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The People From The Stars

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Calling in once more the very high teachings of the

Ek Balam — the ‘bright star jaguar’ warrior angels

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Angels of the Maya

When the star people came, they brought very high wisdom and knowledge to all the peoples here on earth.

Most cultures have seen and lived with these wonderful sky people — incredible charismatic winged beings — and they were almost always very beloved whilst here.

If they arrived here in these times however, I feel and know in both my heart and lived experience the opposite would be true - they'd be misunderstood and not seen due to the veils over the eyes of many. They'd most often be resiled and reviled. As what's good and what's true is most often treated with disdain and hatred in these weird reversed times.

The ancestors who met these beings left the memories etched in stone for their descendants to see in days yet to come. They knew the world would badly need the knowledge when corruption had once again overtaken humanity.

In those days — and time is not linear, my friends — some of the sky people stayed for a time, ruling quietly and gently over the communities they arrived and lived amongst.

All over this world, Angels in many forms with different names or ways of speaking, have arrived from the skies, always bearing very similar messages.

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Bringing Balance Back

The Mayan had their wondrous Pakal, and the Ancient Egyptians had the enigmatic Akhnaton. They were those beings with the oblong heads and unique bodies, very different in appearance than earth people. Of great unearthly beauty and gentle yet strong hearts.

Priests and priestesses from the stars, these people from the sky brought their wisest teachings and laws to the people here. And whilst they dwelt here, they re-established a beautiful balance in their communities of peaceful and harmonious lifestyles.

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The Sacred Teachings

The teachings they brought were of the very highest, and many have been forgotten, but very worth remembering.

They taught that the only acceptable form of sacrifice was self-sacrifice.

That the life of another being, as a so-called sacrifice, was not anyone else’s right to take. To affect the free will of another being in such a way was to go against the highest law of the universe.

This law demands the absolute respect of the life of another, when it comes to sacrificial rites.

And this respect of the free will of others seems to be one of the hardest laws for humanity to follow.

It then follows that any culture that demands blood sacrifice to appease its gods is false and corrupt.

Blood sacrifice of innocent humans and animals, or any beings of the cosmos, goes against the highest laws of the universe. And any gods, or people for that matter, who demand this, will ultimately, one way or another, betray you also.

In these dark times where a mostly lawless world seems to have lost its moral compass, and no longer remembers the truest ethics and integrity of the highest Godly universal teachings, we must now re-call these laws back in.

Be aware and be wise, beloved bravehearts!

Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this on MEDIUM on Nov 12, 2019

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities', and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment.

And gratitude to the wonderful musicians whose music I've borrowed

to use in this piece of writing.

May you always be blessed.

Love You

⋄ Hunab Ku ⋄ Deu Suprem Dels Maies ⋄

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