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The Battle Between Light and Dark

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

From a higher perspective

“Spiritual warfare is very real. There’s a furious, fierce, and ferocious battle raging in the realm of the spirit between the forces of God and the forces of evil. Warfare happens every day, all the time. Whether you believe it or not, you are in a battlefield. You are in warfare.” — Pedro Okoro

“I believe the attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past.” — Lisa Bevere

Little Buddha · Enlightenment

There’s a battle on this earth some say is between light and dark.

I say very dark forces of magical power are being used, and the planet herself is feeling the shock-waves in her very bones and waters.

If you don’t have some knowledge of those forces, you’d better educate yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to use magic — but learn how to protect, repel and return the energies to sender. This is extremely effective.

Those that are using old magic, are using it with the intent of mind control, power over and theft of life force of others.

Whatever you do, don’t be in fear, that’s the greatest weapon of the dark arts and the starting point of all mind games.

Keep your energy and living power as warmth and sunlight in your hara, and stay

strong and gentle as you are, dear friends.

joSon · Water Lily

In the days ahead many hidden things will come to light. In these times of intrigue, lies and corruption, many secrets, rituals and symbols used for sorcery will be revealed.

Keep your own good counsel whilst quietly unravelling the many mysteries and enigmas.


Asking yourself who am I?

This is the path to in-lightenment —with no need to ask it of another but only thyself.

And in these times of corruption throughout the world, a deeper understanding is growing about yourself and others in the greater scheme of things.

We’re here to uncover the old village well — the source of common good for the community — and remove all the old and entangled creeping vines of global indifference, letting the clear and pure waters sing once more, lit by the brilliance of the sun.

So stay deeply focused on your plans, my friend, as single-minded as possible, in order to follow them through to fruition.

And remember there’s nothing in which we’re not in some mysterious way, deeply entwined.

Nothing is hidden within us, even the cosmos sings our secrets to us.

And when we speak from our deepest truth, it becomes crystal clear.

Zen Enso

That the absolute truth cannot be conveyed on the level of ordinary mind.

And our lodestones on our path of heart, our path to Self, are these: Simplicity. Integrity. Honesty. Non-competition. Compassion.

And Peace.


Your real name is awareness

And awareness lives in our heart.

So now stand in your own light beloved. Stand your ground.

Take back your power.

In the world of light there’s no duality, and the speed of light is timeless. Everything is energy, and understanding is enlightenment.

Our world is made of our thoughts.

Everything imagined. And things that can’t be imagined.

Heart Talking symbol

All that we see came from the unseen.

But remember this — nothing is more sacred than the place where you find yourself now.


Akusala - unskilful actions

How do we teach the warlike to stop trying to fight us?

In Buddhist thinking, war is akusala — unskilful, evil. There’s never any justification for war.

But volatile times can cause entire cultures to be caught up in the passion of war.

This creates an endless chain of terrible trauma, destruction and karmic consequence throughout the generations.

However, enlightened teachings never ask us to surrender to any type of evil power.

Obviously, the best deterrent for the sickness of war is the use of preventative medicine.

That is — with the ability to meet the other with calm yet strong dialogue, and a total commitment to peace.

It’s then possible to settle disputes in this way without escalation into the profound evil of violence or warfare.


Unskilful actions cause suffering and stress

So what actions or choices might cause this suffering?

Unskilful actions are based on the fabrication of the truth, which maintains the dark state of ignorance in this world.

Skilful actions involve great awareness and attention to choices.

And so creates discernment and determination to maintain the truth.

And as we come closer to freedom the stressors can become more subtle. Either more subtle, or more blatant.

And the more the illusions will fall away until we encounter the peace that is in no way an illusion.


Fire fighting…

So is there wisdom in fighting fire with fire?

Or in fighting at all?

Great care is now needed to not recreate the old cycles of lifetimes of suffering and pain.

And thus, burnt-out seeds of karma, no longer able to ripen, will fall to the earth, becoming rich soil for new seeds of soul freedom to blossom and thrive.


What is war made of?

What creates the conditions of competition, violence and warfare?

The mind that is not peaceful and in the heated grip of unfulfilled desires — desire and greed for power, or full of anger or hatred — is in the midst of fiery emotional whirlwinds of war.

The mind that feels justified for fulfilling those desires will resort to force, spy-craft, violation and warfare to fill the empty space within.

When awakened, realisation arrives that the empty place within is the sacred space where enlightenment is born.

joSon · Heliotrope

And not needing to be filled with things or with others, their need for war will simply cease.


The path of harm

Why would someone ever wish to harm or compete with us?

Envy, insecurity or deep-seated inner suffering?

A great emptiness within causing them to try to fill that void with the life of another?

An experience of suffering they cannot face then projected onto another innocent being?

It’s hard to imagine someone would want to block our path and cause us torment, but as we know all too well, these intentions many times do exist within others.

Holos · Brian Berman Artist · Sculptor

Filled with shame, fear and insecurities they might try to take it out on us.

We can begin to become freed of their uninvited and toxic dynamic, when realizing with great compassion they’re not actually fighting us, but their own inner battles.


Spiritual boundary violations

Sometimes people get confused…

About the whole thing of spiritual enlightenment and oneness — and the issue of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic boundary violations.

After all, they think, aren’t we all part of a greater universal wholeness? It’s all a great illusion anyway, isn’t it?

With selflessness and non-separation being our path to enlightenment, how do we explain the sense of our boundaries being disrupted or violated by others?

Don’t worry, this is not an unusual dilemma for those on the path to ultimate spiritual liberation. Mastery of this issue is complex and about empowerment and authenticity.

And about human rights.


False light

What is it?

False light is any belief system that encompasses deception, cruelty, war and violence as an answer to questions, differences or disagreement.

It places the worth of one being above or below another, and is the cruel untruth of scarcity, when the truth is there could be abundance for all.

It’s a lie we’re told about being separate from Source when we never are and never have been.

False light leads away from natural sunshine into the realm of artificial shadows, is cold and doesn’t know love.

Teaching inequality and suffering.

Competing, comparing and corrupting.

Binding and enslaving rather than releasing and liberating.

The Jewel of Reality

Planetary healing of these destructive and restricting beliefs will take time. Not everyone understands or can do this at this time, and many will still live in the realm of false light.

And its power is immense, we can all be deceived at times by its seductively artful machinations and chains of gold that bind.

Be wise. Be alert. Be warmhearted.

And be free, beloved.


Being In-lightened

Our natural state is peaceful, calm, and enlightened.

But can the state of enlightenment really be named?

If we try to put too many words to it we might lose the whole basket of treasure.

But as we are our own best kept treasure, if we lose our self what might we gain?


There are those who’ll try to feed us with their lies

But there’s simply no nourishment there.

Nor in that which distracts, or steals our energy or time.

Love is our deepest hunger.

The true food of our heart, soul and mind.


The light bearer simply carries the light

Opening the doors of awareness and letting infinity in.

Like any journey, for the journey inward we also prepare.

It takes great courage, beloved, to embark on this journey we’re on, although the journey itself is already home.

In timelessness our mind becomes luminous as a candle, untouched by any wind or breeze.

ViswaVajra · Socrates Geens

But remember this —

Nothing is as it seems.

And now, it’s time to awaken, Beloved, to the eternal sunrise

Art · Thich Nhat Hanh

Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Sep 16, 2019

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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