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My Akashic Visions

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Unlocking the shackles of time

Know, therefore, that from the greater silence I shall return. Forget not that I shall come back to you. A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.

— Kahlil Gibran

Painting of the Battle of Hastings by Francois Schommer

“Within Bön, Akasha is viewed as the ‘Great Mother’, the primordial space in which all things come forth, exist and eventually dissolve back into. The clear colourless light of Akasha also gives rise to the other four elements as pure lights, the elements in their most subtle, energetic form.

The five elements, also known as the five pure lights, form the basis of all creation, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Akasha as Space manifests within us as awareness, and from our awareness emerges our experience. When we are out of balance with space, we are dominated by the content of our awareness, our experience, often confusing experience as our identity.

When space is fully integrated, we focus on being, on the nature of mind. Bön recognises the sky as the external representation of the space of the kunzhi: Though everything that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist, arises in space, space is unstained. It neither judges nor discriminates. It does not react and is not conditioned. It remains pure and luminous.”

— Cheryl Trine, Akashic Records: Knowing, Healing & Spiritual Practice

Being granted access to our Akashic records is one of the most amazing and deeply healing gifts we can experience in any lifetime.

As well as visiting the aetheric records for others, I too have visited for my own understanding and enlightenment of my own many lessons and journeys. I’ve gone back in time, and I’ve also been gifted access to future possibilities and timelines.

The enormity of the gift of this access by the very High Light Beings who are the designated Guardians of these incredibly sacred records, cannot be understated.



And sometimes what’s seen is not always comfortable, although the viewpoint is objective, as we’re held aloft within the warmly protective arms of our loving and lightful Akashic spirit guides.

Because it’s often the enigmatic events surrounding that powerful moment of transition, known as ‘death’, that can hold a defining emotion for future lifetimes. And explain the inexplicable.

About just why certain people act and react to us in certain mystifying ways, that seem deeply puzzling, hurtful and beyond comprehension.

And that moment of deep emotional trauma in their dying moment may not always be released, no matter how goodhearted or intelligent the person, but held within their soul-body, to be perpetuated in the karmic wheel many of us are still caught within, until we somehow find our way through and out the other side.

But that’s another story, for another time. That great story of release from the karmic wheel.



And other soul relationships within our many, many lifetimes may travel with us over and over, time and time again, in a loop.

And as time is not linear, thus repetition becomes our teacher and most often the bane of our lives.

Until a very welcomed moment of change arrives to move forward into new realities. How these much needed changes arrive can seem to be a great mystery. The threads of recurring patterns making up our old, old stories and creating the underlying fabric of all our lives, may not seem at all obvious.

And difficult if not almost impossible to trace and unravel without the skilled intervention of one who can access those sacred records held in the ether.



As part of my work as a mystic, psychic medium and spiritual counsellor, at times I do my own shamanic journey-work and Akashic travels into my own records, to help me in my own healing and thus be better equipped to help and guide others.

Over two years ago, I had occasion for taking a very enlightening journey, into an extremely difficult part of my own history. Enlightening, in that it explained what had seemed inexplicable, and opened a door to a historical awareness that was desperately needed.

And all I can say is — it gave such deep understanding to my experiences in this lifetime, I’m still absorbing the powerful awareness given and the ramifications.

And the gift of arriving and stepping through the threshold into a new day. Because this is the peace that comes after remembering and releasing a past lifetime trauma that’s been held in the soul memory and etched into your dreams and future lives.

The arrival of understanding is tremendous, and the peace potentially quite profound.

Within this journey into ourself and our past present and future, we have the incredible chance to find and experience an empathy and compassion toward ourself that may not always be so forthcoming from others.

And this is how we fill our own very empty cup once more, in order to be able to give to others what they also so urgently thirst and hunger for.

Compassion. Understanding. Love. Self-forgiveness. And so much more.

Language of Light — Authority

“Let’s start by saying the Akashic Record is the informational arm of divine source energy. Those that study the Record often refer to it as a library. It’s the divine library, where throughout time, soul Records of everyone and everything that has a soul have been stored. Every person has his or her own Akashic Record in which each individual soul’s journey throughout time is imprinted.

You may have 600 or 800 lifetimes just here on planet Earth, not to mention other planes of existence, dimensions, planets, the angelic and elemental realms, just to name a few. Everything that our souls have thought, felt, or acted upon throughout time is in the Akashic Record. We are infinite beings with vast Akashic Records. “

— Lisa Barnett, Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom



So, here it is. One of my own stories, revealed from within the shining archives of the etheric Akashic records, as a very real and tangible vision….
Make of it what you will. I share it from my heart to your heart, beloved friend.


And so, we do acknowledge the Forces of Light, asking for guidance, direction, and courage to know the Truth as it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us.

Oh, Holy Spirit of God, protect me from all forms of self-centeredness and direct my attention to the work at hand.

Help me to know myself in the Light of the Akashic Records, to see myself through the eyes of the Lords of the Records and enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones have for me.

The Records are now open.


Meditating throughout the day with sacred breathing techniques, I’d gone deeper and deeper into a trance state, as planned.

My breathing and heartbeat slowing, my mind deeply peaceful, and my body relaxed, I settled comfortably on my long white couch, with a soft blue and white cushion tucked under my head.

With a deeply hypnotic meditation playing softly in the background, I began to sink deeper and deeper, and then began to arise into a sacred space of Akasha.

I found myself in a tall crystalline structure.

A luminous and pearlescent space, with many muted warm colours mauve lavender and soft pink on transparent walls, and very pleasing to my soul.

I asked my Question of the sacred lightful Akashic Guides who surrounded me with love, and held me in their winged arms high above the world I currently reside in.

Language of Light — Authority Revised


Images began coming to me, the first not so clear

Then a very distinctive scene began unfolding in front of me.

A muddy and bloodstained battlefield. Over two hundred years ago. There were guns, so possibly yes.

Possibly World War I. Or even earlier.


A battlefield scene, at the end of the battle

My comrades, very much beloved friends to me — many of them lay mortally wounded in the mud and dust, in unbearable pain and agony.

And I had a job.

A given duty. One you would not wish on your worst enemy.

As a medico and soldier, I’d been given an onerous and heartbreaking task I must have, in some delusional moment, thought I could actually fulfil.

This duty was that of delivering the coup de grace to all my fallen comrades. And at this time, they seemingly numbered among the hundreds, if not thousands.


The moment of truth arrived

And I just could not do it. My own agonising internal battle began, and ultimately, I paused, then turned and left the battlefield, with the pained cries of my fallen comrades ringing in my ears and my heart for the rest of my days.

The whole thing seemed to go against all I was, all I’d ever been, and all I would ever be.

I just could not do it.


Their heartrending cries also fell on the ears of another soldier

Who had no difficulty whatsoever in immediately stepping forward to deliver the final coup de grace to those calling for relief from their agonising battlefield injuries.

Those hundreds if not thousands were summarily dispatched at this soldier’s hands.

And can you imagine now the unimaginable — that the gallant fallen in their extremity of mortal wounding truly wanted to die? And for the one chosen to hasten the end of their days and unable to do so — a strange and terrible dilemma.

But then ask yourself this my friend — the one who could do this, what then was their true nature?

Do you see the icycold heart of cruel and callous indifference, or the actions of a beneficial do-gooder?


And just who was this soldier?

This man, like myself, still living and wandering amongst the dying on that muddy and bloody battlefield — who was he?

Who was this one who could, with such cold and seeming ease, dispatch the fallen with a swift gunshot to head or heart, or using other ruthless means?

I instantly recognised my self-proclaimed nemesis in this lifetime — the evil daemon witch Petra — both of us now women, but then — men. She, always the icy cold-hearted one, who could so easily kill others. And in that moment they very much appreciated her for it.

And despised me in my indecision and stalling.

The shock of this recognition of my enemy Petra following me across history and time, painted the picture for some of what was to come in following lifetimes.

Of severe rejection and inexplicable hatred toward me by people I deeply cared for, and for no known reason. Of lack of trust and votes of seemingly no confidence when it could easily be seen I had the emotional strength, knowledge and great integrity to be a very good leader.

It further spoke of hidden agendas, secrecy and codes of silence maintained toward me, as though I were some kind of criminal, that nothing I had done in these times could warrant. In fact I should have been experiencing the exact opposite given I was working hard and for decades for the downtrodden, the sick, the marginalised, and the very needy.

This was indeed the trajectory of my lifework.

So these mysteriously negative and deeply untrusting reactions and heartbreaking attitudes toward me were suddenly explained within this bloodstained memory now gifted to me.

Perhaps this was a large part of the answer to the hell of hate from others towards me that I was living through.


So this battlefield held a very loaded and fraught moment of transition for those mortally wounded and dying

And from that death on the battlefield to their next phase, many experienced very intense emotions, and they carried these powerful feelings from those days into future lifetimes.

Many badly wanted to leave that lifetime — their injuries too great and agonising to let them bear another living moment. They craved immediate release from their unbearable suffering.

And all I can say is — in a massive understatement — their emotions were not good at all toward myself and my indecision in their moment of truth. Alternately — their emotions were very good toward that soldier who delivered the final blow.

In fact, those people who died on the battlefield at the hands of another saw my great hesitation and inability to release them. And in their mortal agony they even hated me in my moment of reluctance and doubt that thus delayed their final liberation. Rather than understanding my ambivalence, within my brokenhearted compassion and great love for them.

It seemed a rather universal reaction in that time and on that particular bloodstained battlefield, and completely unforeseen.

How can we ask a dying man to have compassion and understanding toward the comrade who had such misgivings at delivering them from their torment and misery, within such a critical moment of time?

Those who can deliver a coup de grace — that final merciful death blow — are a particular breed, which I was obviously not of, even in that time.


The Aetheric journey ended

And I left the scene and returned to my Akashic Guides.

And thence returned to my own home within this lifetime and in this sentient body. With a new and powerful yet very sad understanding, and an intense inner quest to know more.

About other lifetimes that would explain my questions about the bizarre and terrible events I was living through within these times, even further.


But this particular memory seemed crucial

Well, it seemed to belong to a very pivotal and figural lifetime.

I immediately went online and started researching ‘coup de grace on the battlefield’, as I wasn’t aware of such a thing at that time. I’d never heard of it before, although I was well aware of it being given to a dying animal in the forest by a hunter. But not by a man to other men.

This was completely new to me.

And found an extensive history of this action of military ‘mercy on the battlefield’ carried out over many centuries, recorded by many, many researchers.

It all began making sense, answering some of my questions. And I also knew their research was the tip of the iceberg.

But at that time, it was something I’d never heard of, or thought about, in this lifetime.

THE GREATEST GIG IN THE SKY — Music visualization

And so, many questions were answered

About the deeply painful and seemingly inexplicable events in this lifetime, of incrdible loss and betrayal by some I’d held very dear to my heart as very beloved friends.

And about a person in this and other lifetimes who seemingly has an insane mission to destroy me. A task she seems hellbent on. And ultimately will not achieve.

These two things were and are inextricably entwined.

And I knew I was reaching the end of this particularly excruciatingly painful karmic cycle.

Although it would be later revealed all was not as karmic as it seemed, and there were other dark forces at play in the universe, not at all any part of the Akashic destiny, but dwelling outside of time and space.

And also outside of natural law and justice.

Again, to be discussed and more to be revealed on these dark forces and just how they function outside of universal law, at a later time.


But I still needed more answers

I needed to understand it all as part of a healing of my own wounds.

And the ensuing unfathomable events that had continuously attempted to block me from my destiny of healing and teaching, blocked by those weird and bewildering maleficent forces carried within the icy cold hearts of my nemesis and her coven of the dark arts.

With their agenda to destroy me and my reputation and steal my life, my lifework, and my very life-force.

If I could find further evidence of their dark tracks across my path, I might find further ways to terminate their existence in all my worlds and all my times.

And so end it all for them.

And thus totally free myself for my Becoming. Which is the absolute right and birthright of us all.

And so, yet again the incredibly revealing, healing and deeply therapeutic power of opening the Akashic records was revealed.

The understanding gained was priceless. Invaluable.

And deeply and painfully revealing.


Language of Light — Safety

And so — when we finish our access to, and journey through, the sacred aetheric records of the Akashic, the closing ritual includes the following prayer of thanks and gratitude.


I’d like to thank the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones for their love and compassion.

I’d like to thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for their point of view.

And I’d like to thank the Holy Spirit of Light for all knowledge and healing.

The Records are now closed. Amen. The Records are now closed. Amen. The Records are now closed. Amen.


— Scattering ashes —


CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY and live the life that’s your absolute birthright, by aligning who you truly are at the highest level of your soul.

THE AKASHIC RECORDS is the divine etheric library or database where the soul records are kept of everything and everyone throughout all time and all places.

YOU MAY HAVE experienced many hundreds of lifetimes on Earth and other dimensions including angelic, in the elemental realms and on other planets.

AKASHIC RECORDS You have your own Akashic Records in which your souls journey has been imprinted and recorded throughout all time. Everything you’ve ever experienced and will experience is written here, and choices and contracts you made prior to each lifetime are also recorded here.

I REACH THROUGH ETHERIC LEVELS of consciousness to the divine wisdom of the Akashic records where the Divine Beings of Light — the Sacred Guardians of the Akashic Records, are waiting for me to bring through their incredible guidance for your life


Connect with the Akashic vision to help you find your life mission

Connect with the Akashic Beings of Light who are waiting to give you the knowledge and support you need

Find out how many Soul Contracts you’ve written before you arrived here, and what they are — and also identify any fake Soul Contracts, written without your knowledge and permission — and void and nullify them with and for you.

Identify karmic and non-karmic happenings across your lifetimes.

Help you understand your destiny and higher purpose.

Nothing is completely written in stone — freewill is a big player in all our destinies


Copyright 2018/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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