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Who ARE These People?

Two Little Witches:


Oh yes witches, it's definitely space clearing time, but for ME!

Kösem Sultan (Part 2) Ch. 2 of my "I've Been Everywhere, Man" Series

Some of my past lifetime recollections brought back to life for you

But before I go into my recollections (this is not it) -

first a little look at a couple of enemies.

Enemies then and enemies now.

Or were they?

Kösem Sultan

As I’ve researched my latest past life recollection – a highly significant lifetime for me – as Kösem - I’ve become aware of two little witches trying to get all up in my energy and steal my thunder yet again!

I’m not even looking at them but can feel it going down. All up in my energy and trying to steal it.

It's crazy but yes they’re still up to their old tricks.

I ponder… Should I demolish them with a bolt of lightning or two?

Or should I leave it to God? I mean, God often wreaks death and destruction on my enemies, so that’s always the preferable choice for me in these situations….

You might think that cold of me, but over the centuries - well, over the aeons - you learn that being merciful and leaving your enemies alive was often a very bad idea...

Before my decision is made about what to do about these little energy vampires, let's take a look at them

That they’ve arced up during the writing of my Kosem memoirs speaks to me - of a grudge or two. So I’m racking my memories from hundreds of years ago - where they fit into the picture at that time - and were they even there? The answer is yes.

Neither were Safiye Sultan

Safiye Sultan

I’m well aware of the identity of Safiye Sultan, a very mixed bag that one, and immediately recognised her energy. Neither of the two little witches were her, in no way, shape or form.

I’m perfectly clear on who she was and is. Our history is deep, complex and dangerous, and I go into it much more intensively in the next phase of these memoirs (coming soon!)

Safiye was and is a deadly enemy of great significance throughout many of my lifetimes.

Unfortunately the little witches are just annoying leeches, and a bit hard to get rid of.

So. Let’s begin with Niki Stewart. In this lifetime, she has stolen from me, lied to me, betrayed and also hacked into my computer and spied on me, then passed on information about me to other governments, for who knows what reasons.

She's also tried to turn my sons against me, and the whole world really. And as I revealed in my last post, she said to me that she hated Greeks and is Macedonian, yet let the whole world think she was affiliated with Greece ….

No wonder Greece has hit the skids so badly over the past decade with an enemy like her supposedly advising them or whatever she thinks she does.

When I look at that situation, I see an evil advisor poisoning the lands.

She is the witch buddy of Durga, the other little witch, and they’re also both Vampires. Be clear on that. Nazi Vampires.

So in those times here's how I remember them both, upon deep reflection, and honestly, I knew pretty quickly who and what they were when I reflected for only a few seconds on them, in the 17th century Ottoman Empire.

These two have been hitching a ride on my coat-tails for far too long now.

Following me 'round like parasites. I'm now letting them know it's over, they must release themselves from their obsession with me and look for some kind of redemption, instead of digging deeper holes for themselves in this way.

Go down on your knees before God and ask forgiveness for what you've done to me, witches.Or else your outlook is fairly grim. Need I say more?

To be honest, I remember them as servants. Niki of higher status than Durga.


Niki Stewart was Cennet Kalfa

Cennet Kalfa

Niki Stewart in the Ottoman Empire in a time when I was known as Kösem Sultan.

Niki Stewart Was Cennet Kalfa

Cennet Kalfa was the middle-aged treasurer of the harem, and wedded in an arranged marriage to Ömer Efendi. In a custom and tradition of the harem when young, she believed she was going to bed with the Sultan, and hoped for the chance to become as powerful as the Sultana Safiye.

Cennet had that chance as a favorite of the Sultan at the time, and was ordered to be sent to him for the night. But Safiye Sultan wanted Halime to be sent instead so she ordered one of the women to put a poison in her pillow that burned her face.

Her resentment and understandable anger towards Safiye totally changed things for her, and she then began serving me, Kösem Sultan. And was quite loyal.

But was she?

Now what I recall of her, is that she appeared loyal to me, but it was a false loyalty based on her own agenda of power.

This is understandable given the times were fairly dangerous and difficult and life could end with the slash of a blade or an invisible sip of poison, as quick as you might blink. Looking after your own back often meant people’s ethics were pretty questionable.

Cennet Kalfa was a leader in her own little way, and as always rather a Coven leader, although this is not portrayed in the Turkish series. I feel the witch in her then as now. An overriding obsession with money would lead her to do anything, then as now.

In those times she was understandably broken-hearted about the destruction of her looks via poisoning by Safiye and her nature was vengeful, then as now.

Her life ended when she was torn apart by a mob in the Janissary Revolts.

Niki comes to us in this lifetime as a consummate liar and with an obsession with money and power at any cost, and an overwhelming desire to merge with me and be me, or a part of my life. Something I do not feel or reciprocate in any way.

Hear me now, Niki Stewart/Cennet Kalfa:


Niki, despite everything, I want to thank you for your good service to me back then, whatever your motives, and release you from that service, if that’s what's still somehow holding you to me.

The karma is done, any debts repaid in full.

Go your way, enjoy what little's left of your life, witch. And now, back off.

What were Cennet Kalfa's true motives, really?


Durga Holzhauser Was a Servant of the Harem Women

To be honest I really don’t recall Durga Holzhauser, and I think that’s half her problem. I had to look far and hard to pick up on her vibe at all in those times of the Ottoman Empire.

All I see when I look for her energy back then is a quite lowly servant girl, very small like a dog, underfed and sickly with a bad attitude, serving drinks and sweetmeats.

She completely hated the Islamic religion, and was very much the little Christian, learned in her early days in her homeland.

When I inquire further of my spirit guides I am informed not only was she of low intelligence, she was rejected as a harem dancer which she applied for, as she tended to shake and shiver on the spot - thinking that was dancing - but it became more of a joke, poor thing!

She was used by some of the other servant men who still hadn’t been neutered like the Eunuchs wandering around, and loved sex as a way to gain status, as in most harems.

She may have gained a few sexual tricks, but in the end resorted to witchcraft, as many do who don’t have anything else much to give.

I’m not saying this of all witches, I don’t generalise about anything - but for her, that’s how it was. And is.

And through the ages, she’s attached herself to my energy, always trying to BE ME!

It’s sad and rather sick when you think about it.

The madness of Durga

And over the centuries she’s been seen to gradually and fully lose her mind. Not much is left of her besides a psychopathic urge to destroy me - and be me.

Her destiny now is to be immolated in her own fires of envy then her ashes to be mulched into the soil for better seeds to grow. Sorry kid, you made your own bed.


Both Niki and Durga were known as very fugly witches back then, which is why they try to make everyone believe that I’m ugly in this time. Not working, witches.

The Covenous Cult - you go, witches!

I don't base any of my relationships with people on their appearance, so it matters not to me, but it seems the vicious resentment of the two little witches, due to their ugliness back then (nothing to do with me! Take it up with God!) has made this another of their nasty lies and slanders against me!

I connect with people Soul To Soul and appearances change somewhat from life time to lifetime, so it's all relative really!

If you want to know about true magic…

Kösem Sultan sends her regards …

Oh, and this :

Two Natural Magicians

Yes, it’s taking a few days to complete these memoirs of my past lifetime as Kösem, but the wait will be worth it, I promise! Dealing with the annoying interruptions of the likes of those two little witches

only adds fuel to the fires of remembering.

Hang in my friends

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