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'M' as in Mobster and 'D' as in Dumpster

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Games the mad stoner durga plays.


Why does she have any credibility whatsoever, again?

Oh that's right - the fungal infected braindead zombie pandemic she unleashed on America and other highly-susceptible populations. They can't see nor think straight anymore, they just lie down and grovel.

Yes. Makes sense.



Exhibit A

'Before We Die - Season 1 - Episode 02
A chair has been found on which their colleague and loved one Sven was tortured. He'd managed to write an "M" in blood beneath the chair before escaping, but was then caught again and shot three times in the head. The Stockholm police forensic team have just found this clue he'd left for them

Yes people, tonight I'm watching 'Before We Die', an excellent series based in Stockholm.

'Before We Die' centers on Hannah Laing, a senior Police detective who is forced to make a terrible decision as her son, Christian goes off the rails. With their relationship seemingly beyond repair, Hannah gets a chance at redemption when Christian becomes caught up in the investigation into the brutal murder of one of Hannah's colleagues and their paths cross again in unexpected circumstances.'



Exhibit B

Durga's FB post tonight.

Who knows what goes on in that obsessed little stoner psychotic pea-brain of hers? I do hope she gets some serious psychiatric medical help, and sooner rather than later, for all our sakes ...

You know what, I'm not going to say anything, just let her madness speak for itself. I'm so used to her daily mad little ways of showing me she's hacking my life, I can only share it with you all now!



Update 23/07/23


Exhibit C

Yesterday I received this oracle reading, one of the very few online oracles I enjoy these days.


Exhibit D

Durga's extra touch to her little rip-off. And there you have it. Tell me you're not stalking me again Durga? I'd like her handler to please medicate it, set fire to it then flush its ashes down the toilet.

This is evidence of someone who has fully hacked into my life on a serious level. I will be submitting this and other evidence to Australia's Cyber Crime Authority, a lot more to come.

You're a sick fuck durga, and when and only when you and your sick fuck ex are gone from this place, the light will return.

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