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Woman of Power, Chosen by Spirit

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

You are young. So you know everything. You leap into the boat and begin rowing. But, listen to me. Without fanfare, without embarrassment, without doubt, I talk directly to your soul. Listen to me. Mary Oliver

“Loving someone but not trusting them is a spiritual emergency.”― S. Kelley Harrell

Where it began....

Juliana - Awakening (Uhuktuu)

A hymn dedicated to the eternal Tengri, the Great Turkic God of the Sky and the Universe. Juliana from Yakutia (Siberia) is performing with the khomus and is imitating animals and the wind with her voice. Presented by The Spirit of Tengri Festival. Country: Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia.

What we have become accustomed to witnessing is a social illusion that takes precedence due to the fact that the process is so intrusive that it becomes difficult to bear witness to the unobtrusive, which is so subtle in comparison. — Lujan Matus

What happened and did not happen....

Yuliyana Krivoshapkina - My heart

Be within your heart.

See and feel with your heart.

Recognize your heart within another.

Speak words from the heart.

Receive the words of another,

within those precious chambers.

— Lujan Matus

Then this ...

Kyrgyz song: "Tolgonuu" - Gulzada Ryskulova

When a not-doing comes upon you, and there is no reflection of yourself to be found, many things can and will be related back to you as knowledge, yet you have no way of knowing how you assimilated that wisdom. Lujan Matus

What's coming and yet to be...

Saydyko Fedorova - The Udagan's Dream

'Udagan' means female shaman in the Sakha / Yakut language. This song expresses the connection between her, the earth and animals, the spirits and ultimately eternal Tengri, the Turkic god of the sky and universe. The artist accompanies this theme with the sounds of animals by imitating them vocally and with meditative sounds of the khomus. Country: Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia.

In the dark of the moon, in flying snow, in the dead of winter, war spreading, families dying, the world in danger, I walk the rocky hillside, sowing clover. Wendell Berry

The only path that has any meaning is one that resolves your being in the feeling that your heart is empowered by doing what is necessary for your existence. Lujan Matus

I first published these Siberian shamanic music videos on Facebook from early 2014.

I have deep past life connections with this Shamanic medicine, amongst a number of others, including Mayan, ancient Egyptian and literally other worlds as well. And this is maybe why the afro-american Facebook cult did not resonate with me in the end, nor apparently love me. I am not of them nor from them nor carry any drop of bloodline to connect me with them, and they cannot find it in their hearts to love me. I am alien to them. So be it, it is no longer of any loss to me/May it be on their own heads and hearts, their terrible treatment of me. May it be. God will have the final say.

Those who've continuously tried to harm me for absolutely no reason have sealed their own fate.


These particular messages ARE, this time, about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - and no matter what they might think - these messages come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment and your understanding

Love. You.

Клип Альбины Дегтяревой -Айархаан Ayarkhaan

“In most cases, it's not what you do but what you don't do that delivers you to a state of personal power.”― Lujan Matus, Whisperings of the Dragon; Shamanic techniques to awaken your Primal Power


Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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