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The Art of Stalking

Jaguars are the only big cat that cannot be tamed in the way lions, tigers and leopards can.

They’re much, much more unpredictable.

MANY HAVE TRIED to tame Jaguar. Some even lived to realize their mistake. Because you’ll never know what the lone, solitary Jaguar is really thinking. Jaguar can’t be tamed. Power and ferocity comes naturally; their aggression is legendary.

Jaguar has a particular stalking style, endlessly meandering then casually sauntering — pacing themself. Taking long delicious naps hidden and camouflaged within the cool depths of shady jungle foliage, ’til their prey mistakenly thinks the predator is long gone.

Their prey completely forgets all about it. Jaguar’s every step is silent, deadly and measured. Associated with not only the power to fearlessly confront enemies, but also great prescient vision, Jaguar sees in the dark with excellent night-vision.

Jaguar also sees clearly into the others’ heart of darkness.

Their visionary ability and foresight of coming disaster is shared with no reassurance, just the absolute truth of what’s to come.

Jaguar is not usually aggressive, but when they kill, it can’t be escaped. Going straight for the skull with massive rock-hard paws. Hence the Native American name of ‘kills with one blow’.

Exploding out of hiding with terrifying swiftness and incredible force, they ambush their prey, pouncing with breath-taking speed.

Don’t mess with Jaguar.

Stalking Shaman Style

‘The two masteries: stalking and intent, are the crowning glory of sorcerers old and new. Stalking is the beginning. Before anything can be attempted on the warrior’s path, warriors must learn to stalk; next they must learn to intend,

and only then can they move their assemblage point at will.’

- Rick,

Innate Morality is always the starting place for the High Shaman Magician. The difference between the common garden variety witch and the High Shaman is this enhanced sense of ethics and built-in integrity many Witches simply don’t have.

This will always be the inherent flaw and weakness in their witchy magick, only they’re too foolish to realize it. Too addicted to the thrill of flirting with dark forces and demonic entities, they’re blind to the real nature of the evil they’re playing with. And the consequences.

But when it comes to stalking, the High Shaman begins with herself, stalking herself fiercely and sweetly. Hunting down all that makes her tick, all those annoying nuances, irritating habits and useless addictions. All that trips her up and let her down. The bits that are broken, wounded or missing-in-action.

Looking to cunningly change any routine behaviors breeding stuckness and bad health, she uses the unusual as a powerful medicine tool. The shock of the unexpected is how she does it, literary shamans call it ‘shifting the assemblage point’. It goes without saying that the change is ‘most always needed.

To really bring in the needed changes, the High Shaman Visionary, the Seer, must break with the norm in her life - set aside the mundane.

She lets herself in on her own most top-secret secret, the one even she won’t share with herself. All done with the greatest patience. Jaguar moves, silently hunting herself down.

Once mastered, this self-stalking is the basis of all her acts of power. This self-knowledge is her strongest medicine, for herself and the others that come to her for healing, drawn to her quiet understated power. It’s the stuff of real enlightenment - bringing what’s hidden to Light.

High Morals for High Magick

‘Sorcerers’ behavior is always impeccable. Sorcerers, though, have an ulterior purpose for their acts, which has nothing to do with personal gain. The fact that they enjoy their acts does not count as gain. Rather, it’s a condition of their character.

The average man acts only if there is the chance for profit. Warriors say they

act not for profit but for the spirit. We have no thought of personal gain.

Our acts are dictated by impeccability—

we can’t be angry or disillusioned.’

- Rick,

For the Shamanic Magician there’s always a choice between acting for good or ill. Fools don’t realize the most powerful of all is the one who chooses acts of good. Evil eventually turns on itself anyway, devouring itself and causing its own demise.

None of this can really be explained in so many words, but the story must be chronicled, these were Éilísh’s instructions from the Highest.

Magick and Shamanism have always existed, since the beginning of time. Practiced in temples or the natural environs of forests, mountains, and oceans by the Godly; and also by the diabolical.

For Éilísh to come to this life unprepared with a vow on her lips to lay aside magick due to ancient trauma was an error of great magnitude.

She’d need to revoke that vow to survive and carry out her mission.

Thru self-stalking she came to a wordless understanding of her past lifetimes and vulnerabilities. Now more able to protect herself, she deflected the constant hexing and life-sucking attempts of the Vampire's coven of witch and werewolf minions. To know your own weakness and heal thru letting it go, is to build your own strength. The Shaman’s paradox.

But while she was stalking herself, Sihnn was stalking her.

Being Jaguar Woman

‘The fourth abstract core is called the descent of the spirit or being moved by intent. It is the full brunt of the spirit’s descent. The fourth abstract core is an act of revelation. The spirit reveals itself to us. Sorcerers describe it as the spirit lying in ambush and then descending on us, its prey. Sorcerers say that the spirit’s descent is always shrouded. It happens and yet it seems not to have happened at all. The art of stalking is learning all the quirks of your disguise. To learn them so well no one

will know you are disguised. For that you need to be ruthless,

cunning, patient, and sweet.’

- Rick,

She’d felt the presence when both dreaming and awake. The incredible blessing of a powerful and heavily rippling-muscled, mature Black Jaguar, protective guide and fierce companion.

An invincible bodyguard always walked with her. And always had. And in those even more breath-taking times — within her.

For a wonderful time, she was even accompanied by invisible twin Jaguars, one on each side. Their presence strong and unmistakable as she hiked alone thru bush-land trails over rocky mountain paths, or when sitting at her work desk or striding the city streets.

When Éilísh joined the Mąʼii-cal Mystical School, the first lesson was finding her personal Spirit Animal, then research and master its stalking style.

She had no hesitation. No question. She knew. She'd always known. Black Jaguar had always been with her. Since the beginning of time. Always. Big cat stalking style came as naturally to her as breathing, the knowing as ancient as Earth.

But it soon became clear she was being tracked, hounded by that yapping coyote Sihnn, and for a long time it wasn’t exactly clear why.

Sihnn had no intention of letting this particular apprentice learn quietly. She could smell Éilísh’s unique blood type from across the universe, her favorite beverage.

Sihnn was on her own little stalking trip. Drooling like a drunk - well truth be told, she mostly was drunk - she’d spotted her latest prey. With no twinge of ethics, remorse, nor whiff of integrity bringing a smidgen of guilt. No, she'd killed all that off long ago.

And so began the hunt.


Love + Power: Interview with a Dhamphir Book One: The Book of the Child/

Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. —1st ed.

Copyright © 2021 by Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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