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Not interested in your 'Life is beautiful' drug addiction

'The experiment of the New Predator is a targeting technology infused with supernatural elements belonging to the Original Flame streams of consciousness and Gnosis. This is about targeting those who are seeking connection, with regards to their spiritual gnosis, and how they are evolving and branching out reaching deep into the recesses of all these Original connections and how they are breaking through the shackles.

So when people are starting to wake up, many seek connections that can help them grow and nurture this evolution of spirit & in reaching out is where the new predator lies in wait, scouting and utilizing their extra-sensory abilities to target the Originals whom are beginning to break through with their powers.

This new predator was designed specifically to attack that, and to procure its essence through a slow kill cannibalistic consumption. Cannibalising the essence of the Original Flame in order for them to take it over, and become it. This is a very deep and diabolical means by which mimicry is literally the impostor taking over through a process of osmosis ensuing in the theft of the individual essence, the individual and their abilities and gifts including life if taken that far.

When the process has completed successfully, the victim then is left without their essence, if they don't unhook themselves their light will consistently diminish along with their creativity and gifts until nothing but a shell exists and in some cases leading to total annihilation.

This level of predation goes far beyond any kind of previously understood knowledge, or experiences that until now were relegated to the affairs of the heart. This is intricate knowledge of procuring a biological weapon that is fused with AI along with hybrid creatures that are pathological while housing pieces of sentient essence long trapped and underdeveloped which relates to primordial wounding and childlike behaviors of victimhood while transiting the mind of a psychotic creature bred to consume and never be satiated.'

Excerpt from 'The New Predator" by Lauda Leon

Dhamphir. We don't play the Game of Life. Ever.

Let me be very clear. I have absolutely no interest in EVER being involved in the sassy slutfest in any way. The whole sick deal is run by the Sex and Death Vampire Cult of the USA and merely another symptom of their sick-minded attempts to keep siphoning my energy.

If I were to die, they'd find someone else of my lineage to take my place to feed from and use as a battery for their Game of life shite.

Your little sassy slut attracted their attention because she was trying so damn hard for so damn long to siphon my energy, at the same time as cosying up to a particular Vampire group in Ohio.

I will never be a part of any of this crap of theirs, so please stop prodding me with your stupid little 'Life is Beautiful' stuff, because all it does is make me sick, and then I block and delete you.

'Life is Beautiful', 1997

Strangely enough, 'Life is Beautiful' was a movie about a man and his little son in a concentration camp heading for the gas chambers, so that's another pretty good reason it really doesn't work for me, guys.

The Vampire Life is DEATH. How often do I have to tell you?


I take this very seriously. I take MY life very seriously. Naturally enough most of you don't

take it as seriously as I do and that's completely understandable. But there's absolutely no way in hell I'll ever be participating in the Cults sassy slutfest. Dear God we just got rid of the ridiculous druga slutfest, and now this? I cant believe it.

You wonder why I call it a slutfest? It's because Lynda Hill once told me they were all sluts. I truly believe her.

If you're dead keen to be a part of the Cults sass slut thing, you're most likely a wannabe Vampire, or a fungally infected brain dead zombie with nothing much left between the ears.

All that I'm working to vanquish,


Now lets have a little look at your wonderful little Cult:

Siphoning life energy; dividing families, communities and countries. Stealing my children and others too, no doubt; turning loved ones against eachother. Using illegal mass surveillance.

Gangstalking and terrorising. Taking away or blocking decent means of livelihood. Silencing any who don't agree. Relentless smear campaigns. Killing people. Mass slaughter and human sacrifice. Blood fests. Lying. Slander. I could go on. If that's what you all want to perpetuate in your world, well carry on, enjoy the chaos as it all sinks into the quagmire of a mass extinction event.

I'll keep fighting them 'til they back off and get out of my face, whether they leave me alone thru fading away or dying, one way or another I don't care.


I'm going to have to seriously curtail who I let near my mind, as I really need people who understand what's going on, from macro to micro.

I understand that many people simply don't have a clue what I'm talking about; think I'm crazy; or are mind-controlled puppets of the cult.

That's ok. Be that. Be happy little zombies, but leave me alone with your sharp little teeth.

But those on my wavelength, if you find some way to signal your interest in working on this together, I will see you, whenever or wherever that may be. Because this matter is deadly serious. A matter of getting them completely OUT of our energy, and getting things going in the right direction again. Reversing the reversal, another huge issue. Sss slut simply doesn't qualify for my attention, she's a small part of the much larger problem.

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