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You. You are the darling child of the universe

⋄ Did You Forget? ⋄

trust what's happening


a river come to life

after rainfall

we rise

o sweet waters

like honey on the rocks

restored refreshed +

righteously renewed

winged being

bird of light

phoenix arisen

from grey ash of despair our heart calls us home re-igniting a dream

precious to our soul

we're well on our way

when our heart lifts

and she sings

so have courage beloved

our enemies lay dying our own rebirth

upon us now


light on beloved


we were born

to shine

like the Sun

Selfie taken on a windy day at Trinity Beach a couple of years ago. The Aussie sun's glare gives us that
characteristic outdoors squint! Taken prior to the COVID Lockdowns.
I'll get back here again, I know it.

Prepare For Great Changes, Beloved

A gift of healing is coming, on its way now. The healing will unfold in such a fluid process we’ll hardly notice it happening,

'til a situation falls easily and beautifully into place.

Excerpt from Book Two of my Trilogy

Upcoming articles - works in progress

  • Are you an extrasensory parent with children trying to escape from a cult?

You can feel they're not sure how to reach out without placing themselves in danger?

Discussion and ideas sharing for extrasensory parents on how to help children

in such a difficult and often frightening situation

  • Tips on dealing with sadistic kitchen witches, black wizards and psi-vampires

trying to steal your ideas, family, creativity, finances

and /or your life

Copyright 2019/2023 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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