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Codes Of Magic

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

When does technical wizardry become black magic?

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” –Albert Einstein

"The recondite and, indeed, Cabalistic nature of these disciplines, operating in their rarified ways, is similar enough that what Frank Borchart says of early modern occult science could also be said of modern cybernetics, if one replaces the words “magic,” “incantation,” and “talisman” in the following quotation with “programming,” “code,” and “program”:

The symbolic language of magic — as rich and evocative as it may have been for a very few highly literate and learned searchers — was completely untranslatable for broader, popular understanding. Worse yet, every attempt at translation or successful plagiarism resulted in precisely the kind of misuse the initiate dreaded.

That is, opening the secrets of these sciences to the uninitiated or to amateurs raised the possibility “that a mistaken incantation or a flawed talisman would not just produce disappointing results but might actually summon the wrong force, a horrible demon instead of a benevolent sprite”

- (Borchardt 75–76).

Multimedia Show / video mapping 360° / dome projection / Daniel Stryjecki

Namasté my friends, I have an invitation for you

To explore together these deeply uncomfortable but very crucial questions about just how technology is really being used.

Is the universe a computer in which we are cells in a kind of mechanical hive, or is it a living organism of which we are shining lights much like brilliant dewdrops in the web of the cosmos?

But you know technology is a dead thing, a bit like a vampire maybe - it's really not alive. Feeding off our creativity and brilliance. Yet the original idea of technology was as our servant, to assist in our creations, although sci-fi visionary writers always clearly saw the future risks.

But has the balance of power shifted? Have the hackers and their dark web machinations made our life a living hell? Is technology now being used by brain-dead gang-stalkers in the same way the Nazi and Stasi did, creating artificial networks of community surveillance? Making the life of good people into a kind of hell, and privacy a thing of the past?

Those playing the online Game are now so destructive and out of control that we call now for some kind of Divine Intervention to stop them in their evil path.

Do we need to make a decision and decide on the android world — the world of artificial intelligence — or the living world?

Can one exist without the other? Will it merge and become something completely new?

Can either or both be used for both good and evil?

These questions of using technology for black magic goes into the realms of ethics.

Multimedia Show / Hi-Tech, Diamond, Digital Themes / Daniel Stryjecki / Multimedia Act

But there IS a moral code

And there is a natural law and a natural justice, and we need to dig deeper to find the truth about the gradual hybridization of humanity into the android and artificially intelligent world.

There’s an absolutely undeniable correlation between the magical symbols of the magician and the virtual magical codes created by contemporary computer wizards.We need to recognise the incredible power held within the world of data coding that mimics and effectively encapsulates the natural magic of the real and original humans.

The occulted knowledge held within symbols and codes has again, undeniably been carried over into the world of the computer wizard.

Both the computer wizard and the magician of the dark arts seek to create a servant, a golem — a manufactured creature to do their bidding.

The questions I’m beginning to ask here are these: Can a robotic or artificial intelligence utter — the Word?

Can the breath of life be inhaled by a machine and exhaled as the language of God? I think not.

Rise of the Machines: Ancient Shrine Debuts Buddhist Robot |

My next question are these -

And I’ll examine this in depth with you over coming days:

Are you aware of the immensity of the usage of computer technology to attempt to program and assimilate you?

And yes, it IS very like the Borg.

The collective vision may not be as enlightened as we think. The true vision is much higher and comes from an utterly different perspective.

I’m excited to explore these questions with you and really look into the world of technology and its metallic grip on humanity’s mind, heart, body and soul.

Because we’re now in a truly magical place of transition, that barely perceptible space, where all transformation takes place — the silent womb of unknowable beginnings.

Where we can make informed decisions about what it is we now hold in our hands— the cosmic power hidden within in our mind. Does this lie with the heart of a human or the coldness of a machine?I know which one I choose.

Sure, technology has its merits and uses, but we should remain its ruler and not the other way around.

What is it that truly lives within our heart in this moment?

It’s that place where if we wait in the uncertainty of our own not-knowing, it can form us and take us to what’s next. To the place we really want to be.

And it just may not be here:

My idea of hell

So just what kind of a conduit is it really?

What are the subliminal messages coming through? Because we do know there are covert messages within the overt.

Subliminal within the liminal.

Just how many technical wizards are actually black magicians? And just what is their agenda?

Have you yourself become a technical wizard and cosmic magician ?

Are you using your abilities for good or for evil?

We’re on the threshold of what was and what’s next. Let’s go deeper…..much, much deeper…..and rout out their evil.


FYI: I am being severely gang-stalked online by dark arts magicians of technology

“The human spirit

must prevail over technology.”

– Albert Einstein


Copyright 2019/2021 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.



Thankyou from my heart to your heart - to those who see, understand and support those of us fighting against online gang-stalkers and technological black magicians.

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