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Time After Time

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

My Past Life Recollections, to be known as the

"I've Been Everywhere, Man" series


Here I give you a series of my past life recollections. I changed my original plan for one entire piece of work (too much to digest all at once), instead I'm breaking the whole thing down into each recollection I've had - one at a time!

As one who's been blessed with access to the Akashic records, I feel it's only fair to show you some of the many memories I have of my own past lives.

My current understanding of my soul journey is multidimensional. I don't see time as linear, we live a multitude of lives simultaneously, emanating as rays from our OverSoul which is large as a Sun. Is a Sun actually.

My many sojourns on Planet Earth have been intensive, but I don't resonate with the politics at all right now. It's no understatement to say that Earth's on a knife edge when it comes to yet another full scale extinction event, or alternatively, gracious survival against all odds.

My own belief system comes from a far distant future, and I know I'm literally ahead of my time whenever here. This is no brag but just acknowledging the discomfort I experience whenever here, feeling alien to the conservative mindset and the callous carelessness with which many humans treat the other.

I come from places that are not predatory planets or universes (apparently such a place and headspace is virtually impossible for many humans to visualize), so whenever I return here I have to pull out my peak predator armor and gird my loins, for if I don't, I die.

There are many dark forces here seeking to silence me, witches and demons of the underworld garbed in human forms, which I can see but others can't.

These are the Black-hearted entities seeking to enforce Luciferian and Satanic religions on Earth. The reversal grid they've encircled the planet with gives, for example, the lie that I'm a 'villain' and they're 'good'. Yet my friends, it's truly the other way around.

I'm hoping that telling my true tales here will help break their evil hexing that's kept the world spellbound in a very bad way for a very long time.

I'm here with a number of others to destroy their reversal grid and turn things back 'round again to the harmony this planet is capable of. Many of my colleagues stay fairly hidden, it's at great risk we show our faces or lift our voices, but do this we must now and then, for we cannot do the work without exposing ourselves to some degree.

The fact that this planet has undergone more extinction events than you can imagine is important to remember.

Recorded history only goes back so far, but this world has been around for millions of years and the lifetimes most of you've had are countless. Yet certain dark forces out there have blocked your memories, so you think it's all fairly recent and that there have only been a couple of extinction events. This is NOT true, there have been many, too many, and you're all headed for another one right now.

Let's change that.

As I tell some of my own stories, all I can hope is that my perspective will filter through, bringing aha moments and epiphanies, triggering recollections of your own.

I know my viewpoint is seen as radical by some, but it's basic math to me.

I uphold ethics and integrity and other values I believe bring great quality to our lives. I do not subscribe to the Luciferian belief that there's no such thing as evil. That lie is the devil's lie. Let's bring the truth back into fashion.

We're all fallible, we've all fallen and risen once more - probably many times - and we've all done actually quite terrible things to eachother in our past lifetimes. But we change, we evolve, we grow.

And right now there are some very dark forces blocking many good souls from their Becoming, your birthright.

We must each of us reclaim our Becoming. More later

Big Love

Copyright © 2023 by Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

Here are just 500 years of a woman's life, yet we've been male too,

and here for so much longer,

and done so much more.


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