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Their Karma Hits The Fan

The holiest book Dhammapada states that

“not in the sky, nor in mid-ocean, or entering a mountain cave is found that place on earth where one may escape from

(the consequences of) an evil deed”.


Sometimes it is seen in a society

that people who indulged in bad karma

are more prosperous

while the good people seem to suffer.

However, this is not valid,

the karmic consequences

bring their result

as sure as the sun rises.



RIGHT NOW AND IN the foreseeable future, the only people winning every battle, game or competition are the ones who are Black Hat Hackers, and have criminals helping them. Cyber hacking warfare wins against those of us who choose not to work on such a lowlife level. So we presume corruption wins.

Until this changes and the playing field is levelled, the entire system will continue to be totally corrupt.

So whatever this ZERO SUM Game of Life is that you set up, telling me I've 'lost' before I even knew what was going on - do NOT try to use or involve me in this crap of yours ever again! I would never have agreed. All that you do goes completely against my personal values, ethics and philosophies.



Keep grinning psychopathically Durga, with the same screensaver fireplace image behind you that you know I've had on my computer for weeks and months now on the colder days. I know you've set up some kind of spying webcams on me, and I know you as the utter creep that you are. You haven't fooled me one little bit.

Mary Magdalene feels like throwing up whenever you come anywhere near her. Severe nausea. Jesus wants you to stay away, due to your Satanic Coven ritual activities. You are not good, he says, not good at all.

Just let up for a minute b!tch. Just let up. Then something good might happen for the planet. Until then, no matter what drivel dribbles out of your lying broken mouth, your secretive destructive actions will backfire all around the world creating havoc, chaos and disaster. But that's what you want isn't it Durga?

To cause suffering pain, death and evil? Right? The joy of Durga... Mhm.


So, listen here Durga and your creepy crew:

  • I am not hacking anyone and never have nor will

  • I am not spying on anyone

  • I am not stalking anyone

  • Nor gangstalking anyone

  • I have not asked anyone to do so on my behalf

  • I have placed no-one under surveillance, ever

  • I have placed no webcams nor microphones in anyone's home, car, phones etc

  • I have not nor ever will live-stream anyone's personal private life on the dark web

  • I have not tried to steal anyone’s children, nor tried to turn them against their parents

  • I have not lied about nor slandered anyone’s parenting

  • I have not engineered a smear campaign against someone that lasted over a decade

  • I have not tried to turn their entire family, community and all their loved ones against anyone

  • I have not hacked anyone’s facebook

  • I have not infiltrated anyone’s social media, and private and professional contracts, or contacted them all

  • I have not paid anyone to destroy anyone else

  • I have not rewarded anyone for destroying anyone else

  • I have not destroyed anyone’s social media

  • I have not hacked then deleted thousands of contacts from anyone's social media business page

  • I have not key-logged anyone

  • I have not destroyed anyone's business website

  • I have not shadow-banned nor blocked anyone from their clients and contacts

  • I have not destroyed anyone's YouTube Interview series

  • I am not watching anyone through dark web live-streaming, never have never will

  • I am not watching someone write a novel through live-streams on the dark web

  • I am not planning to steal anyone else's written work, nor publish it and call it mine

  • I am not a Creative Commons person when it comes to Copyright. I fully believe in and support Copyright Laws.

  • I do not do spellwork

  • I do not hex

  • I do not lie about others

  • I do not slander others

  • I do not destroy people’s lives behind their backs



And don't talk to me about 'dignity'. It's only those perpetrating criminals who are abusing others, who then sit back with their caviar and champagne after making innocent people suffer, who appear to have 'dignity'. What it actually is, is bullshit.



My enemies do all those criminal activities I've listed above, and more. They have not CEASED nor DESISTED to this day or hour - they continue.

Any actions I take in retaliation, I call Trolling the Trolls. That's you Durga and the rest of you. A bunch of zombified demonic trolls.

I charge all those I mentioned in my article Black Hat Hackers Party and their cohorts, teams of criminals and the rest of their creepy crew, with perpetrating all the above and more to me.

You can choose to stop, and let me be, or you can keep accruing really shit karma. For yourselves, your families, your communities, and your entire bloodline and lineage for generations to come.

That's just how its going to work, kitties.

Which I'm watching play out against them as we speak. You might not be noticing the karma hitting the fan, but I sure am...

If you have some argument with me, some issue or charges to make against me, then do so, because this has all happened in a fog of silence - relentlessly attacking me, but not ever saying why.


You cannot BE ME!

I presume it's due to your jealousy, I presume you're trying on the New Predator behavior of trying to take over my life and Be Me.

I presume a lot of things, and I believe they're all true of you. However, no-one has said what my apparent crimes are. Yet I get all manner of incomprehensible and inexplicable abuse all day every day.

Lies? About what?

Everyone has the right to know what any charges are, and everyone has a right of reply. You fungal-infected people imply I'm lying about something, but no-one has ever said what the lies are..?

What? What?!

It's been over ten years of your stares and whispers, innuendo, rumors and braindead gossip, and your sociopathic malignant mind-games now Durga. The truth of the matter is this, isn't it - I've done nothing to warrant any of the abuse - and you're terrified to let anyone know this.

So now we agree on this - that I've done nothing - you should just fuck the fuck off!

And get help Durga. Seriously. Get help!



YES! This IS a warning! I will call in the Wrath of Heaven if you DO NOT STOP! And by now you all know how that works.

Over and out.




The Soul Trembles,

Pemerkan Karya

Chiharu Shiota

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