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Durga IS Greta

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The Originals Introduced Nazi Vampires: these vampire Nazis are vampire supremacists

Greta Sienna, leader of the fascist Vampire Nazis

The Nightwalkers were an extremist group of Nazi vampire purists, devoted to the Fascist ideals of August Müller, who believed that vampires should be regarded as the world's superior species, above all others. They were initially led by August's wife, Greta Sienna, before her death.

Greta Sienna, leader of the fascist Vampire Nazis

The Nightwalkers recruited anyone who shared in their beliefs of vampire superiority. They tried to spread their fascist perspective to all of their kind.

Greta Sienna:

Greta Sienna, leader of the fascist Vampire Nazis

Greta Sienna was the leader of the Vampire Nazis in the Originals. If you think the decision made about the very precisely shown appearance of the actress who played Greta was accidental, a mistake or a coincidence, then think again.

Greta Sienna, leader of the fascist Vampire Nazis

Greta looks EXACTLY like durga for a reason, people! It's no mistake!

Her very obvious appearance was decided on by the show's producers, writers, directors, and actors. So please open your eyes, my friends and look at what's hidden in plain view.

A very strong and blatant message was given to you all by these people and you're ignoring it.

Unless, YOU too are Nazis? That might explain somewhat the bs going down, day in day out.

And durga, you should get out of my face asap, or I'll expose everything I know about you and your cult.



The Originals - Greta escapes, first lying to Josh about killing Hayley,
before beating the hell out of him.

Keep interfering in my personal life and work, durga, and you're going to go down very hard. You are nothing but dog crap on my shoe, hear me now.


Durga being a dog before she became the 'grey cat'. Funny that, because I was called a cat, and about the same time, suddenly began being called a dog. By her Cult.

Go figure - the EVIL reversal grid of the Luciferian Satanists in full play here.

I give you all the same facts over and over, and you all ignore them over and over. What's it going to take? Their spellwork must be pretty strong and I must be one of the few not affected at all by their utter crap.

Oh and PS:

Greta's last name SIENNA also carries some pretty hefty CLUES, in case you-all missed the rest of them!


Now we all know Durga's in love with ORANGE and she's a sociopathic arsonist, using Satanic Crowleyan magic to perform her fire spells on the planet to burn it down.

Carry on people, her sleeping spells must be pleasant.

Cause Of Greta's Death: Burned in Sunlight (as a vampire).

I can only pray.



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