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How It Feels To Be Plagiarised + Abused By 'Celebrities'!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

What happens when someone still in the midst of getting their creative ideas out there gets their intellectual property and creative work ripped off by certain well-known celebrities desperate to maintain their fame, wealth, glory and power at any cost.

Does the protesting not-yet-famous writer get mocked and discredited, then accused of trying to get mileage from a celebrity? Are they called gold-diggers or worse, for merely wanting their legal rights and right to their own path of creative freedom without some creepy American celebrity walking roughshod all over them?

I'm a BIG believer in copyright and citation. I'm not at all into the Anarchic view of 'everything belongs to everyone', sorry about that. I like knowing who wrote what.


Why I Now Identify + Name Those Who've Abused Me

"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” ― Anne Lamott, 'Bird by Bird'

SO SOME OF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM with me finally naming some of those who've destroyed my life?

So I have an opinion about someone being demonically possessed, because I have the psychic vision to see it, and been a target and intended victim of that same insanely vicious person for many years?

Quite honestly, I'd rather be doing a whole lot of other things than having to pursue and expose these bastards. But they put me in this position, and this is how I'll get them out of my face, in the end.

In America, it seems that it's made insanely easy for viciously nasty and truly psychotic she-devils (and he-devils too, let's not generalize) to get great big platforms to abuse others, notably women in her case. Made particularly easy if Oprah's their good buddy.

America makes people famous that would be better not seen or heard. Ever.


Looking at VanZant for another minute or two before we move forward:

So many black women, and actually, not just black women, have been severely abused by VZ. Her favored strategy is infantilization of adult women, then after belittling them, taking their power. Plus reversing her own stuff onto others. Watch her on the following video - obviously made before she worked out how to reverse her own stuff onto us all - and in this case she accidentally looks in the mirror a little too closely.

I truly hope women all over the world are starting to understand how she operates - taking her own shite and putting it on others! If you start looking more closely and objectively at her modus operandi, you'll see I'm speaking the truth.

Please don't take it! It's utter crap!

Some people just love the camera and spotlight being on 'em and hearing the sound of their own voice, the content of which is disturbing, to say the very least.

She is no healer. The global destruction wrought by that woman is untold, but it WILL be told. Please don't hand your power over to her - she's insatiable for it, and YOU need it !

Iyanla Vanzant ... Confused

Comment by maker of this video, portraying Iyanla publicly abusing a female author.: 'Iyana Vanzant confused as hell tries to throw Shahrazad under the bus. Years later uses Shahrazad's theme to make her point. Confused people. One minute they Yoruba Princess. Next they assimilating.' AngeloShabazzX

Abusing me because she has some irrational hatred of me is not on! I've had enough! There's been so much really creepy stuff go down with those foul New Age American people, and so far I've only revealed the tip of the iceberg.

I will name them. My family name deserves so much better than this.

In my published books, they won't be named. But I WILL immortalize them - just not in the way they might hope.


The Neale Donald Walsch Rip-Off example

For those of you who think your American celebs are beyond reproach because their huge PR machine has made you think that (a form of mind-control causing massive denial of the truth), following is an article about Neale Donald Walsch's blatant rip-off of a woman's article, publishing it, then passing it off as his own. Then when busted, saying he'd forgotten it wasn't his own !!??

I'm sorry. I call out 'LIAR 'on this one, Neale! Bigtime.

Yes you might think that Neale, but actually, my life IS about me. And right now, it's also about YOU. So much New Age garbage and so little time ... sigh ... JVNC

Best-selling 'God' author faces plagiarism claim

'Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of "Conversations with God," said that he unwittingly passed off another writer's Christmas anecdote as his own in a recent blog post.

'As a result, Walsch's blog on the spirituality Web site has been shut down. The Web site said in a statement that Walsch had failed to properly credit and attribute material from another author.

'Walsch had written about what he described as his son's holiday concert two decades ago in which children were to hold up letters spelling “Christmas Love.” One of the children held the "m" upside down, so the audience got the message “Christwas Love,” according to the retelling.

'Author Candy Chand said in an interview Tuesday that she stumbled onto Walsch's post when she ran "Christmas Love" through an Internet search engine. She immediately recognized her own words, from her story based on her son's kindergarten Christmas pageant. She contacted Walsch and Beliefnet.

'The story first appeared in a spiritual magazine in 1999, and was later anthologized. Chand said she copyrighted the story in 2005, in part because it had appeared on the Internet uncredited. The story was published as the illustrated book “Christmas Love” for this past Christmas, she said.

'Walsch wrote on his blog Tuesday he was “truly mystified” about what happened and apologized. He said he had been telling the story for years in public talks and “somewhere along the way, internalized it as my own experience.”

"As a published author myself, I would never use another author's words as my own,” Walsch wrote. “Yet I have apparently done just that — although with no deliberate intent to do so.”

'Chand, of Rancho Murieta, California, said she did not believe Walsch's account.

It's pretty difficult for me to believe that someone has a memory lapse that is word for word my story," she said. “He deleted the first paragraph. That's it.”

'Beliefnet said in a statement Walsch “failed to properly credit and attribute material from another author. As a result, Mr. Walsch has decided to remove himself from Beliefnet's blogging roster, a decision we will support in order to protect the mission and integrity of our site and community. As a faith-based web portal, Beliefnet will continue to hold ourselves and our writers to the highest standards of trust.”


STeal Swan Rip-off Examples

The following is an excerpt from Teal Swan Exposed, a website dedicated to exposing her fraudulent claims and her rampant plagiarism. And guess what, people really don't like being plagiarised! Despite her being a celebrity and legend in her own mind! And also despite her really good shampoo..!

'Do Teal’s followers believe it is okay for their creative projects to be plagiarized? And what do authors think about being lifted from, especially if the plagiarizer receives royalties?

'Michael Brown, an author that Teal plagiarized from, shared this when asked or comment:

“I take people plagiarizing my work with a pinch of salt. However, Teal Swan does take it to a whole new level. Teal Swan is everything I hoped the writing of The Presence Process would protect people from. I guess I failed a bit here!!! As long as people confuse ‘taking their power’ with ‘following another despite their obvious inconsistencies’, the Teal Swans of the world will be here to rake in the cash and leave a wake of confusion and disappointment.'The Presence Process' is delicate, personal, self-facilitation, written in context and with extreme care. People using any part of it to gain followers are naive, reckless, irresponsible and ignorant. Or otherwise they are just power-hungry psychopathic narcissists.”

'He also describes Teal as a “fake guru”. See this post for his comment in its entirety.

'The author of this blog has been told on more than one occasion, “let the lemmings fall off the cliff if they want to follow that fraud”. Teal Swan’s plagiarism is only one of many points of contention. Perhaps if it were the only issue she would be overlooked. But the other concerns are more serious, which include her overly relaxed attitude about suicide, the mishandling of those who have mental health issues, and her lack of education, licensing and accountability for practicing mental health therapy.'

Teal Swan and her copy of the Presence Process

Beneath this video, author Michael Brown has commented :

'Thanks for making this video. If I did, people would assume I had an ax to grind with Teal. I don't, but I do think it is okay for people who follow her know that she appropriates like a chameleon, and what's more scary, she appears to implicitly believe her appropriations are her true colors.

True self-facilitation, in which any notion of an outside teacher to follow is eliminated, is the true terror of the New Age narcissist cult leader.

Whenever they speak of empowering us without setting us free into true self-facilitation, they are faking. One of the gifts I received from The Presence Process is never, EVER!, having to read another 'spiritual book'. Once felt-perception beyond the necessity for understanding is commonplace in our experience, seeking outer guidance is dis-empowering. Blessed are those who seek this level of Sovereignty. The Presence Process has contributed immensely to my extraordinary life.

I am grateful every day for this being the best life ever. I appreciate you defending the honor of The Presence Process on my behalf. Thank you! My publisher has happily christened it, 'an evergreen'. I have embraced this video as a review of the book, of sorts, by way of comparison, and have accordingly placed it in the Reviews section of my website. Happy Days! Michael Brown.'

This is not the only plagiarism Teal has done; there are numerous examples on this site:


How It Feels Writing Books, Knowing I'm Live-streamed + Commented on Prior to Publishing.

This has got to be the worst era for writing a book. Knowing I'm somehow being live-streamed on the dark web and not being able to stop it, for years now, is the most disgusting experience. I experience my stalkers and hackers as sewerage, yes, they are utter shite to me.

I know some of them are 'celebrities' too, abusing their power. These days, 'celebrity' generally means Vampire and bloodsucker to me, on so many different levels. It also means massive ego, thinking they can do anything to anyone.


I received a High Distinction in Ethics when completing my first University degree. I don't say this to brag, but to say that this has always been very important to me. I never had a problem with citations in my uni work. Feedback from the Dean of Canberra Uni and Head Lecturer was that my work was exemplary.

Of course, since then, I've encountered numerous ignorant fools. The 'spiritual' field, it seems, is littered with morons just waiting to rip my life apart for no reason. Slander me, lie about me, and set in motion a great big smear campaign designed to destroy my life and family. For no known reason.

So excuse me for fighting back - and naming names!


To know I have a gazillion hackers and stalkers, all trying to normalize their illegal behavior by criticizing and commenting on my unpublished work prior to its completion, well, it makes me sick!

They have NO IDEA about my planned bibliographies, references and citations in my unpublished trilogy, so any hacker making judgements about my unpublished work should keep their damned mouths shut!

I also plan to run the draft thru a legal team prior to publishing to ensure all is well. I know there's still a lot of work to do there.


THE HACKERS are the ones who are illegally live streaming and watching me write privately!

Do they understand that THEY are the problem?

The fact that I can continue writing under these extremely distressing circumstances, feeling like I'm being held underwater whilst trying to think and create, well completing it is going to be a damn miracle. Performance anxiety to the max. I hate them for doing this to me. I despise them all for doing this to me. Why are they doing this to me?


Is anyone else spied on to the degree that I am ? Commented on and ripped off prior to publishing the way I am? Let me know if you are, perhaps we can start a support group!

Just thinking about them watching each word as I write makes me feel simultaneously homicidal and suicidal! Luckily I won't act on either of those feelings.

So anyone having a kneejerk moment about that can let it go please.


And no, don't worry, I'm NOT calling myself a TwoSpirit.
This was written to me as part of a very long email
from a young Afro American guy
who back then called himself a shaman.

No more so-called 'tests', people. No more.
It was all just pure abuse anyway.
Calling it a test was just a lie.

Anyway, said all I need to say for now. Can now get back to writing my actual books, phew. Take care, fabulousness and all that X

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