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The Secrets In The Wind

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

“I am sorry… but I do believe that Loki is loose. The signs show it. Now anything can happen. We enter the Twilight of the Gods. Ragnarok comes. Our world ends.”

— Robert A Heinlein

Written With Fingers Of Light

When powerful winds blow in made of lightning and made of thunder we really do need to listen. And hear the secret messages held within.

Ignore them at your own peril.

These winds speak with the very breath of Creation — of God. Asserting the omni-power in the language of the Creator. And within the very sacredness of all such words are many hard truths written by the fingers of light that we all truly need to hear.

Right here and right now…

Compelling us again to also give voice ourselves to those things we deeply need to say. People of the Light — we have no choice — to keep speaking our truth or risk losing our voice.


Being The Eye Of The Storm

And when these intense winds of Spirit blow in we need to try to stay calm.

Holding that peace beyond any understanding within the very core of our being. Sitting calm and still within the very eye of the storm. Our being grounded.

Staying balanced. And keeping centred.

The Great Awakening

These powerful winds of change are arriving loud and clear at these very troubled and long prophesied crossroads of our times.

There’s a message in the thunder and a voice is singing in the wind. This force of nature, powerful and dynamic, speaks of a profound imbalance throughout the planet.

And these winds do not come to restore the balance, my dear friends, but are the great


Crying of Earth — OLOX — feat. Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh, Jivan Gasparyan & Jivan Gasparyan JR


Yes, beloved ones, the storms, the hurricanes and the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions and tidal surges of the waters will all continue increasing.

The messages you’re now receiving are that humanity has now crossed the line in many ways, you DID run out of time — the messages and prophecies were not fully heeded — we did NOT feel the love....


The Meaning Of ‘Victory’

And we must think long and deep about the meaning of ‘victory’ in our hearts — does it mean overcoming and chaining another being or perhaps even ending their life — or is it victory of light over darkness?

What does it really mean for you?

Would changing its meaning, or compulsive and compulsory nature — ‘victory’ — completely change the destiny of this planet? Are there enough awakened and aware souls on this planet capable of comprehending this?

To change the current incredibly destructive momentum seeming set in concrete, and almost irreversible right now, in this very moment and as we speak?

Or are the killing games going to continue?


And What Does ‘Light’ Mean To You ?

And then we must dig even deeper yet again, to ask just what ‘light’ means to us?

Does it mean one thing to one person and something completely else to another? And how do we reconcile with those who worship the dark and the need for identifying with the shadow, who accuse those who wish to overcome and rise above it as spiritually bypassing their own inner issues?

With the dark side promoted as the height of spiritual coolness, we’re all in a bind, wrestling with the angel of hope, with many trying to bring it down.

Who will be the one to call out ‘Time!!’ and finally end the vicious games?



The Natural & Unnatural Disasters Continue

Our beautiful planet will continue her powerful reactions to the natural and unnatural destruction, and the continuous power games of spiritual, sexual, and racial warfare playing out in each moment.

As we breathe each and every breath of our rare and precious air.

Many will leave, and this leaving will not be based on their spiritual qualities, either good or not so. Their leaving my not be easy, so brace your warm hearts and be ready for a very rough ride.

It may be you and it may be I.

We need to prepare ourselves for anything. Because anything is going to happen.


The Quickening

There’s a great quickening for humanity occurring and the invitation for any chance of all our survival is to really love — love our mother earth and one another, and to continue rising to the occasion.

Time will tell, but I fear it IS too late…

Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

First published in MEDIUM on Jan 28 · 5 min read

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