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Spell 39 Book of the Dead

Spell that finally destroys Apep

Get back! Crawl away! Get away from me, you snake!

Go, be drowned in the Lake of the Abyss, at the place where your father commanded that the slaying of you should be carried out.

Be far removed from that abode of RA wherein you trembled, for I am RA at whom men tremble; get back, you rebel, at the knives of his light.

Your words have fallen because of RA, your face is turned back by the gods, your heart is cut out by Madfet, you are put into bonds by the Scorpion-goddess, your sentence is carried out by Maat, those who are on the ways fell you.

Fall! Crawl away, Apep, you enemy of RA!

O you who escape massacre in the east of the sky at the sound of the roaring storm, open the doors of the horizon before RA, that he may go forth, wearied with wounds.

I do what you desire, O RA, I do what is good, I act as one who pleases, O RA, I cause your bonds to fall, O RA.

Apep has fallen to your destruction, the southern, northern, western and eastern gods have bound their bonds on him, RA has felled him, he who is over the partisans has bound him, and RA is content, RA proceeds in peace.

Apep the enemy of RA has fallen down, and what you have experienced is greater than the experience which is in the heart of the Scorpion-goddess; great is what she has done against you Apep, with the everlasting pains which are hers.

You shall not become erect, you shall not copulate, O Apep, you enemy of RA.

Opposition is made against you, O you whom RA hates when looks on you.

Get back! You shall be decapitated with a knife, your face shall be cut away all round, your head shall be removed by him who is in his land, your bones shall be broken, your limbs shall be cut off; the earth-god has condemned you, O Apep, you enemy of RA.

O RA, your crew ... may you rest there, for your possessions are there.

Bring to the house, bring your Eye to the house, bring what is good; may no evil opposition come forth from your mouth against me, being what you might do against me, for I am Seth, who can raise a tumult of storm in the horizon of the sky like one whose will is destruction - so says Atum.

Lift up your faces, your soldiers of RA - so says Geb.

Make yourselves firm, O you who are on your seats aboard the Bark of Khepri.

Take your ways and your weapons which are put into your hands for you - so says Hathor.

Take your javelins - so says Nut. Come, drive away that enemy of his, that those who are in his shrine may come and that he may ferry himself in solitude, even he the Lord of All, who shall not be opposed - so say those primeval gods who circumnambulate the Lakes of Turquoise.

Come, O Great One whom we worship; save us, O you whose shrines are great, from whom the Ennead came forth, to whom what is beneficial is done, to whom praise is given; may someone report it to you and me - so says Nut - for yonder Happy One - so say those who are among the gods.

May he go forth, may he find the way, may he plunder the gods, may he rise early in front of Nut, and may Geb stand up - so says the Terrible One.

The Ennead is on the move, the door of Hathor has been infringed, and RA is triumphant over Apep.


Beautiful cover picture by artist Alex Groseth, DeviantArt.

Ancient Egyptian music about Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun.


Those freakish demons such as durga holzschnauzer and others trying to replicate me or take my fire or be me: thou shalt die. A harsh death also. It's written.

Your exit will not be by my hands but thine own.

Look 'round you demon snakes, for already your kin, friends and certain of your children are falling; through the evil of their parents own hands towards me.

Cause and effect. Your reversals are reversed, and so on. You get the gist.

If you think it cannot happen to you, think again snakes. Stop to reflect a moment on the terrible suffering you cause to those around you through your immense folly.

God is working in my favor, no matter what you might think is happening on the mundane. The elite Mainstream Media Fog Machine is working hard pumping out its 'win and lose' and 'success and fail' garbage, and meanwhile: on the astral and in the realms of life and death, mine enemies are falling hard.

You'd do well to think again before continuing your ill-fated attempts.

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