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Let me be crystal clear for all the reverse artists out there.

I am the skin. Durga is the Parisite trying to burrow in.

I am no relative of Durga nor she of mine. She might try to excuse her disgusting behaviors as some kind of family matter. But the truth is that she is no family of mine whatsoever, never has been never will be. Is this some sick joke? 'Twins,' she says? Are you insane? Lies lies and more lies!

The world is either insane, tripping on hard drugs like acid or worse, or completely mind-controlled in a fungal-infected brain-dead zombified way if they believe her crap.

That whole fake internet family thing with creepy old women both black and white from America saying they're the 'mothers' of grown men and women who they're actually no relation to, and who never gave permission for any such invasive controlling behaviors, and never, ever would. Well it's over. It needs to stop. All of it.

Surely you can all see that now?

When a mother loses her real daughter whilst her fake daughter laughs and continues celebrating her birthday? What?? An awful sight to see. Heartbreaking.

Carry on Amuurica. I don't relate to you at all.

I am no 'aspect' of durga as she's apparently been saying, because I am the Original, and she is the interloper. So back off, parisite.

I am not related to that THING, and the only connection we have is due to her relentless attempts to burrow into my skin trying to suck my life energy.

I pray the world will one day soon see past the Cult's spellwork to what lies beneath - it's pretty ugly. She's a Vampire witch, probably a hybrid, so a werewolf also, and worst of all - ugghhh - a Parisitic leech.

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