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Soul Medicine

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Looking at how you might let 'Negative Introjects' happen (a Gestalt concept) is particularly pertinent at the moment for many. So try to recognise when it's happening, and try not to take on those opinions others have of you. Because when you do, it creates psychological and spiritual 'fragmentation'.

Know and remember who you are.

Because you DO know.

"The Quechua word for an Empath is a 'Qawaq' which means 'one who sees'. It comes from the verb 'Qaway' which means “to see” the living energy"

- Sol Mateo

In our shaman’s world, the medicine is all about microcosm to macrocosm: as we are healed within, so our world heals; as injustice toward us is brought to justice, natural healing occurs, on all levels.

This is just how it works. If healing doesn’t occur, things remain the same in both inner and outer worlds, or decline further.

That’s how it is, that’s how it works.

We dream that healing happens.

Letting your secret distress out, you don’t become weakened and ill by keeping it in. When what’s been tormenting you is released, you become well again

- Inuit belief

Whenever you’re feeling helpless and hopeless from past trauma, realise you really couldn’t have done anything more than you did at the time, and you’ll begin to reclaim your power.

Realising this, you can become truly empowered in your life again.

This awareness is the beginning of real healing.


In the shamanic Toltec tradition, the term mitote is similar to the Hindu concept of Maya – illusion.

It’s a fog of perception, the collective dream. The shaman is the warrior who fights these parasites of the mind.

Becoming resistant to ‘word spells’ of others.

And to invisible rules we’ve made for ourselves that only bring us suffering and pain.

Mitote can cause you to see things inaccurately and make assumptions.

The best weapons against mitote are to take great care with use of the word.

To ask questions instead of assuming.

To have a strong strategy for the conscious creation of your own world.

To do your level best in your own life – all these will set you free.

We decide how we ourselves will view our own world and live our own life.

To reach our goal of absolute liberation from all illusion, we need pure determination.

The path to awakening is through the very heart of the mind.

And to reach the Mind that gives life to all things, we need to see through the worldly mind, which can change very fast....

Soul Retrieval · Alana Fairchild Isis: Power of the Priestess Healing Meditations

Incans believe they’re born into a world as conscious of them as they are of it, and everyone can experience the energy of another living being as if their own. These people who can experience the energy of others have a great blessing, as they find it much easier to cultivate a soulful connection with all living energies in nature and learn to harmonize themselves within their surroundings using “Ayni “, an energetic reciprocity that exists within all living matter.

- adapted from Sol Mateo

There’s a powerful collective awareness building now of just how sensitive our soul really is to everything around us.

We have to turn down the sound of the constant incoming information.

Dealing with our overwhelming and breath-taking sensitivity is one of the true awakenings, as is learning how to live effectively within that reality.

But really walking the talk is not possible without addressing collective as well as individual suffering on this planet.



with gratitude to the wonderful Alana Fairchild for sharing her inspired work of this beautiful healing soul retrieval meditation

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