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The Tao Of The Inner Smile

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The alchemical art of transmuting Life’s outer vinegar to inner wine

in the Tao adept’s inner cauldron

Long seeking it through others

I was far from reaching it

Now I go by myself

I meet it everywhere

It is just I myself

And I am not itself

Understanding this way

I can be as I am

Tung-Shan (806–869)

When we’re happy

it’s a different world.

Yet in all such times as these, of humanity’s terrible suffering,

it can seem deeply disrespectful to try to experience joy again. Living, as you do,

with a profound awareness of the suffering of the inner + outer world.

But it’s almost an imperative to find your happiness again, or at least, inner peace,

to be a true agent of change.

Knowing anyway that all states of mind are fleeting + transitory.

And to come to peace.

Enlightenment. And joy. It can seem almost impossible.

So if you look directly + fearlessly into the face of reality you'll see the true nature of life’s illusions.

And through this encounter, gain a deeper understanding of the true nature of life + the world.

Paradoxically, with this awareness + developing equanimity through meditation,

you have the chance of finding inner peace + perhaps momentarily,

that so elusive quality of real inner transcendent happiness.

And thus be of greater service to humanity.

Inner Smile (Taoist) Meditation ⋄ Gayatre Sehgal

In life there are always cycles.

And there will always be change. What rises then falls, what was full becomes empty.

Old worlds wane as new worlds are born. Things once obscure become crystal clear.

Empires built on deception + the destruction of innocent lives ultimately collapse,

built as they are on the false + shaky foundations of harm + exploitation.

Such building blocks cannot withstand the test of time, ethics nor universal law.

Those empires will crumble + love of truth will rise again.

This truth lives in the heart of sacred universal law.

But living through such times as these are deeply painful + often extremely heartbreaking.

Releasing Old Grief

And so you learn to allow the multitude of emotions to pass through you like the waterfall of truth — here is the place where you meet your Self.

When you release old grief from your life, sometimes through many floods of tears,

the heaviness leaves + your heart becomes lighter + free to soar.

The weight of old sadness, maybe anger, pain or grief

is all released to really feel joy again.

And this weeping releases natural opiates within your amazing body

bringing a much deeper rest to your soul than if you hadn't allowed yourself to really feel.

Did you know this? It’s a true + real phenomena you can count on.

As you heal + insight deepens, you can strip away from your life

all that’s not needed in this time of renewal.

Truly it’s not a contradiction to feel both grief + joy in the same moment —

you can see this as the sunlight shining through the rain…

We create a world and then move into it. This world of troubling thoughts veils the clear light of the mind ॐ

The Smiling Inner Heart

of your Energy Body

Thanks to ancient Tao masters passing down their tradition for thousands of years, we now know the secret of the Inner Smile is hidden within our inner heart. The inner heart is not the physical heart, and it is not the emotional or feeling heart. There is a “third heart”, just as there is a “third eye”. This inner heart is a portal to direct experience of what is called “soul”,

a concept in the West that has successfully eluded all definition. The ancient enlightened masters gave us a very specific map of the Inner Smile’s pathway

within our body. It arises like a wave from the inner ocean of our unknown and unborn self.

Before it gently splashes onto the beach of the outer world, it passes through many subtle layers of body-mind consciousness that they mapped out in great detail. This mapped out network of energy meridians and spheres of psycho-spiritual essences

hidden within our physical body is known to Tao adepts as the Energy Body.

The Inner Smile is a way of awakening and harmonizing our Energy Body.

As the smiling wave arises within it can be guided to effortlessly “float loose”

our deep emotional and mental patterns,

which are basically frozen energy.” Michael Winn


I Love Your Light!

Bloom from Within ⋄ Wild Women Sisterhood



Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Apr 15 2020, and excepts on FB a few years prior....

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love You

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