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The Original Technology

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

We Are …

“The water beneath the Temple was both actual and metaphorical, existing as springs and streams, as spiritual energy, and as a symbol of the receptive or lunar aspect of nature.”

— John Michell, The Dimensions of Paradise: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science and the Heavenly Order on Earth

Vitruvian Woman · Dare the Dream

We are the original technology and the infinite nature of all things.

We are the depths of the ocean and pure elevation.

We are the power and the beauty, the knowing and the not knowing, the sun the moon the light the shadow — we are all one.

Is there really a separation between the creator and the creation?

We are the artist and the art.

Now we can see the whole picture not just a part — our life is our art.

And Source knows itself through it all.

But Be Aware — And Beware

Björk · All is Full of Love · Björk says of this song that despite its popularity and apparent sensitivity, for her it was actually a ‘taking of the piss’.

Artificial Love

Think about it my friend — what is love actually? Yes all is full of love but what is it? Take a look around you and see how much is mechanical and technological — and its nature truly artificial.

How many of our relationships now feel that way? Is love what it ever was? Or what we think it is? Is it that way anymore? No.

Things have changed.

And when love breaks down it can take time to really heal — it’s no patch-up repair job in some mechanics shop.

You are not receiving the real love you deserve and you’re not realising it. The global consuming of media and technology has turned much of love into a machine.

And my friend — fight the machine — rage against the machine! It really doesn't love you, the ‘love’ is fake, so, seek out what’s really real, and—

Let the fake know it really shouldn't try to fc*k with you!

Vitruvian Woman · Dare the Dream 2


— Mechanical heart drawing — jeko22.deviantart

Leonardo da Vinci · Codex Atlanticus · “Flower of Life”. Leonardo da Vinci’s Principles for a Complete Mind: 1) Science of art 2) Art of science 3) Learn to see 4) Realize everything connects to everything · Sacred Geometry


Copyright 2014/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Apr 11 2020 and on my prior website and FB in 2014

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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