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The Prophecy of Neferty

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

"Do not tire: look at it before you, stand up to what is in front of you, look, what was made is become unmade..."

Thoth · Scribe of Time ·

1. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 1 to 8)

xpr.n swt wnn Hm n nswt bity snfrw mAa xrw m nswt mnx m tA pn r-Dr.f wa m nn hrw xpr aq pw ir.n qnbt nt Xnw r pr-aA anx wDA snb r nD xrt prt pw xrt mi nt ra nb Hm.f anx wDA snb n xtmw nty r-gs.f isy in n.i qnbt nt Xnw prt aA r nD xrt m hrw pn sTA n.f Hr-a Hr m-bAH Hm.f anx wDA snb m wHm-a Hm.f anx wDA snb rHw mtn rdi.n.i r rdit n.i m sAA m iqr wd sp nfr Dd.ty.fy n.i nhw n mdt nfrt Tsw stpw DAy Hr n Hm.i n sDm st Hr m-bAH Hm.f anx wDA snb m wHm-a

It happened that the Power of the dual king Sneferu true of voice was the good king in this entire land.

One day it happened that the council of the Residence entered the Palace, may it live, prosper and be well, for the audience.

They emerged after they had made their audience in their regular daily manner.

Then His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, said to the sealer who was beside him,

'Hurry and bring me the council of the Residence that went here for the audience today'

Back they were brought at once, and they were on their stomachs in the presence of His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, a second time.

Then His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, said to them,

'Comrades, look, I have had you summoned, to have you seek out for me a son of yours who is wise, a brother of yours who is excellent, a friend of yours who can strike the right chord, who will tell me some fine words , some choice phrases to entertain My Power at hearing them.'

Then they were on their stomachs in the presence of His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, a second time.

2. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 8 to 17) xft Hm.f anx wDA snb iw Xry-Hbt aA n bAst ity nb.n nfrty rn.f nDs pw qn gAb.f sS pw iqr n Dbaw.f Hwy mAA Hm.f Hm.f anx wDA snb is in n.i sw n.f Hr-awy Hr Xt.f m-bAH Hm.f anx wDA snb Hm.f anx wDA snb mi m nfrty xnms Dd.k n.i nh n mdt nfrt Tsw stpw DAy Hr n Hm.i n sDm st Xry-Hbt nfrty in iw xprt in iw xprt.f sy ity anx wDA snb nb.[i] Hm.f anx wDA snb m xprt st swt min is xpr swA.f aHa.n dwn.n.f drt.f r hn n Xrt-a aHa.n Sd.n.f n.f Sfdw Hna gsti Hr irt m sSw Ddt.n Xry-Hbt nfrty rx xt pw n iAbt ny-sw bAst m wbn.s msw pw n HqA-anD

Then they said before His Power, may he live, prosper and be well,

'There is a great lector of Bast, O sovereign our lord, called Neferty. he is a commoner valiant in his arm, he is a writer excellent in his fingers.

Let him be brought for His Power to see him.'

Then His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, said 'Go and bring him to me.'

Then he was brought to him at once. and he was on his stomach in the presence of His Power, may he live, prosper and be well.

Then His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, said 'Come then, Neferty, friend, Tell me some fine words, choice phrases to entertain My Power at hearing them.'

And the lector Neferty said,

'(On) what has happened, or what is to happen, O sovereign, may he live, prosper and be well, my lord?'

So His Power, may he live, prosper and be well, said, 'On what is to happen, for today is already happened and gone.'

And he stretched out his hand to the chest of writing equipment, and took out a papyrus roll and writing palette, and prepared to write down what the lector Neferty would say, as a man of knowledge in the East, belonging to Bast in her rising, as a child of the province Ruler-Anedj.

Artist ·

3. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 17 to 21)

iw.f mH.f Hr xprt m tA iw.f sxA.f qni n iAbtt xpw aAmw m ibw n ntyw Hr Smw Htrw Hr skA Dd.f xws ib.i rm.k tA pn SAa.n.k im.f gr m iwH mk wn Dd.ti r.f m stryt mk rf wn wr m ptx SAa.n.k im tA

He gathered his thoughts on the events in the land, he recalled the turmoil of the East, the rampage of [others] with their forces, disrupting the hearts of those at harvest, seizing those yoked in ploughing.

He said 'Stir yourself, my heart, as you weep for this land where you started, silence would be refreshment.

Look, what is said of it should (inspire) respect, look, now, the great is sent sprawling there where you started.'

4. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 21 to 23)

m wrd mk st xft-Hr.k aHa.k r ntt m-bAH.k mk rf wn wrw m sxrw nw tA iryt m tmt-ir SAa ra m grg tA Aqw r-Aw n xpr DAt nn sp km n ant m SAt.f

"Do not tire: look at it before you, Stand up to what is in front of you, Look, now, the great are in the condition of the land, what was made is become unmade, Ra (must) begin his creation.

The land is destroyed entirely, nothing is left over there is not a trace of the fingernail in its fixed place."

5. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 24 to 26)

HD tA pn nn mH Hr.f nn Dd nn ir rmw wnn tA pn m-m itn Hbs nn psd.f mAA rxyt nn Hbsw Sna Hr-nb id m gA.f iw.i r Dd nty xft-Hr.i n sr.n.i ntt n iy

"This land is destroyed without any to care for it, any to speak up, any to make lament, what will become of this land?

The sun disk is a being concealed, and will not shine for the people to see, and no-one can live, when the clouds are covered.

Then they are, every one, deafened in its absence.

I am to say what is before me, I am not prophesying what has not happened."

6. (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 26 to 30)

itrw Sw nw kmt mw Hr rdwy tw r HH mw n aHaw r sqdw.f wAt.f xpr.ti m wDb.f Ts r nt st mw r nty m st wDb iw rsw r xsf m mHyt nn pt m TAw wa iw Apdw DrDri r mst m XAt nt tA-mHw ir.n.f sS Hr gswy stkn sw rmT n gAw

"The river of Egypt is dry, the water is crossed on foot.

Water is sought for boats for its sailings.

Its course is turned into its shore, its sand back into flood, The place of water into what should be the place of the shore.

The south wind does battle with the north wind, there will be not one wind for the sky.

Alien birds will give birth in the pool of the Delta.

It has made a nest on the (Delta) fringes, even approaching people out of famine."

7 (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 30 to 35)

HD nHmn nfA n bw nfr nA n Sw qaHw wnyw Xr wgs wbnw Xr rmw Apdw bw nfr nb rwi ptx m tA n qsnt m-a nfA n DfAw styw xtyw tA iw xrw xpr Hr iAbtt iw aAmw hAt r kmt xnrt ky r-gs nn sDmm n.f tw r isq mAqt m grH tw r aq xnrtw tw r snbt qdd m irty sDr Hr iw.i rs.kwi

"Utterly destroyed are those (times) of happiness at those basin lakes, with men set to slitting fish, overflowing with fish and fowl.

All happiness has departed, flung down in the land of hardship, from those (weights) of supplies of the [others] who are throughout the land.

Men of violence have emerged in the East, Others are coming down into Egypt, The confines are lost, another is beside, who will not be heard.

The ladder will be blocked in the night, the camps will be entered, the bleary-eyed will be overpowered, as the sleeper says 'I am awake'."

8 (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 35 to 40)

awt xAst r swri Hr itrw nw kmt Hr n gA stri st iw tA pn iT int n rx bs xpr.ty.fy imn m Dd ptr sDm Hr idw iw gr xft-Hr di.i n.k tA m sny mn tm xpr xpr tw r Ssp xaw nw aHA anx tA m shA

"The herds of foreign lands will drink from the rivers of Egypt.

They will be refreshed on their shores, for want of any to drive them back.

This land is to be taken and carried off, unaware of the onset of what will happen, hidden in the saying: 'Look out, the hearer is going deaf, the silent one is before (us)'

I give you the land in the passing of evil - what should not happen, happens.

Weapons of war will be taken up, as the land lives in turmoil."

8 (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 40 to 45) r irt aHAw m Hmt t snf m sbt n mr nn n mwt nn Hqr n mwt ib n s m-sA.f Ds.f nn sAmwt min ib sTni n Hr.s r-Aw Hms s r qaH.f sA.f ky Hr sma ky di.i n.k sA m xrwy sn m xfty s Hr sma it.f

"Weapons will be made of copper the bread they request will be blood, they will burst into laughter at grief, no-one will weep at death, no-one will sleep hungry for want for death, and the heart of a man will only be after himself.

No mourning will be observed today - the heart is turned entirely to itself.

A man rests on his side - at his back one man kills another.

I can show you the son as attacker, the brother as enemy, man murdering his father."

10 (Papyrus Hermitage 1116B, lines 45 to 49)

r nb mH m mr wi bw nfr nb rwi Aq tA r.f hp HDD m iryt m gmyt nHm xt s r.f rdi n nty m rwty di.i n.k nb m nhp rwty Htp tm ir mH.n.f ir Sw tw r rdit xt msdd r sgr r mdw Ts a pr Xr xt m smA sw

"Every mouth is filled with 'love me', Happiness is all gone.

The land is laid waste, even though law is decreed for it, Destruction is a fact - ruin is reality.

What was done is undone.

A man's property is taken from him, and given to the outsider. Let me show you the master in grief, the outsider in peace.

The one who never received his fill, can no