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Durga's 'threads of the universal tapestry' rip-off

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

'Nothing you confess

could make me love you less'

- Jesus


I wrote this (below) before 2017 I think, and Durga's been giving us so many rewritten versions its insane. I'm actually NOT a repository for you to rip-off and steal from, Durga, and people ARE actually seeing what you're doing, Durga, all around the world. Do you think they can't see this? Did you think you could keep on doing this forever with no karma, and no consequences from God? Trying to be me?

Clean up your act or expect some legal action.



Exhibit A: The original

Published by Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes · on Feb 22 2017

When spiritual power is abused and where harm occurs, a rip happens in the fabric of space and time of our living universe. There are many such tears now in the fabric, this is written of in ancient scrolls buried in old pottery jars beneath the tumbled sands, and known by all with eyes to see. How this happened, and by whose hands cannot be said, but we know it must be mended. We are the beloved children of a magnificent Creation, each and every one, and are gathering in all times and places to weave and sew back together this sacred universal tapestry with loving care

Image/ Guatemalan Loom



Exhibit B: The fake

Durga's done a few versions on my original post, this is her latest

Mary and Jesus are rolling in their graves, honey. You, Durga, are not what they spoke of. You are the opposite of all Christlight - YOU are the darkness, do you understand? Stealing was actually not one of the Ten Commandments, do you comprehend?

Portrait of a creepy stalking hacking utter fruitcake.

There's so much more, so many examples of her rip-off stalking hacking carry-on, I hardly know where to start.

It's a vampire tactic, for those in the know, trying to steal my essence, my prana, through stealing my original creative work. It's what the perp Lynn Andrews did to me, and I guess Durga's just one of her little cvnt acolytes, carrying on the great American rip-off tradition.

May God's Earth end them. So be it. Amen and Ase.


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