enforcing those.

You know who you are.

Anyone trying to soft-sell me the concept of disgusting entities such as the Sass Slut Parasite to merge or twin with me are making a big mistake. My nature is to kill such entities as her if she continues trying to latch onto me. Better believe it.


If legal sanctions within the Vampire Community are not applied, I myself will take action. If you don't believe I'm capable of this, that's your sad and sorry misconception, because the celestial interventions on my behalf have proven to be lasting and deadly.

Message 2 :'Listen up sass Vampire - your time is up - so get the hell away from me, or meet a horrible fate!' I Am Dhamphir X

'However, when you feed deeply upon someone, especially through physical contact, it is advisable that you make certain your partner understands what is being done to them so that they know the risks and cannot blame you for invading their person.

Lying and dissembling to someone you must be so close to will only make their reaction to you all the more violent when and if they discover your true nature.'

— Michelle Belanger, 'Choosing Donors, The Vampire Codex'

I myself long ago pledged to never feed, knowingly or unknowingly, from another being, unless it's a consensual equal energy exchange. My path is to channel divine light through me to you. I'd never attempt to ever steal it. That's the opposite of all I'm here to do.

I’m here to turn all beings back to Source and away from parasitically stealing the life energy of other beings.

Some on this path are still learning and may fall, but if you've made the vow, then do everything possible to stay on that good road. Because it’s a calling and it’s a mission.


On this planet at this time and possibly for aeons, you can count on it that most ‘Gurus’ and ‘Spiritual Teachers’, as well as usually being sorcerers of the dark arts, are also Vampires. This is no whimsical thinking on my part. I have evidence and know it to be true. Once you see and understand this, your ability to see what’s really going on in the subtle realms of this planet will accelerate exponentially.

As will your ability to repel the parasitical invasion, for not only yourself but others.

Enlightenment doesn't just mean spiritual transcendence — it means being awakened to the reality and ways of the world, both seen and unseen. And often it’s the unseen that’s so diabolical. It’s harder to stop or charge these things with assault on your being, given they're often so damned subtle and invisible.

This needs to change. We need criminal liability applied to life thieves.

To count on the integrity of any ‘good’ vampires out there is so naïve as to be laughable. So I say to the Vampire community: You have Law, so apply that damned Law within your community! Make judgements and execute those judgements!


And that final judgement and execution needs to be visible. Easily seen by the naked eye.

Leaving us cleaned and purified of Vampires such as that damned b!tch of a sass vampire's disgusting attempts to latch onto me.

You should hear me! I take this very seriously!

The consequences will be severe if you do not

Cease and Desist!


PRANA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life force’ made of cosmic God energy permeating the universe on every level. Originating from the emanations of the Sun or Source,
Prana connects each and every universal element, animate or inanimate.
We’ve all learnt by experience there are times where our very vitality or ‘élan vital’
is sucked or drained out of us by various people or situations.
And it’s when we return to the deeply nourishing heart of nature,
our life force is fed and replenished.

The higher vibration human interaction is not on the level of predatory energy theft or Psi-Vampirism at all.

There’s no hidden agenda, conscious or unconscious, to take energy from another. Only to respectfully share energy.

Not to control and dominate, but interact. When we are connected to our own inner Source, and our Light and Divine energy source comes from God, there’s no need to take from another.

Then all interactions become a healthy mutual energy exchange between consenting adults, so to speak.


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