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The Seeds Of Our Enlightenment

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Another world is possible…

We’ve been written on with fingers of light in the language of love — NOW is our time

First we empty the space within to plant the new seeds of light. The tender touch of the gentle dawn opens the heart of our world.

In the garden of our heart we are growing in the light…

Getting Yourself Grounded

We are already strong, no need to think otherwise. Grounded in the knowledge. Flexible in the storm. Responsive to change within our world. With the freedom of a peaceful, calm heart.

In the days ahead we need to learn to rely, even more so, on our own inner discernment and judgement.

Sometimes learning to act or live on our own can be part of this cycle, finding our truth within, and strong determination to overcome obstacles that may be on our path.

Using the knowledge and wisdom of others and our own, will help foresee and thus avoid any possible difficulties we might imagine on our path ahead…

Grounding and balancing our energy is crucial, as many of us are very sensitive to the energies of others. We can unknowingly take on unwanted energies of others.

Our being is interwoven with all the many brilliant strands weaving through our universe, all part of the divine tapestry.

But perhaps there are some threads we need to gently unravel from our story for now to give them time to regain their light.

Grounding and balancing to release ourselves from these energies is much simpler than we think, although harmonious interconnection with others is naturally and beautifully complex.

Meditation outside, or walking and drawing up the warm and healing energies from the earth through our very being will deeply connect, nourish and calm us, heart and soul.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations; your conscious expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a great, new and wonderful world.” — Patanjali

Nick Joyce on Youth & Social Change — in the Original Garden at Findhorn Ecovillage discussing his views on youth, intentional community, and social change.

And as you turn into the Light

You find your inner temple of endless skies


“Earthing is a way of connecting to the earth’s energy to ground yourself. Of course, it’s ideal to go barefoot in nature, but it’s also fine in a grassy backyard.

Or you lay your entire body against the earth for a fuller effect. I love resting on my back by the ocean, gazing at the sky. The earth’s energy is medicine for stressed out humans and especially empaths and people with empathic abilities.

Touching the earth lets you take its healing in through your feet and entire body. Your feet are especially good at grounding stress because of the high density of reflexology and acupuncture points in the soles, which get activated by walking barefoot, and also by massage.

Your feet are perfectly positioned to transmit the earth’s healing to the rest of you.”

— Judith Orloff

Walking through mystical energy fields, vast and unlimited, clothed in light. Everywhere in the world at once. Listening in silence. As we slow right down our vision becomes clear…

Celtic Folk Music · The Shimmering Green Forest · Beautiful, Enchanted, Relaxing

Each moment holds the seeds of our enlightenment,

And this moment holds the vision of our time


Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

This article was published in MEDIUM on Apr 17 2020

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